Unfortunately this website will cease to exist.

Also from Instagram, the fake world where many people try to get as much likes and followers as possible, is something I don’t wanna be part of it anymore.

Zentangle art should be a meditative drawing style but it isn’t anymore. It has become a competiton and I don’t like that at all. People steal idea’s and tangles from each other give them a different name and pretend they are theirs…

So I say goodbye, and wanna thank all followers, all visitors and especially the people who wrote me a personal e-mail. I wish you all the best!

A door is closed, another one will open…


This short video immediately put a smile on my face. The “corona-safe” dance, created in a small village in South Africa, has become the summer hit of 2020. The song became especially popular after a “dance challenge” was linked to it. It has now become a hype all over the world. Even I, (of course without an audience) dance the Jerusalama when I have drawn too long …

If you take enough breaks, do little walks and daily exercises, you ‘ll have much less stiffness and pain. I love to draw, but putting pencil and pen down now and then, is necessary to stay in a good condition!

Especially at this period of the year, after the heat of summer, it is still a pleasant time to get to know your own region better.

A late afternoon trip to picturesque Borgloon in Limburg is well worth a visit. Gijs Van Vaerenbergh has placed a unique work of art here that we discovered during a nice walk. You can see the contours of the church (30 tons of steel) making it look like an optical illusion …

At the beginning of the year I chose to post more tiles on Instagram. There too many “challenges” are appearing, but I want to feel free and not obliged to anything anymore. Zentangle drawing should primarily be a relaxing activity. I usually can’t resist Annette’s monthly “Zendalamoments” and Hanny Nura’s “Fullmoon Challenges”.

For Annette’s “Zendalamoments” I filled the template with a variation of Abundies, Budlite, part of Seven Flower, Tipple and Mooka.

For Hanny Nura’s “Fullmoon Challenge” I chose to use the following tangles: Caviar, Fescu, Alabastro, Pea Fea, Aloha and my Mollu. Both tiles were colored with colored pencils and finished with a white gelly pen.

Of course I keep looking for new patterns and that is why I would like to introduce Samu! I have found inspiration in the work of M.C. Escher. His teacher was Samuel Jesserun de Mesquita. That’s why I chose that name for my new tangle. The pattern requires concentration to draw the different “leaves” equally. The shape is especially important, (rounded on one side only). I use a vertical line to make it easier to draw similar motifs. There are many different ways to decorate and /or color this pattern. I wish you success and hope to see Samu appearing one day on tanglepatterns.com and Elatorium, two wonderful databases with many interesting patterns!

A typical work of M.C. Escher:

In my example you recognize a lot, learned from previous Project Packs: a stretched Printemps, the use of different auras and the typical Zentangle decorations. The last piece is left black by simply cutting a piece off the first tile and pasting it on a black one with the same dimensions. I did and do this technique regularly to camouflage a “mistake” or to obtain an even colored background. Below I have placed an older example of a tile that was previously made in this way:

Here I used some simple curls, Fescu, Hollis, Alabastro and Yumemi.

Now that autumn is approaching, more typical autumn colors are popping up. That is why I like to place another zendala with my Viti, drawn on brown paper in combination with Windfarm, Stircles and Patakon.

To conclude, you can see that the “Jerusalama” is also popular in Belgium. Below you see another demonstration by the entire staff of the University hospital in Ghent, a relaxing moment in this hectic Corona time. Let go of everything for a moment, get rid of the stress and dance along:

We Belgians, love eating potato-based fries, but this vegetable version can be a tasty and healthy variety:

Enjoy the beauty of the fall, take care and untill next time,


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Today is a typical Belgian summerday; a cloudy sky, a little bit of rain, a little bit of sun , the door is open and I hear the birds whistling… It looks so peaceful but nothing is what it seems. Sometimes, I feel fear of the unknown but also a certain peace …Scientists from all over the world are searching for a vaccine and it will soon be there, but life will never be like before the crisis. I do not mean this entirely negatively, on the contrary. The pandemic teaches us that we can and must learn to live differently, more sustainably and honestly. In addition to selfishness, we see also a lot of creativity, commitment and beautiful initiatives are taken. It’s good to focus on that and, most important, to stay busy with things that give you pleasure. For me, of course, that means drawing and looking for new patterns!

Making a small trip in your own neighbourhood can be very surprising and refreshing. In crowded Belgium there are still nice places to discover. In the province of Limburg you can cycle through the water or through the trees, something I had never done before and yes, they were great experiences!

