Until now, I used to draw on white standard tiles. I learned that during the workshops.The dimensions (9 by 9 cm) are perfect to make beautiful Zentangle art within a relatively short time and they are very easy to handle.

There are also larger (Opus) and smaller formats (Bijoux). On the type Bijoux”  I draw newly learned tangles (tip of CZT). 12 “Bijoux” fit easyly on a A4 format. I keep these sheets in a special cover.  You will get a private legend of already known tangles. Sometimes when you have less inspiration, consult your legend and you will quickly find a tangle to continue. Of course, you can draw beautiful little compositions on these small tiles. Apprentice tiles are a few cm larger than the standard ones and loved by children and older persons. They mostly use a thicker pen on these tiles (O,5 mm) There also exist a kind of cards ATC (89 mm x 64 mm) and now the most recent are the triangle tiles (8,9 cm x 8;9 cm x 8,9 cm)

a picture of an Opus tile:


And the wellknown patterns on the Bijouxtiles:


A picture of a triangle:

I have tried to draw on different kinds of paper and there are plenty of possibilities but I still prefer to work on the original tiles of RIck and Maria. For me the quality of the paper is the best I have ever used. In particularly the edges to these tiles are very beautiful.

In addition to the white tiles, RIck and Maria also designed black and tan tiles. By consulting the Internet once more, I saw more information about them, and with this knowledge I have made a few examples.

I’ve found that you can get nice results, with brown/rust-coloured pens and white accents, on these tan tiles. By experimenting with colors you also you get nice results. This “renaissance” tiles are just more sensitive than the white ones but it is worth to try them out. On the Internet you can find several examples if you just type zentangle tan” and then images“.

getekend door Maria Thomas

made by Maria Thomas

For me, black tiles really have something fairy-like. I consider it quite special to draw with a white gel pen, a chalk pencil and then apply a hint of gold here and there.However, this technique has to be practiced because working on these tiles with a gel pen is quite different than with the pens I usually use. Also you can find many images on the Internet.

Maria has used blue colours on the Zendala tile below. Very successful, like always when Maria is drawing!

getekend door Maria Thomas

The discovery of other-colored tiles was well worth the trouble, I like the results very much on tan and on black ones.

And the latest tiles are the gray-colored ones. Available in all sizes. Below is an example of a zendalatile.

h_left h_up h_right
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