Nowadays, I see tangles everywhere, for example in this beautiful flowers. I hope to find someday my own tangle but it wil not be easy!!!

In one of my previous posts, I  showed  a picture of a tile which I had made for the project of Annette Plaga. She designed the strings and the participants filled them with tangles. Afterwards Annette made a beautiful mosaic which I‘ve printed below. I would never have thought about such a thing but I find it a wonderful idea and I am glad to have participated. A follow-up start on May  the 20 th and everyone can join. It is worthwhile to visit the website of this talented lady from GermanyAka Lonetta


my tile


4 of my tiles makes this circle


and this is the result of 16 tiles


and finally here are the tiles of all the participants

April the 29 th, was a special day for me:  my first workshop in the” Doppahuis” was on the program. I have experience in tour leading and cooking classes, but a basic workshop Zentangledrawing was completely new for me and I must admit I was a bit nervous.
I was very happy with the results that came out of the classroom. I saw nice drawings, all different but all unique and worth it. The students drawed 2 tiles , learned 8 tangles  and a few tangleations to bring variation in the patterns. Also they made acquaintance with bringing shadow on their tile. There was demand from the group to give more lessons  and I look forward to this. On the 17 th June, a second basic lesson will follow and a third one In september.. If there comes enough interest from these 3 groups , definitely I will give some follow-up courses in order to create more depth and variety and to learn working on black and tantiles.
For me this was a step further, but also for the students. By their first works you can see that at Zentangleart, clichés such as: “I can’t draw, I have no time, I can’t concentrate,” etc.. are not  true. These participants have proven that it is not right, quite the contrary. There is also a drawing of me in between, but you can’t  find my tile because they are all beautiful and I am sincerely glad. Anyone can learn it!!!
I wish you all much tanglepleasure during the summer and  I hope that we meet each other again in the fall with many stories and new things



And what’s better than a delicious cocktail on a sunny, lazy, free day.
Without alcohol: make acoulis” of 3 strawberries,  4 raspberries and the nectar of 1 passion fruit (in the blender) with one teaspoon sugar and then remove the seeds, complete with fresh, cold sparkling spring water.
With alcohol make the same “coulis”, but add a little bit of vodka  and complete the glass with” Cava” or” Champagne” instead of water, MMMM
These and more recipes of cocktails can be found on Cocktailicious


To get in the right mood, I chose  this older number  by of Eros Ramazotti and the ravishing Tina Tuner.. Eros, what a name , and what a handsome  guy in those days
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  1. 1

    Congratulations for your first Zentangle-workshop. The students´ results are wonderful!
    Hugs, Annette

    P.S.: I´m so glad you have joined my Tangle-Mosaic-Project #2!

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Annette.
      It was an honour to participate on such an interesting project and I am looking forward for your third Mosaic..
      I wish you good luck, success and lots of tanglepleasure!!!

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