I’m always looking forward to the “Project Packs” which keeps me learning new things. The tenth edition will be published soon. As for the ninth project, I have seen wonderful results. The “Markus Operandus” is a great attachment and you can see that in the last video of day 7.

Below I have placed two of my drawings, which were made thanks to this project:

Recently, the original Japanese pattern Benio (Yagasuri or Yabane) was added to tanglepatterns.com. Curious for more I searched further among the Japanese motives… until I saw the picture below:

And yes, there I found another pattern that I haven’t seen yet. Finding a name was not difficult this time. In the steps you can see that I have chosen for seven “curls”. On the lovely bag you can see that the pattern has many curls. Of course that is also possible but I found seven just easier.

When I extended the “curls” as a variation to the small inner circle, I saw a very familiar pattern popping up. Indeed it is almost the same as the drawing below of the “sacred geometry”. This form is well known, widely used, centuries old and is sometimes also drawn as the basis for a mandala. The difference in my variation is that it is formed very differently. You start again with a small circle in the middle. The overlapping “circles” are not perfectly round as shown in the drawing below and can be “corrected” with a thicker pen!

In addition to Yaga, I would also like to introduce Viti, my latest pattern that was published on Wednesday on www.tanglepatterns.com . This tangle is based on a picture of a Virginia creeper , a lovely green plant that turns beautiful red during the fall:

In the ninth project pack I especially found the use of the many auras terrific. That’s why I posted a drawing below with the lovely Ayamé, surrounded by multicolored auras in a combination with Tipple and a stretched version of Printemps. I used Sakura’s “moonlightpens” on a black background and I finished it with colored charcoals.

For my last drawing in this post I chose a background, made with watercolor paints. To make the colors more intensly, I used ordinary colorpencils. For more contrast, I chose a white gellypen in addition to a blue one. The deep blue colors of the ocean continue to delight me and give me sweet memories. I tried to show that in this work:

To finish, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful melancholic song of:

Ana Alcaida met En El jardim de la Reina:

It takes a certain darkness to see the stars!

Everything is coming to an end, including this “Coronatime”.

Best regards, enjoy the summer and take care!


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There is nothing more beautiful for yourself than to prove how strong you are and that is very important under these exceptional circumstances! This period will pass, there will be found a vaccine but unfortunately it will not be for tomorrow… In the meantime, we need to go further and enjoy the little things we find ‘ordinary’. In fact they are extraordinary and now we have time enough to think about this.

Rob and I read a lot, we watch more TV. Nice quiet music is always on, new dishes are tried out, we make many small walks and I do every day my stretch exercises. On Sunday we skype with the boys and we play the cards online. It’s all not that spectacular but I don’t want to complain. Belgium is doing its best and I am grateful to live here. It hurts to see how much grief and misery the Coronavirus brings for so many families around the world…

On the other side, it is heartwarming to see that the people who work in healthcare and services finally get the well deserved respect! Wonderful initiatives are being taken to help and support each other… On Instagram, many CZT give free lessons on Zoom. It’s better to stay busy than to wait passively. Even now, the days are always too short for me. I enjoy the unusual quietness and I draw a lot.

I like to sit in my little corner, on my special ergonomic seat next to the window with view on the garden.

My new tangles will always be published first on this website and I like to present you Pandai and Cadooh:

Pandai will seem very familiar and looks a bit like Hollibaugh. However, I have not yet seen this particular pattern in Zentangle drawings and that’s why I made a little tangle of it. I chose this name because pandas like to eat bamboo and the only place in Belgium where you can see these cute animals is in Pari Daiza.

Cadooh is family of Ratoon and Hollis but is still different and just like Pandai it is easy to draw and gives many possibilities. I chose this name because I see it as a present in this lesser period. The Belgium word for present is “cadeau”.

I wish you a lot of tanglefun and hope that this special Easter Sunday can also become a beautiful day!

