Eternal Love is as absurd, as unbearable as eternal spring or eternal music. Just the changing of the seasons makes the year captivating, and for the music the silences are as important as the sounds.

Marc  Callewaert

Translation:  Let you touch today by the beauy of the silence…

Oranges and cloves belong to the autumn and are ideal to make your house smell good. With a special blade you even can cut different tangles. With a little imagination you see below Tipple, Stripes, Gordgeous, N’Zeppel and Printemps.


On Novembe the first, as in some other countries too, dear deceased were commemorated. The color splendor of autumn is almost gone and everything seems a bit bleaker but is that really so? Actually, I must honestly admit that I do not dislike November, on the contrary. I  like a little melancholy, silence and tranquility. These last two factors are so important in this time, full of information and noise. I don’t have a mobile phone, Ipad or smartphone, I’m not on social media and don’t mind to turn off the radio, computer and TV at all. It is wonderful to be able to go all the way in making a beautiful drawing. Just you,  your pen, your pencil, your tile (and perhaps your own legend or a book with known tangles). As I wrote before, I find the meditative aspect of this drawingstyle very important and I don’t  like the competitive element that I  see popping up more often. Every drawing, made with care and attention,  deserves appreciation according to Rick and Maria and I fully agree with that!

Below, you see two examples of uncomplicated  tiles,  made in black/white and finished with a little shade. A few lines  were simply filled, always beautiful and  everyone can do that with his own favorite tangles. I have made this tile, soon after starting tangling.

The following patterns were used: Rick’s Paradox, Hybrid, Wud, Ipso, Onomato, Andante, N’Zeppel and Tipple.

The next tile is drawn on grey paper, because I like the touches of white (charcoal and gellypen) on this kind of paper. I used Maria’s variation on Crescent Moon and a variation on Hollibaugh (Membranart)

Everyone will find his own style in this drawingart: tight, organic, white/black, colored, sober, exuberant… everything is possible. However, I have to admit that myself regularly choose to put some colors on my tiles and have a preference for organic motifs…

Uncomplicated, beautiful and colorful, so you can describe the typical art of the indigenous people of Australia. A long time ago, I followed a workshop. This dotpainting inspired me to create a few more tiles in this special style.

This picture of an unknown artist I found on the Internet. You will recognize the famous pattern Well :

A  while ago, Rick and Maria have found a very nice variation on this pattern: Well, well, well. For some, this may seem complicated at first sight but after watching the movie of Melinda Barlow you will discover how simple this beautiful tangle is and how many possibilities he offers. Always start from the same direction and turn your tile continuously.  I posted a drawing below of my Well, well, well, also in this dotpainting style.

Another authentic example of this special art in beautiful Autumn colours:

And one more in a more sober colour palette:

Below I made a composition of Undu and Printemps on a black tile:

In the following drawing you will see very clearly the pattern Dream catcher on a background of watercolor (finished with a putty knife). Mandalas are very relaxing to draw  and starting with this pattern offers many possibilities. According to an old Indian use, putting a “dream catcher” above your bed would stop nasty dreams…What a nice thought, isn’t it

Of course you can fill the different squares with your favorite tangles but  as in the above drawings I have only used Tipples.

And another dotpainting, again on a black background with Diva Dance in my head and finished with a white chalk pencil:

Very different are mosaics, but they too can always charm me. In my previous post, I showed a few that I had made with small Bijouxtiles. Annette Plaga, who recently offered a tenth challenge with her mosaic project, deserves absolutely a compliment. Each time she manages to put together an original mosaïc to which everyone can participate. Below you see my contribution. The drawn tangles are Trefoil, Petals, Clob, Fission and in the orange part: Firecracker.You can send your entry until November the 15 th and 10 days later you can admire the final results on her site.

For myself I have added a few tangles: Teenos, Zinger and Danzer and also a little more orange color.

As you know, I have to limit my tangleactivites and fewer blog posts will appear. However, I will never let go Zentangleart completely. It gives me so many beautiful moments and with sufficient variation of posture and daily stretch exercises, I can manage but not so intensive as before…

Francine Huygen, another CZT from Belgium sent me not an ordinary tile but a small, tan colored notebook on which she started tangling. A nice idea, and soon after reception, I went ahead and got it finished in autumn colors. Below you see the result.

Thank you Francine for this nice attention!

