On March  the17 th,  the start of the twelfth mosaic of Annette Plaga will be published on her site.  It’s nice to see your own tile, integrated  in the great work, composed with participants from all over the world.  After the publication, Annette sends all employees a small personal copy.. I appreciate this very much and I am glad to contribute to  such a beautiful project.

Last time the inspiration was found at Escher . I am, like so many others, very impressed of his work. Below I have placed my small personal mosaïc:

Used tangles:Tipple, Bubbles, 5C Aura, Hollibaugh, Lenche, Toodles, Batumber, fragment K14 en D14, Footlikes, Ovolution, NKD.

Of course you can recognize the recurring lizard pattern. This elegant little critter is regularly shown on the most different spots. The famous Gaudi  lizard  in the colourful Park Guell in Barcelona is perhaps the most famous specimen:


February was cold and dry but even at this (for us Belgians) low temperatures the sun did her best and that was wonderful after all the rain of the last months. And soon  real spring will be there.

This little black panther has come into our lives unexpectedly. She was wild and starving, and we didn’t have the heart to chase her away. We made a sheltered place for her and give her food regularly. We lured her into a cage and brought her to the vet for vaccinations and a sterilization and now she has become “ours”. Every day she comes friendly to say hello but at the moment, she doesn’t want to be touched, yes she’s really a bit wild but that will change, I’m sure.. Miles and Jools are jealous and they don’t like her but Rob and I do!

Around Easter, I regularly think of the famous “Fabergé eggs”.  In The Russian Orthodox tradition, Easter has always been a major feast day.  In 1885, Tsar Alexander III instructed the jeweller Fabergé to make an Easter egg for his wife: the Empress Maria Feodorovna. She was delighted with this special gift and from then on, every year a new egg was made for her, one more precious than the other. After the Tsar’s death, his son Nicholas II continued this tradition… He gave an egg each year to his mother but also to his wife… After the revolution, the eggs were scattered all over the world. Each egg is worth several million Euros. In real life I have never seen an original one but I have found some pictures of authentic Fabergé eggs:

My tiles are less exclusive but iI enjoyed to make them on the occasion of Easter:

Used tangles in the first tile: Printemps,  Cellu, Cogwheel, Knightsbridge, Buttercup, Celluline, Spoolies, Flukes, Mashed, Hybrid and Soluna

Used tangles in the second drawing: Diva Dance, Hibred, Cubine, Widgets, Stircles, Meer, River, Festune, N’Zeppel and Mosi.

Easter is a real family celebration and in Belgium  also second Easter is a paid holiday. When the sun will shine, it will be crowded on our coast or  Ardennes. We prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle and just stay at home,  enjoy a nice Easter brunch together with our children.. and of course I will try to fool my husband. It is only once a year 1 April and then it’s aloud!!!  I never kick in, but my husband is always a victim and I like that. (LOL).

A small suggestion for your Easter brunch but also tasty on a regular day: small Italian breads with real butter, filled with colourful sweet and sour vegetables and finished with a fried egg and a basil leaf:


The “Day of the Hearts” is again past time.  There are already a lot of heart-shaped tangles (and actually I’m not so fond of them) but during February, spontaneously my new pattern of Hidden hearts appeared. I called the pattern so because the hearts are a little bit hidden inside the tangle. Hidden Hearts is very easy to draw and many variations are possible. Below you see the stepouts and a few examples of some variations that are possible. I’m sure you can find even more:

And here are the instructions of Susie NG’s new tangle Growing Hearts:

Susie NG is, just like me, not fond of hearts and yet we have both made a new pattern with hearts. That is why I made a tile with her Growing Hearts  and my Hidden Hearts. And now I promise, the tangles with hearts will be put away for another year.

I have the following tangles drawn on a tan tile: Clob, Kogin, Growing Hearts, fragment Z6, Hidden Hearts, Tipple, Beadlines and  Mooka. The small squares in the frame are just a fantasy.

For this presentation I took a card of Maria Thomas.


Recently you could find Mistura on my blog post and it is published on “The ultimate pattern collection“. Barely a few weeks later, I discovered some great tiles on fleeting time  with my new pattern in the leading role.  I am particularly proud of what is done with Mistura. Beneath, you could see one of those tiles  in fresh spring colours, judge for yourself:

Also on Joey’s site I got a nice surprise to see  Lisa’s  wonderful Zentanglework. She made a beautiful Zendala in which she combined  Nouvart with other lovely tangles. I like it very much!!!

Something completely different was shown in the “kitchen table tangles”. Inspiration for the following tiles was found in the video below. I have made a composition of Hollibaugh, Mooka, Tipple and Jetties. Just like Rick, I have made “holes” in Hollibaugh in a way  you could see the background.  Rick and Maria call this technique: “Wholly Hollibaugh”!

and one more with Huggins, Rain en Rose:

In this video you can discover how you can make  a nice tile too with “Wholly Hollibaugh”:

 This man is longing very much for Easter  and has already hung 10,000 decorated eggs in his apple tree!

But a little less spectacular can also be fun and gives a fresh spring touch in your home:


“The devil is in the tail”, we are  experiencing that very well in Belgium. It is  very cold at the moment and a lot of snow has fallen this night. To stay in that magic mood, I have chosen a special song from the  high north of Europe, mounted on unique photos of that beautiful piece of nature.