I would like to open this post with my contribution to Hanny Nura’s unique Fullmoon Challenge. This time we were asked to draw 3 parts of circles and use the tangle 4 Corner. If you make 4 tiles and put them together, you ‘ll get a nice little mosaic with 3 rings. Everyone could add tangles of your choice and I did so with my Kadibra, Hollis, Printemps, Tipple, Q-belle and Bouclé. This time, only blue and black pens were allowed and to colour, we had to use only ordinary colourpencils:

Lisette Hofer and Karima Christine integrated Mazorito into their work. It’s nice to see how others draw my patterns and especially when the results are as beautiful as with these two ladies:

Nubia is a new beautiful tangle of The Spanish tangler Oswaldo Burbano. I incorporated his pattern into the tile below along with Nipa, Tipple, Bubbles and Fassett and glued the tile on an origial Zentangle card:

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is kaart_vlecht400-394x400.jpg

The tangle Wooti I presented in the previous blog post and based on a wooden tile is also widely used in the “patchwork world”:

When I found out, I looked for more inspiration there. My attention was drawn by this beautiful piece of quilting on which I discovered a new pattern:

In the picture, you recognize the pattern as “border” but I also added a “filling” that is also a variation on the example. Of course, there are several options possible. The ends of the “arrowhead shapes” can touch each other, but it is not necessary. You can draw the tangle in perspective or just straight and also in a circle it comes out nicely. You can already find this tangle on www.tanglepatterns.com:

In the simple zendala you also recognize Ypsmi and Stircles, pleasant and relaxing to draw, which remains important.

My favorite tiles are zendala’s and therefore I’ve made another one with the fragments L12, D4, the wonderful Verve and my new tangle Quilta (I’ve replaced the “arrowhead shapes” by hearts)

Working with beeswax also remains a challenge. It’s not hard to get surprisingly beautiful colour combinations, but I do admit that ‘drawing’ with that iron is not easy. I realize that I have to practice more to get what I want! In the work below I have tried to bring a little spring feeling by using a light fresh colour palette.

In our garden, the first snowdrops are popping up and soon the crocuses will follow…

I always like to tangle, no matter what time of the year it is. Each season has its own charm and there will come always beautiful and less beautiful days. You can choose which ones you want to remember!

Translation: don’t wait for a good day, make one by yourself!

I don’t have a special studio but just sit at the kitchen table near the window overlooking the garden. There, in that corner I have the best daylight and I like to look at the birds that are never far away. I’m always grateful when I can draw in peace, there in that cozy corner.

At first I was not a fan of social media but I have to review my opinion. I find out how easy it is to post a tile, make contacts with other tanglers, give and receive comments. That’s why I chosed a different path.

My work will now only be posted on Instagram:


I would like to thank all the followers and visitors of the past few years along this way. (Happy and AHH)

For the last time a musical ending: El condor Pasa, brought by Simon and Garfunkel, mounted on beautiful images of a unique but unfortunately vulnerable country. Visiting Peru was a dream come true. I was younger, there was no mention of climate problems and I wanted to go to the land of the Incas and the condor… The Macchu Pichu, the Nasca lines, Lake Titicaca and especially the friendly people made this trip unforgettable!

The cheerful colours in the fabrics of the Andes inspired me for the tile below with Hibred, Zinger en Onomato:

Within two weeks, the eighth Project Pack will appear online. It’s definitely going to be fun again!

I wish everyone a lot of tangle fun and maybe we’ll meet on Instagram!


In Belgium, winter is going on very gently. Actually too soft and I really hope that there will come a few real winter days with some snow … and then of course a new spring!

With this natural phenomenon, spotted both in the United States and in Siberia, I would like to open the first blog post of 2020:

The strangest thing that makes these ice boulders weird and unique is not that they are rarely formed, but because they began to be bigger in their sizes than the normal size in which they are usually formed. It is impossible to say that these ice boulders fall from the sky with rain or that they suddenly appear. These boulders are a mixture of ice and slush. They are naturally created as all what happens is that the ice chunks which are found along the shore are churned by waves back and forth to slowly grow in below freezing water and form these giant ice boulders.

Inspired by this special picture, I have made a little zendala with Hollis, Printemps, Diva Dance and Tipple on a watercolored background:

During the hollidays, I didn’t found the time to tangle but once New Year’s Day passed, I started back. I really prefer those ordinary days. The older I get, the more I appreciate them…

And don’t forget, “you can start over again every day!

With my special iron, I tried for the first time to make a winter landscape. It was harder than I thought but I’m excited about the special shades of color that could emerge after some excercises:

My first Zentangle drawing was a trio of my patron Ulci along with Hollis and a variation of Delys. I chose a black tile that I colored with charcoal. It is good to fix your result afterwards with hair spray or a specially intended product. The colours of charcoal disappear very quickly:

Just as Ulci was created after seeing an image of a floor tile, I also saw a new pattern on a wooden tile. So you understand why I called it Wooti!

