Drawings, are usually made up of strings. 

I have enjoyed practicing  by exploring so many possibilities. Especially on hot summer days I often sat in the shade of a tree, in peace and quietness , far away from noise and traffic, little bit of Bach in the background, a drink at my fingertips, some lazy dogs around me. .. It’s all I need. I started realizing  that Zentangleart is a pleasant way to relax and to have fun. Your world becomes a bit nicer.

On my website and on the internet you will discover that strings can be straight or smooth, simple or complicated. Sometimes they seem to float, or run somewhere over the whole tile. They can have the form of a geometric figure or mandala Even a blown-up tangle can be a string. You may draw in all directions. Parts of the tile may remain blank or black colored. You can make your drawing within the strings but also,outside the formed fields. You can make a framework with tangles, you may work in layers, or you can start with a ribbon. In my opinion, the ribbon string gives a special effect and with a little practice you will soon succeed. Everything is possible, anything is allowed. You will discover that you’ll get gradually more and more depth and harmony in your work. You can even create a drawing without a string, just start somewhere and see where it goes. I like to draw in this way. Occasionally I have also tried to put in some color with ordinary color pencils. If you prefer to do this or not, depends on your personal taste. I will surely experiment further with colours . Below are some works. Can you discover the different types of strings?










On the last drawing I started with a Ribbon as string. Afterwards I added gold-colored bars to create a bit of a special look. I used a gold-coloured gelpen. I have only used 2 tangles: Squid (with Tipple) and Printemps. To gave some more depth, I ve used  “rounding” technique. (small spaces filled with black)



h_left h_up h_right
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