If you get older, it seems like the time goes even faster. By opposing the hour, the days become shorter and it suddenly feels like  winter. Here and there the first Christmas articles are already popping up. Christmas is an intimate family party and I don’t really like all those exaggerated glitter and glamour that  has grown around. I prefer giving a nice attention to each other and cozy being together around the table.

A tip for a gift is this little “organizer” with handle that I found on Your pens and pencils can stand up in the different squares. This is much more convenient than putting all of your material in a box where the caps easier come off when you are searching for a particular pen. Moreover, it is very easy to pick up and move. Surely you can also find similar “storage boxes” in other stores or maybe you can make one yourself?

A big thank you to the faithful followers. In 2018 I’ll start the third year of my blog post. I continue to do my best to be able to surprise you  again!


This is the Christmas tree that everyone will want to gather around. You need very little to create it: 1 egg yolk, some spices, 50 gr Nutella, 30 gr of almond nuts and 2 sheets of puff pastry:


A little early perhaps but certainly sincerely I wish everyone beautiful days, full of peace and light in your heart and of course a happy 2018. In the past year, about 10 posts have appeared and I hope to do that again in the next year. :

On this card, the following tangles were signed: Printemps, Shattuck, Mooka, Diva Dance, Clob, Ruutz en Tipple.

The text of John’s wonderful imagine is more topical than ever and therefore I would like to finish this post and this year with his song.


Keep on tangling and until soon.



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  1. 15

    Dear Ria, Thank you for yet another amazing post, full of kindness, generosity and wisdom, and of course, beauty. Your words always resonate with me, and I often think, “I wish I could hop over to Belgium and hang out with Ria!” I agree with you about the purpose that I find in Zentangle: meditation and connecting to our inner creativity. I agree about the competition, and have recently cut back on posting, and on viewing, on social media. You are so wise in your ability to find the essential in this practice, in the holidays, and in many other things that I don’t even know about! I will look forward to reading your posts and seeing your beautiful art. I wish you and your family peace, health and happiness. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to make pomander balls! I haven’t done that in a couple years!

    • 16
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much dear Jennifer for your kind words, they make me really glad on this dark and cold sundayevening. I like to write a bit about things I think they can be usefull for others and it is pleasant to know that you appreciate my posts.
      It is wonderful how we can connect with people from all over the world, thanks to the Zentangleart. I had a wonderful time in Providence and me too wish sometimes to go back to the States but the trip is expensive and long, but you never know…
      Me too wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year for you and your family and of course keep on tangling!

  2. 13
    Adele Bruno says:

    Dear Ria,
    Thank you for the wonderful post and for sharing your beautiful work. Have a blessed Christmastime full of love and family and friends with ample time to tangle, of course.
    Cheers to a happy and very healthy New Year!

    • 14
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much dear Adele for your kind feedback on this post.
      As you could read, I never won’t give up tangling but I cannot join every challenge anymore, but I’m grateful there is still so much to enjoy in every season.
      By this way, I wanna thank you for so many nice challenges and to show them all so beautiful, that is a lot of work!!!
      Me too wish you all the best for the New Year but first a nice warm Christmas time with your family.
      Greetings from the heart from a cold and rainy Belgium.

  3. 11

    Dear Ria, First of all: Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 to you and family as well. I HAD to save your absolutely gorgeous seasons card on my laptop as if you had dedicated it to me personally! Yes, I know, I have an enormous ego, LOL!!!
    Now to your blog: As you always do, you published a blog that is full of inspiration, beautiful images, interesting to read. And always to tempt us to try something we haven’t done yet (well, I (!) haven’t done yet). You are a very special and very talented woman, Ria!!! Now, don’t laugh when I say I really love the 2nd tile, Crescent Moon. Simple but so eye catching!!! I also love the way you added-on to Annette’s tile. You beautifully turned a mosaic tile into a stand-alone beauty. BTW – another great idea!

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Dear Susie, you have shown us all already so many beautiful pieces of wonderful drawn Zentangleart. To write me that you find my blog interesting and inspiring, is a very nice compliment for me, thank you so much. My drawings are different from yours and many times much simpler, therefore I’m glad you like the black card and the Crescent Moon tile, both made with uncomplicated tangles. This new version of Crescent Moon has so many possibilities to make great borders and it is so easy to draw. Also those tiny dots, maybe you won’t believe me, but I find it relaxing to draw and it can be very usefull to fill empty spaces in the backgrounds.
      I know, it is a bit early but I also wish you the best for 2018 and of course a lot of pleasure while tangling.