With a grid, it becomes a very easy pattern. I chose to color one square black and fill the other with strokes. By this way, it is a bit different from the picture and the lines of the grid disappear.

By drawing a thicker line on one side you get more 3D effect. You can draw in perspective, but you don’t have to. Of course you can also draw by hand, but I find that harder. I like Wooti, drawn in the round. The open places that remain directly offer an invitation to fill with tangles of your choice. I chose Crescent Moon on the outside and Indy Rella, Vano and Appease inside.

Wooti can already be found on the well-known database www.tanglepatterns.com. Very recently, the tangle guide of 2020 has appeared, beautifully illustrated by Michelle Beauchamps. I consult this great database almost daily. And when there is no connection to the Internet, this guide is the best solution for searching for nice tangles and a lot of usefull information:

And then came Hanny Nura with another “Fullmoonchallenge”. She asked to use her two latest patterns in a specified string: Ypsmi and Oopsmi. Below I posted my submission:

Time is passing so fast. In February Valentine’s Day will come again and as usual, a lot of heart-shaped patterns will popping up. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive and spectacular. Small attentions can also give a lot of pleasure! Some can even “tangle” in their coffee. Is there a “barista” hidden in you, too? I can’t do it, but maybe you can!!!

Less complicated but sweet and tasty looks this breakfast. The hearts can be made very easily with a form:

Or just a tile with hearts is pleasant to draw and nice to give. Below I made a zendala with (again) the lovely Hollis, Sand Swirl, CO2, Beadlines, heart forms and Perfs:

Challenges come and go and I am sorry that after the loss of “tickled to tangle” also “Square One” will no longer appear on the Internet. Suzanne Fluhr, on the other hand, started “Humpdaychallenges”. Last week, she asked to create a “tangled patchwork”. I searched on the Internet for a nice example and found several of them. I chose one, used it as reticula and filled it with fragments and tangles: Printemps, Hurry, V2, F7, some lines and Perfs:

I enjoyed making this tile and therefore I chose another one to finish this post. I used ‘N Zeppel, Baton and Printemps. Thanks to Suzanne Fluhr I discovered that the tangle I named Wooti, is also a quiltpattern and looks nice as a frame. Maybe I have to go on “tanglehunt” in these areas!

Dancing is good, both for the body and the mind. Certainly people, like us, tanglers who sit a lot, should move more to stay in a good conditon. Maybe when you ‘ll see this “flashmob” on the aerport of Ireland, you also want to move a bit more:

Thank you so much for following and until next time,


This year, the project pack 7 appeared at the same time as the usual “12 days before Christmas”. It gives fun, both for beginners and advanced tanglers, to draw together with Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and Julie!

This year Zentangle.com opted for grey tiles and blue tones. The cool icy colours give a wintery look. Together with the golden accents they also bring a festive touch to your tiles.

I enjoyed making this series and therefore I decided to make a small extra blog post.

Day 1



Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

So, these are my 12 results. Maybe you’ll find an idea that can inspire you to make a nice Christmas card! All demonstration videos are on-line.

Tangledreams is still much visited. I am grateful for that and would therefore like to continue for a while…

Warm regards to all visitors, keep on tangling and enjoy!


A few weeks ago, everyone who would come to the CZT reunion, received a pre-printed tile that should be tangled. I chose to fill with Adalfa, Shattuck, Crescent Moon, AHH , Barberpole and Dooh Dah and colored the asterisk with a golden gel pen:

With all these tiles the organisators made a festive mosaic . Unfortunately, I didn’t judge the distance correctly while shooting, but you still get a good impression of this magical result:

When I opened the door of the cosy hotel, I got a warm welcome by Ela Rieger. Immediately I felt the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere!

For each participant, an original recognition badge was created. We could quickly address each other by the first name:

It was a nice surprise to meet so many motivated tanglers, whom I already knew virtually. I met two Belgian ladies, Els Bruelemans from the Flemish part and Françoise Drouven from the French part. I had a nice chat with both of them. I would have liked to have taken more pictures but didn’t have my camera with me all the time… I am already looking forward to a report (including a group photo) in the newsletters of Zentangle.com en Conzentric! Below I posted a few pictures of pleasant moments!

with Lisette Hofer from Switzerland:

with Tomàs Padros from Spain:

with Anoeska Waardenburg from the Netherlands:

With Anika Gabrovec from Croatia and Ela Rieger from Germany, (I look a little concerned because the previous pictures didn’t want to succeed and Anika just knocks her eyes down, but Ela, on the other hand, looks radiant!!!)

