Recently, I.A.S.T. celebrated the sixth anniversary. Thanks to Adele, I have learned so much and I am grateful that Decoo was one of the proposed patterns for this special challenge! I wish Adele many happy birthdays, both for herself and for her zentanglecreation I.A.S.T.

During the summer I tangled a lot in the coolness of the living room. The intense heat and dryness of July were not comfortable for human/animal and terrible for nature… Also in Belgium, we failed early harvesting due to the lack of rain. On the moors in our area, several pieces were depraged prematurely. Luckily, August brought the much needed rain and the damage remained limited. Refreshing rain showers gave off delicious scents and intense purple colored fields emerged.

A very special surprise was a first modest harvest of figs from our own garden. In August, we could eat daily fresh figs from our little tree and we liked them very much!

Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. Drawing is my hobby and every week I follow faithfully the new patterns that appear on different databases. A nice recent pattern is Windmills and that’s why I have placed a tile with this tangle, together with my Mazorito and ‘ N Zeppel in the background.

Also Line Dance was a discovery. It is a tangle which can fill a whole tile and it can give a nice depth with a little shade. I combined it with Double Double:

In addition to the real tanglework, I continue searching for new patterns and I like to introduce my two recent patterns. The first one Espe (the translation from mirror to Portuguese is Espelho) is based on an Art Deco Mirror. It’s very simple and I think it’s especially nice when you draw it in the round, that is exactly what I did. This pattern appeared yesterday on!

For the second pattern I have found inspiration in the colourful dress, the lady wears on the picture below. This pattern gives different possibilities. You can draw it single, double or in a group and you can get a nice 3D effect. The name Ondola is derived from the Portuguese ondulado which means wavy. Some words sound better to me in another language, hence my choices. The general rule is that no existing words for new tangles are chosen, so it is always a little searching…but I like that!

Occasionally I can’t let it to share a video with you that appeals to me and often that is an experiment with watercolour paint. In the video below, the artist shows us how you can obtain a unique result with a few simple tools.

Something completely different is painting with beeswax. I recently attended a workshop. I was overwhelmed by the magical results that this technique can bring on your paper! The colored beeswax is applied on a special iron, after which you can iron it on a paper with a coating layer. By applying different techniques you can conjure big differences in your work …

I show you one of my results, made during this first workshop:

A small impression of what artists can do with this stuff:

Annette Plaga asked for her 18 the Mosaic project to supply two tiles, one with a gemstone. Below you see my contribution and one of the mosaics, composed with the tiles of all participants. Every time, it is a pleasant surprise to see how Annette sets up her unique mosaics. Also her monthly “Zendalamoments” are always fascinating.

Another discovery were Hanni Nura‘s monthly “Full Moon challenges “. The submitted results are beautiful. A while ago, Hanni proposed to make a drawing in a window. The tile I recently sent to Square one (when “All boxed up ” was central) was created, inspired by this idea:

On Square one you are asked to use only a black pencil and pen on a white standard tile but I like colours and therefore I have made another tile, also inspired by the idea of Hanni but now finished with coloured pencils:

I couldn’t get enough of it and this time I chose the shape of a rose window. The drawing is not colored because it was also sent to Square one but afterwards I coloured it for fun for myself.

I like to make tiles that were inspired by earlier art movements. The above drawing is a clear example of the Gothic period!

To finish, I have found a special piece of music in the title song of the series “Medeci, masters of Florence ” In The video you can discover the beautiful art from the Renaissance. An art form that has remained frequently present in Florence and which annually lures millions of tourists to this city. Maybe it’s time to look for a nice pattern from that time!!!

I am sure that autumn brings us new inspiration and I wish every one happy moments in this new season!

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  1. 5
    Jan Brandt, CZT says:

    I am delighted to see this new post from you, Ria! I always enjoy what you choose to share with us. 🙂 Wow – that Jay Lee painting video is astounding!! I LOVE learning techniques – especially simple techniques – that can be used to create such beauty! Both of your new tangles are wonderful! I can’t wait to try them. 🙂 I love your 3 drawings in windows – brilliant! I too love the autumn weather – we’re definitely beginning to approach it here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The changing of seasons always energizes me and often elicits new ideas for tangling. Happily cooler days are ahead!

    • 6
      Ria says:

      It is very pleasant to become such a nice compliment on mondaymorning! Thank you very much dear Jan.
      Me too, like to learn new techniques that are not too difficult and I like to explore the Internet where you can find so much information. This tree is a nice example which you can make together with the artist…I wish you succes!!!
      We have to move, to be creativ and to eat healthy stuff (and now and than a good glass of wine) and we will become a hundred years… (LOL)
      I think you live in a beautiful area, especially now at the beginning of the fall, so I hope there will come wonderfull days for you and your family. Wish you all the best and keep on tangling!

  2. 3

    And again a wonderful blog post with many suggestions and high entertainment value. What a nice start into the new month!
    I am very interested in the technique of painting with beeswax … great that you could visit such a workshop! I like the result!
    Thank you for sharing two new patterns with us … I like them both very much and will try them soon (and include them in the MUSTERQUELLE 😉).

    • 4
      Ria says:

      Thank you Annette for your kind feedback.
      Many people are feeling a bit sad when the summer is gone but I don’t. My favorite season is autumn, it is always a time for exploring new ideas, I like the temperatures and the colours and the fresher evenings…
      I agree, painting with beeswax can give fantastic results but unfortunately you cannot tangle on those backgrounds with a pen. Very pleasant was, that almost immediately you can achieve a nice result. Sets for beginners in specialized art shops coast about 35 Euro (all needed material inclosed) It is a wonderful challenge to explore a new form of painting…
      Thank you for adding Espe and Ondola to the Musterquelle and wish you all the best!!!

  3. 1
    Ariane Rousselle says:

    Wauw Ria!! Wat een knappe ideeën alweer!! Ik moet dringend eens op zoek gaan naar tijd!! 🙁

    • 2
      Ria says:

      Wat leuk om zo snel een comment te krijgen. Hartelijk dank Ariane en inderdaad, bezig blijven met nieuwe dingen is altijd een uitdaging die de moeite waard blijft!

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