We have definitely said goodbye to the summer. It was a cold and wet spring and even June and July didn’t give us  many sunny days.  When we thought, about mid August, summer is over, finally  delicious summer days came along…

I love all the seasons. Every period of the year has charming days  but unfortunately also lesser ones.  Sometimes  everything works, you can move mountains but then all of a sudden everything costs so much trouble and you have more need to rest. Finally, I have learned not to force anything, , to plan only achievable targets and occasionally just to be lazy… Nothing should be perfect, that gives so much unnecessary stress and with the years I have also accepted that not everything runs like I want it. Our society is so hectic, competitive and demanding, that is very hard for many people. You don’t need to give up your dreams  but sometimes to go a step slower is  necessary.  Listen to your body and consciously closing a door, can be sometimes  a solution. If you will close a door,  a new one will open  with new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences …


( Look at  the bright side. Most of the rain falls beside  you.)

A few years ago, I didn’t know the word “Zentangle”. I  discovered it on the Internet during a “lesser” period. I started to draw and got less time to worry. Drawing Zentangleart and worrying  is difficult to combine.

It is achievable for everyone but you have to pay attention and to exercise regulary.

I ‘m drawing almost every day and I feel comfortable with that. In everyone’s life are chapters that begin and end. With regret, I have also  said goodbye to people, animals, places, things, activities, activity habits … which I loved but sometimes it is no longer possible and you must accept that. If  you can’t do that, it is  sad. You stay stucked in the past and that is meaningless. The past is over and you can better focus on what is happening now.

New knowledge is gained by consulting the Internet, new contacts were made by participating  “challenges”. By doing volunteer work,  moving to the Ardennes, giving and following workshops I had the opportunity to met a lot of kind people … I just want to say, never be afraid of new things: every change can be an added value even if it seems not so at first sight!

With this thoughts, I have started a new school year, a new season and new activities.

In the” Doppahuis” in Hasselt,  all teachers were invited to a lunch and afterwards, future students could meet the teachers and ask information of the different workshops.  There was a lot of interest for the Zentangleclass and inscriptions followed.


I’m sitting at the infotable with my friend Maddy who also followed the basic workshop. She has made a beautiful tile, just after one lesson. I started with FLux and Aquafleur and Maddy finished  with all the other tangles.


Last friday, I organised a workshop for people who followed already the basic one. It made me very glad to see that they have created nice stuff during the summer. I’ve made a little collage:



During the second workshop, the students have learned  how they can bring more variation on their tangles, they discovered different kinds of strings, and again a few new tangles were demonstrated. Then they have to draw a circle and use all their knowledge. I was surprised by their lovely results:


This picture is taken during the 22 nd CZT seminar. On this map, Molly Hollibaugh has made beautiful Zentangleart. A good idea to try? You don’t need to paint all, a little piece can be nice too.



Zentangleart in combination with other techniques is always pretty. During the summer, we had a lot of these flowers in our garden. I let them dry and made a card  with Tripoli.




These flowers are always nice and very easy to dry. I’ve used a few old ones to create a card in combination with Molygon.






Again, I was happy to have made some traveling tiles, this time with Anoeska Waardenburg from Holland. She sent me  3 tiles on which I immediately started to draw.  3 very different tiles and of course 3 totally different results.

On the first tile, Anoeska painted  the colors of Holland and began with Yew Dee, Bales and Tipple. I completed the tile with my own tangle l’Eaura, Loops and Cadent.


On the second tile, Anoeska started with a variation of Huggins as a string. First I “filled” Huggins and finished with Sez, Tripoli and Fife. I like using colored pens  on Renaissance tiles.



On the third tile, Anoeska has drawn a beautiful Abeko and Angelleaf. I started to draw Oolong on the left and a Page curl 1 on the right. I completed with Octoleg, Buddy, Mooka, Alabastro, Printemps and her new tangle Kensington. I like the 3 results but this third one is my favorite.



I didn’t make it easy for Anoeska with this black, bleeched and watercolored tile where I have begun with Fleavy and Festune. Anoeska took the challenge and has created a wonderful tile with N’Zeppel, Angelfish, Sandswirl, Joki and Diva Dance.

Thank you Anoeska for this pleasant collaboration…


Anoeska sent me a picture of a tile which she also bleached a bit, I’m fond of this result and I like the contrasts she has made by tangling on the black and the bleached site.


As I wrote in a previous post,  sometimes, I have difficulties with  logic but that is not an obstacle to learn new things and  I have found a very nice slogan  by   Albert Einstein:

Logic brings you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere!

On October the 1 st, it will be the day of the vegetarian food, I have found a tasteful  dish, suitable for this time of the year, good for the environment, good for the animals and certainly good for yourself is this fine Italian risotto with wild mushrooms

Recipe from Jamie Oliver


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