Of course, we had a lot of time to meet each other but we also “had” to tangle! Together, both newcomers and “elderly,” we have drawn that Sunday in harmony with each other, accompanied by a great American/German team. Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha had come across to accompany the attendees together with Ela, Jennifer and Katharina! A sense of connectedness gave us all an energy boost and beautiful work was delivered.

Almost every chair was occupied when I walked in. However, I found another place next to this friendly lady from Marburg: Nicole Lehmann:

Step by step we made a nice composition. We started together with the favorite of Maria: Mooka. The first four points were filled with Zander and Pokeleaf. Then the four points behind followed with Jonqual. In other areas you can recognize Diva Dance, a stretched Printemps and Shattuck. I tangled in deep concentration and had actually already drew two areas too much, so there was no room for Ela’s last tangle anymore. That was a pity! I’m so sorry. Than the letter Z would come on top of the composition, but I have put these Z in a “wrong” direction. You know mistakes don’t exist in Zentangle art and each “error”can be adjusted. My Z became an N, followed by the other letters of the four wind directions.(in Dutch) Afterwards these letters were embedded. Here too you can see a little misunderstanding. Molly assured me, that this result was unexpected but nice too. The intention was to decorate outwards and I did it just in the opposite way on the inside. At home I worked further on the shading and filled the circle a little more with CO2, Quandary, AHH en Raindotty’s :

During the session, everyone had received a “Bijou” on which we only had to fill half a part. Later they were picked up and redistributed. In this way, everyone got a mini tile that had started by a fellow student. The intention was to complete and to send a mail to the starter. Below you can see the first half, made by Gabriele Joppien and the finished tile that was supplemented with Ovolution and a few Tipples:

I hope to get also soon an e-mail too from someone who has received my half-tangled bijou!

Tired, but satisfied I returned home monday after breakfast. Rob waited for me. After a small walk with the doggies it felt good to be back home. With a warm herbal tea I told Rob my experiences and let the beautiful memories come back… A quiet evening followed. Tomorrow there would be again time for tangling…

By this way, I wanna thank everyone who was involved in this beautiful experience!!!

As I wrote earlier, both of them “Square One purely Zentangle” and “Today’s tangles, keeping it classic,”ask to use only black and white on their challenges. That’s why I put a few drawings below that I have already submitted but gave a little color:

Morf, Bluebonnets, Field of Flowers, Gingo, CO2 en Pozer:

Static, Tipple, Tripoli en ‘N Zeppel:

My search for new tangles continues. In the picture below you can see an Italian floor from an old wine cellar. I don’t know the exact period but I liked it and I immediately saw a nice pattern in it:

Montepulciano is an excellent Italian wine. Some letters before and back were deleted and Ulci appeared. It’s not a difficult pattern, but one that requires concentration. The circles must be drawn nicely and equally large. The same distance between the circles is also important to get the result of the photo. In step 4, make sure that you don’t draw the dashes too long and that the bottom starts at the tip (see step 3) The other line runs parallel. In step 5, you realize that everything comes together nicely. Many variations are possible, both in the strokes and in the circles…

With the coming end of the year, this video may help you to make your table even more beautiful with these original ideas of folding napkins:

And one more small video that show some nice things to create a festive dessert with chocolate:

Maybe a little bit too early, but with all my heart I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. A year where satisfaction plays a great role!!! Not everything always goes the way we would like it, but if you take a break for a moment, you realize that there is really so much to be satisfied…

In addition to the beautiful mosaics of Annette Plaga , I find the monthly Zendalamoments a pleasant challenge. This time I chose my own tangle Ibiscu, a part of Trinity, Facet and Stircles, I finished with a white gelly pen and colored pencils:

In another version with Taiga of Tomàs Padros :

And now, I’m looking forward to the seventh project pack that will arrive soon and it really looks great!

Years ago, For the first time at a Christmas market in the small German Monschau, I heard the beautiful sounds of a hang. Coincidentally, I talked with Ela about this kind of music at dinner. I thougt why not showing in this post a nice piece of hanging music: “Carol of the Bells”, brought by Vasilis Vasiliou:

Wish you all the best and untill next year!