Stenristarna” from Anders Hagberg:

Enough about  wintertime… I wish everyone a happy Easter and a wonderful start to the spring, keep believing in yourself that you can do it and you are already halfway. A beautiful quote by Theodore Roosevelt to end this blogpost:


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  1. 11
    Susie says:

    Better late than never. Again a wonderful blog post, Ria! I am all thrilled about the tile you did with your and my heart tangle (spiraling – just perfect!!). It has a Japanese flair to it with those ‘fan-like’ corner holders (a case of unidentified fillers?). I remember your Hidden Hearts 3-layered tiles, but I was so blinded by the idea of ‘layering’, I never noticed that the tangle is actually new…and from you. It looks great, Ria! I am already looking forward to February 2019! You made me very proud when you included my Mistura tile on your blog. Thanks so much for the honor. I have noticed Lisa’s Nouvart on her site as well. She used your tangle in her tile to perfection! I also love your wholly hollibaugh tiles with my fav being the purple one!

    And thanks for the KTT video, however, the music video didn’t load with me.

    Now we have a cat in common. I thought you had taken an image of my visiting Dam, but no, Dam has never felt snow under his paws. It could have been though! I know all black cats look the same especially in the night, but they must be siblings! Hope your cat is clever and soon realizes that your home would be like entering heaven on ear

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      I’m always glad with kind feedback but please don’t feel obliged, anyway, thank you very much Susie for your kind words and it makes me happy that you like the tile with Growing Hearts and Hidden Hearts. I like the cards of Maria Thomas very much to present a tile and I will use them more in the future. I have bought 4 of them during my stay in Providence…
      Stacked tangles and stacked tiles can be very nice but I was not the first one who did it, that would be to much honour, but I like it and do it regulary. By joining challenges, you will see every time something inspiring to try out!
      What you did with Mistura is absolutely gorgeous and again I congratulate you that you have found so many beautiful interpretations.
      As I wrote before, maybe the problems with uploading could be caused by the browser. I couldn’t find another reason.
      Minouche is beautiful, especially the eyes but she is still wild…

  2. 9

    What a wonderful hope-filled post! Your “panther” is precious. I’m so glad that you’ve befriended each other and wish you lots of happiness together. Thank you for your kindness and compassion during the period of grieving our lost kitties. I really appreciate it.

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Our little panther is still wild but she visits us every morning and evening and we really hope that we can pet her very soon.
      My husband and I also had to say goodbye already a few times from our little friends. I know, when you live so long together, it is really hard when they have to leave but I know it is possible to love another one too.There are so many abondoned kittens waiting for a new home… I hope you will find another little friend that will give you many beautiful moments…
      Thanks for your comment dear Jennifer.

  3. 7
    Lisa says:

    I love your blogpost Ria! We too are eager for spring to begin. We don’t get much snow where I live so winter is just full of dead grass and bare trees. I can’t wait for the plants to start coming back to life! I love all the Easter eggs in your post and your tiles are beautiful, especially the mosaic and the yellow egg with the brown background. Thanks for including my tile in your post!! I wish you lots of luck and love with your new cat, she is beautiful!

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Lisa and I’m glad you like “my” Easter eggs. I often use watercolours as a background (they give always nice unexpected results), so I ‘ve used watercoloured paper for the eggs, cut them out and glued them on a tile and tangled around.
      The mosaïecs of Annette are always special and very nice, I like it to be a little part of this lovely project.
      And about your tile I like that one very much but also your other work.
      Let’s go for another week, full of new challenges…

  4. 5

    Quel belle publication Ria ! J’ai beaucoup aimé ce que vous racontez autour des fêtes de Paques et les photos. Merci aussi pour votre nouveau motif, il est très joli et facile à reproduire. Amitiés, Chantal

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Malheureusement, j’ai crée “Hidden Hearts” après le 14 février, mais peut-être on peut l’ employer l’année prochaine…
      J’essaie d’écrire dans chaque poste quelque chose de la vie ordinaire et faire la connection avec l’art de Zentangle. Maintenant c’est presque Paques et alors, j’ai cherché et trouvé cette belle histoire des oeufs de Fabergé. Ca me fait beaucoup de plaisir que tu aime ce poste.
      J’espère de vous “rencontrer” denouveau chez Joey ou Laura?
      Merci beaucoup pour vos mots gentils au ce premier jour de la semaine, c’était une surprise agréable.
      Amitiés, Ria

  5. 3
    aurelie says:

    Wonderfull post. I like the eggs and your “black panter” .
    The music is awfull ….
    BTW I saw your Tupi and Tupuk on tanglepatterns.com : gorgeous patterns !!

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Merci beaucoup Aurélie de m’écrire en Anglais.
      Vos mots ont beaucoup de valeur pour moi et je suis heureuse que tu aime ce “blogpost”.
      Merci aussi pour votre “feedback” pour Tupi et Tupuk. Ce sont des motifs très simples mais c’est possible de faire beaucoup de variations avec ces nouveaux “tangles”
      Je te souhaite beaucoup de plaisir quand tu vas dessiner ces motifs.

  6. 1
    Gudrun Schlaphof says:

    I love your blog and all your tiles Ria, especially the the Easter eggs :-))

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      It is very pleasant to receive feedback, thank you so much Gudrun.
      I discovered Zentangleart in a lesser period of my life and it helped me to become again more happy and satisfied. When I’m drawing, the time flies away but it feels good and I’m grateful for the nice moments. We don’t have to be the best. I hate perfection and in everyone’s work there is something beautiful to find when it is made with care.
      I can’t join all challenges but I take regulary a look on them and I discovered a very nice yellow tile of you with an exquisite border. I didn’t know Elleetz, so thanks to you, I also learned again another tangle. Thank you Gudrun and I’m glad you like my blogpost.The Easter eggs are drawn on watercolourbackground (gives always special effects and I like that)

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