Shattuck en Tripoli, twee  originele patronen die ik beiden graag teken en die ook mooi  kunnen zijn in een  combinatie. Ik heb gekozen voor een grijze tile en de afwerking gebeurde met gewone kleurpotloden. Bedankt Laura voor deze leuke challenge.

Shattuck and Tripoli, two original patterns that I really like very much and they can be nice in a combination too. I have chosen to use a grey tile and I finished with ordinary colourpencils. Thanks Laura for this pleasant challenge.

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. 13

    It’s so nice to see you back participating in the weekly challenge, Ria. Your Tripoli reminds me of beautiful spring flowers set off so nicely by your Shattuck frame.

  2. 10

    A wonderful composition in beautiful colours with a perfect depht, Ria! Your Tripoli are looking like slipping out of a frame.

  3. 9

    Gorgeous Ria! I love the colors ?

    • 11
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thanks Michele. I’ve bouhght a new box of colourpencils and had to try them out, I’m glad you like this tile.

  4. 6
    Melissa says:

    Such a beautiful tile. Your Tripoli is so lovely! Perfectly composed and the highlighting and mini jewels and colors are perfect.

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Melissa, I’m glad you like this tile. Tripoli is a wonderful tangle that can be drawn is so many different ways…

  5. 5
    Annemarie says:

    Een mooie compositie Ria. De halve lijst doet het heel goed.

    • 7
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Dank je wel Annemarie. Ik vind het tof dat je de halve lijst leuk vindt, het was zomaar een ideetje…

  6. 3
    1artladykate says:

    Love the movement in you tile and the colors!

  7. 1
    Deanne B says:

    Beautiful!!! Love the colours Ria!!

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Deanne for this nice compliment. I bought a new box of colourpencils (Faber Castell Polychromos) and had to try them. I’m glad you the colours!

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