With great pleasure I followed once again a workshop of “Painting with beeswax ” at the Banyan tree . You can find many instructive demonstrations on the Internet, but the best is always following a real workshop! I like to open this post with a few small paintings. I have “hidden” them behind cards in which openings were made:

In the meantime I have purchased a starter kit to experiment a bit. Such a kit usually contains the iron, various colours of beeswax and a few sheets of paper, intended for this technique. You can buy this material on-line or in specialised stores for an amount between 50 and 60 Euro…

In The video below you can see how you have to use the iron. The artist is speaking German but it is possible to follow quite well! I honestly admit that it seems easier than it is but after some practice, you will achieve beautiful results:

Soon I can blow out 65 candles and you see, I have already found my gift. I am not a party beast and prefered to make a trip together with the children for that occasion. It became Gran Canaria . Rob does not like to travel and he took care of our four-legged roommates. Bram, Bruno, Nathalie and I enjoyed this beautiful island, the sun and the sea. It gave us a wonderful summery feeling and a real boost before diving into the Belgian autumn:

This picture was taken in the botanical garden in the green north of the island.
The south is much drier and warmer but also the dunes in Maspalomas with the ocean in the background are gorgeous!
On this terrace we enjoyed breakfast and dinner. The view on the beautiful garden, the beach and the blue ocean was overwhelming.
And another picture, taken while walking beneath the colourful Bougainvillea in the streets of the fishing village of Puerto de Mogàn

Computer and drawing stuff were left at home. Especially swimming, hiking and exploring the island, took the most time. Once more, spotting the wild dolphins in their natural habitat was so nice… Grateful for this adventure we returned home where Rob was waiting for us. At home, the daily routine returned quickly… Being able to do the things you like, can give beautiful moments too… It shouldn’t always be extraordinary, just ordinary can be good too!!!

Most of us are daily busy in the kitchen and that’s why I posted the next movie. Valuable kitchen tips for everybody are shown:

The first challenge I noticed after my homecoming, was the monthly “Fullmoonchallenge ” by Hanny Nura. Below you see my contribution. I posted this zendala also on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides the specified string, Hanny proposed to use Maria’s new tangle Hollis. In addition, I opted for Ruutz, CO2 and Caviar. In the middle circle I have used a small stamp to give a bit a the “Halloween feeling”.

Also Annette Plaga put her tenth “Zendalamoments ” on line and this nice template gave me a pleasant afternoon:

On this zendala I chose pink, grey, white and purple shades. The string was filled with the following tangles: S-Pod, Tipple, Edie, Lola, Oysteroid, Maryhill and Cogwheel. Just like on the previous Zendala, white and black pens were used. This process was demonstrated during the videos of Project Pack 6!

“Challenges” come and go and unfortunately, after 6 years also Adele Bruno (hopefully temporarily) takes a break. I would like to thank her again along this road. Hours of drawing, new knowledge and beautiful tiles were the result of years of her dedication.

Regulary I try to join Square One and Today’s tangles. The admins asked to draw in black/white, but both facebookgroups have an additional page on which colored work can be placed. This tile with Sikito can be found in black/white on “Square One, purely Zentangle “. For myself I have given this drawing a bit of colour:

And I did that also on this tile, the first challenge of Inktober 2019 with the requested tangle Printemps:

Every day new tangles are popping up and it still fascinates me to compose new patterns. Therefore, I would like to propose Ibiscu. The pattern is based on the motif in the following marble floor tiles. The orchid and the Hibiscus are my favourite flowers. I really can’t tell which of the two I prefer. In the living room there is always a flowering orchid and in our garden, every year a purple Hibiscus is blooming! The H and the S were deleted from Hibiscus and Ibiscu emerged.

Like my previous patterns, Ibiscu is very simple and can be drawn in just 3 steps, both as a frame, pendulum or in a grid (regulary or irregulary) Of course you can find different variations on this one. I have attached 3 examples:

In October there was every day another challenge on-line. A bit too much for me. In addition to an entry with Printemps, I made a tile with Ratoon, Tripoli (filled with Crescent Moon), a single entry for 3 days (October the 25 th. the 26 th. and the 27 th.)

