For their holidays, many people dream of exotic destinations far away... As I wrote in the previous post, I also have made some nice trips. But, truely, also here in Belgium there are many possibilities to relax.  Everywhere in the country, concerts are organized at this time of the year. There are  many cosy markets where you can buy artisanal products. The numerous antique markets are very attractiv to visit during the summer months . A trip to an unknown town is always  worthwile to discover. In almost every place in our country, you can visit an exhibition and/or museum.  Afterwards, you can take place on one of our nice terraces for a refreshing drink  and excellent tidbits, that is wonderful, isn’t it?  We Belgians are lucky that we can visit the coast in one day, looking for an interesting city or explore  the beautiful nature of the Ardennes. Also  the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Northern France and Germany have interesting  places  you can easily visit  in just one day.
The Belgian coast is a real attraction but the disadvantages are the crowds and  mostly long traffic jams during the holidays. I prefer more the beaches on the Dutch side whith  fewer buildings and where the dunes are still very extensive. A sweet cosy town at the seaside is Domburg and at the drive back home, we always make a stop in the authentic village of Veere.We do that every year and we love it:  we begin with a tasty lunch on the beach, followed by a long walk, feeth in the water, looking for special shells. Sometimes we like to swimm, having an ice-cream, just relax and having fun… When the sun is shining, a day at the seaside can be wonderful..Unfortunately we don’t have  a good summer this year…The weather is very variable with too much rain.

Kunstenaar Domburg 998x254




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One of the romantic small streets in our neigbourhood: Durbuy, the smallest town of southern Belgium

To stay in the right atmosphere, I have drawn  a few “summer” tiles. On the first I used a blue marker Sakura and a blue color pencil. The tangles Molygon and Antidots. look a bit like shells and I just love the beautiful pattern Aquafleur, I finished the tile with Huggins and Printemps.
On the second tile, I have composed a small “summer” bouquet of Zen Bud, Carpet Daisy, Flux, Tipple, Mooka, Popsicles and Henna Drum. When you take a look at, you will discover many “organic” tangles to compose your own summer tile.




Also on shells and even on stones , you can draw nice tangles, you can find inspiration on the Internet, try it and cherish your memories of a happy summerday! Tina Akua Hunziker (Switzerland) has drawn beautiful variations of Aurkas on these 3 stones.


On Mainely Tangles, I saw these pretty shells.



Highly recommended is to follow a relaxed workshop. Take a look on the Internet and search on Google, workshops, organised  in your neighbourhood. I’m sure you will find different options. A year ago, I followed a few lessons watercolorpaintingl in Hasselt and I met very kind, creativ people. It was time to meet again in a comfortable way. Appointments were made and written  in the diary and… our teacher organised an “experimental” party in her garden.  The sun was shining and after a delicious glass of wine, it was so easy to  start drawing… We all had a great time!

 Our teacher shows us where we can find all the materials we will need, L.O.L.!  A very original “place” (when you don’t play the piano)


When I came home, I wanted to create a few tiles with the new knowledge: a combination of watercolor paint, Bistre and inkt as a background. I show you one white Zendalatile and a second  Rennaissance Zendalatile.




 I like to demonstrate a very easy and pleasant way to become a surprising result. Put some pumice powder along with  Bistre powder, ink, Gesso and a drop of water in a salad spinner, make it spin and spin , open and then WOW!!!!




Also drawing circles and lines with a feather and a piece of bamboo in combination with watercolor or Bistre, can give beautiful results for backgrounds!


I’m very happy that some people of the” creative group” have discovered the” Zentangledrawingstyle” and some of them have a lot of talent, below, you can see a tile, made by a person who had followed just one lesson, look at the tanglevariatons, I love it!!!


And what taste better on such a hot day than a great ice cream, decorated with fresh blueberries. They  grow abundantly in the forests around us at the moment. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. I pick every day a handful of them!


Fill your glass with chocolate ice-cream and cream, put the blueberries abough and also some broken pieces of gingerbread biscuits and white chocolate slices,  then add a little licor of chocolate to finish.. When you don’t want alcohol, use nectar of abricot. You don’t like to eat to much sugar? No problem, take black chocolate slices, sugarfree icecream and biscuits and enjoy…


To end, I have chosen for Albatross by Fleetwood mac,  real romantic summermusic I always loved and still do!
P.s. I am, like many others, completely fond of the travelingtiles, in the following post I will show you a few. Some of this travelling tiles are already on their way to Germany, the United States, Australia and Taiwan, and there is still more to come to Izier, really very exciting!
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    Anja says:

    Dear Ria,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post!
    I Love the pictures from the Dutch coast! I agree with you! The weather this summer is: we call it East Frisia Summer. Lots of rain and thunderstorms and a touch of the sun. But life is what you make of it 😉
    Thanks for sharing your coloring instructions! I’ll try it.
    Your tiles and Zendalas are gorgeous!
    Happy Evening & Happy tangling!

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Vielen Dank liebe Anja. Yes, it is, I like the Dutch coast more than the Belgian. A lot of people from Germany visit the Netherlands during the summer.
      It was fun, to do these experiments with very creativ people, I’ ve learned a lot and will try to use the techniques in the Zentangleart.
      Painting with watercolor is very easy and I like the effects very much. I’m glad you like my new tiles!
      Keep on tangling!

  2. 1
    Jan Brandt says:

    Oh Ria … what a WONDERFUL post!!! Now I must add Begium, especially Durbuy, to my wish list of places to visit. 🙂 Your art is lovely. In particular I love your summer boquet! And the use of a salad spinner … brilliant!!! I MUST try that. Thank you for all the time you spent creating this post. Reading it & looking at all your pictures was a great way to start my Sunday morning!

    • 3
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Jan, In Belgium, but also in many other countries on “the old continent” you will find cozy little medieval villages, worthwile to visit. I’m glad you like my article and very happy with your kind words. It is fun to experiment with creativ people and when I learn something useful, I like to share with others.

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