  4. 9
    Barb says:

    Your post was insightful, beautiful and inspiring! Especially at this time of year when we can get so caught up in activities related to this upcoming season of Christmas. Taking time to breathe and slow down and enjoy, with gratitude, the things we have, the loved ones in our lives and things like tangling that are all so enriching – these are some of my reflections from your post! So thank you, Ria!

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much for your nice reflections on this post, makes me very glad that you wrote this to me.
      Taking time to breathe, slow down a bit and enjoy little things with gratitude is something many people have forgotten and that is so important! I didn’t realize that when I was younger but now I do. I’m glad you agree and I wish you a nice Christmastime and the best for 2018.
      Warm regards from Belgium

  5. 7

    Dear Ria, This is a beautiful post. I am sorry about your back/neck, but fully understand. It is important to take care of yourself. I am glad that you will continue to tangle. You have been a source of inspiration to me, with both your wonderful art and lovely posts. You have also been so kind to me with your comments, for which I am grateful and have always looked forward to hearing from you. Looking forward to your posts in the near future and yes, let’s hope for the best in 2018! Warmest regards, Dragonfly-Artz/Nathalie

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you for your kind feedback.
      As I wrote before, I will continue with tangling but not so much as I used to do. I have to follow orders from the doctors and move more, especially now in the coming wintertime to stay in a good condition. I like your work too and very regulary I take a look on the Diva’s challenge to see the results of others I “met” on the site. I like that and now and than I will join too.
      So, keep on tangling, it is such a lovely form of art.
      I wish you all the best for 2018 and send you warm regards from Belgium

  6. 4

    Wonderful post full of wonderful surprises! I was charmed by the pumpkins but my favorite is the black tile using Printemps and Undo. Just perfect!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Cyndee for this nice feedback. Years ago, I have followed a workshop of Dotpainting and I like to draw Tipple, so I thought, why not mixing those two drawingstyles. In fact, it is possible to draw every tangle in Tipples, some tangles like these Undo of Daniel Lamotte was really pleasant to draw in dots. I’m glad you enjoyed this post and I hope to bring more surprises in 2018. Wish you all the best for the future and keep on tangling.
      Warm regards from Belgium.

  7. 3

    ohmygosh! there is so much beauty here that I can’t even begin to comment on it all. I just want to say thank you for sharing all of your talent, observations and inspiration here. You are truly one that I look to;-) I’ve decided to give myself a similar break by dialing back a bit on the challenges and editing down the lengthy blog posts. I do enjoy the time I’ve been spending on my pen and ink drawing.
    I do love those oranges and that tile with Membrantart is very cool;-)

    • 5
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Michele for this wonderful comment, makes me very glad because I admire your work very much and very often I have find inspiration on your tiles.
      Because of my back/neck problems, I cannot drawn as much as I used to do but I will not disappear completely. I like to write about different things and I’m glad you like this blogpost. I’ll always follow the Diva challenges where I can see what you and Aimee have done and every time, it is a nice surprise.
      Please, keep on tangling as long as you will enjoy it, that is the most important reason to draw. Wish you all the best and send you warm regards from Belgium.

  8. 1
    Anja says:

    Dear Ria,
    as always it was a sheer delight to read you post!
    I love how you wrote about the competitive elements and I agree.
    Thanks for the great „orange-idea“. I thought I could smell them 😉 Mmmhhhh
    I love all your tiles. They are wonderful „shining“. My favorite this week is your outstanding Christmas Card! I LOVE the green and the depth!
    I wish you a great November. Take care!
    Big hug, Anja

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much dear Anja for your kind comment.
      I will not give up tangling as long as I will enjoy drawing but I don’t need to know every tangle and every technique. It is not possible for me anymore. Now and than,it is just nice to draw an uncomplicated tile with well known tangles. Of course I like to learn always a bit but the meditating aspect is the most important aspect for me…
      I’m glad you are “back” and I wish you a wonderful result at school, a lot of pleasure while tangling and a nice time with your husband at the end of the year. Let’s hope the best for 2018!!!
      Warm regards,

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