Sometimes I have no sense or inspiration to draw and just wanna watch TV. On Netflix I found the exciting French series “Marseille ” with politics and power as subject. The soundtrack intrigued me immediately: Ya Sidi, brought by Orange Blossom. Music can bring people together. That’s wonderful. This group was founded in Nantes in the nineties by Pierre Jean Chabot. They bring a fascinating mix between Oriental and Western influences:

To finish, I like to write some good advice from an exceptional artist: Frida Kahlo. :

We can do more than we think. Frida has had a lot of setbacks in her life but continued to go on and is therefore a source of inspiration for many.

Turn pain into something beautiful. That was the way of Frida to endure the pain she felt everyday and turned it into her art.

Don’t get too attached to your plans. Frida wanted to be a doctor but because of an accident this became impossible. Where one door was closed, a new one opened and therefore she gave her herself and us something beautiful.

Warm regards from Belgium and until next time,


Recently, I.A.S.T. celebrated the sixth anniversary. Thanks to Adele, I have learned so much and I am grateful that Decoo was one of the proposed patterns for this special challenge! I wish Adele many happy birthdays, both for herself and for her zentanglecreation I.A.S.T.

During the summer I tangled a lot in the coolness of the living room. The intense heat and dryness of July were not comfortable for human/animal and terrible for nature… Also in Belgium, we failed early harvesting due to the lack of rain. On the moors in our area, several pieces were depraged prematurely. Luckily, August brought the much needed rain and the damage remained limited. Refreshing rain showers gave off delicious scents and intense purple colored fields emerged.

A very special surprise was a first modest harvest of figs from our own garden. In August, we could eat daily fresh figs from our little tree and we liked them very much!

Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Drawing is my hobby and every week I follow faithfully the new patterns that appear on different databases. A nice recent pattern is Windmills and that’s why I have placed a tile with this tangle, together with my Mazorito and ‘ N Zeppel in the background.

Also Line Dance was a discovery. It is a tangle which can fill a whole tile and it can give a nice depth with a little shade. I combined it with Double Double:

In addition to the real tanglework, I continue searching for new patterns and I like to introduce my two recent patterns. The first one Espe (the translation from mirror to Portuguese is Espelho) is based on an Art Deco Mirror. It’s very simple and I think it’s especially nice when you draw it in the round, that is exactly what I did. This pattern appeared yesterday on www.tanglepatterns.com!

For the second pattern I have found inspiration in the colourful dress, the lady wears on the picture below. This pattern gives different possibilities. You can draw it single, double or in a group and you can get a nice 3D effect. The name Ondola is derived from the Portuguese ondulado which means wavy. Some words sound better to me in another language, hence my choices. The general rule is that no existing words for new tangles are chosen, so it is always a little searching…but I like that!

Occasionally I can’t let it to share a video with you that appeals to me and often that is an experiment with watercolour paint. In the video below, the artist shows us how you can obtain a unique result with a few simple tools.

Something completely different is painting with beeswax. I recently attended a workshop. I was overwhelmed by the magical results that this technique can bring on your paper! The colored beeswax is applied on a special iron, after which you can iron it on a paper with a coating layer. By applying different techniques you can conjure big differences in your work …

I show you one of my results, made during this first workshop:

A small impression of what artists can do with this stuff:

Annette Plaga asked for her 18 the Mosaic project to supply two tiles, one with a gemstone. Below you see my contribution and one of the mosaics, composed with the tiles of all participants. Every time, it is a pleasant surprise to see how Annette sets up her unique mosaics. Also her monthly “Zendalamoments” are always fascinating.

Another discovery were Hanni Nura‘s monthly “Full Moon challenges “. The submitted results are beautiful. A while ago, Hanni proposed to make a drawing in a window. The tile I recently sent to Square one (when “All boxed up ” was central) was created, inspired by this idea:

On Square one you are asked to use only a black pencil and pen on a white standard tile but I like colours and therefore I have made another tile, also inspired by the idea of Hanni but now finished with coloured pencils:

I couldn’t get enough of it and this time I chose the shape of a rose window. The drawing is not colored because it was also sent to Square one but afterwards I coloured it for fun for myself.

I like to make tiles that were inspired by earlier art movements. The above drawing is a clear example of the Gothic period!

To finish, I have found a special piece of music in the title song of the series “Medeci, masters of Florence ” In The video you can discover the beautiful art from the Renaissance. An art form that has remained frequently present in Florence and which annually lures millions of tourists to this city. Maybe it’s time to look for a nice pattern from that time!!!

I am sure that autumn brings us new inspiration and I wish every one happy moments in this new season!