With editing  tangles, Rick and Maria  mean that the basic patterns may be changed. You can see that clearly  in the example above. Sometimes you’ll get funny or unexpected results. Your drawings will become more beautiful if you use alternating lighter and darker pieces. You can draw large and small patterns, patterns can be scaledstretched in all directions, you can let pieces of paper just white or colorize them (that works very well with a brushpen“) … There are so many possibilities. You can try to draw patterns which are composed of clean lines,  with flowing lines! You can merge multiple tangles or turn them into a new “hybridetangle” … Some tangles lend themselves very good for that, others less. It’s up to you to discover this through the Internet, workshops, books or search in your own imagination.

Many CZT themselves already have designed one or more tangles, or created variations on existing patterns , which of course everyone can use. By bringing more variety in your drawings, you will discover what you can achieve, step by step. Also Rick and Maria still designs  regularly new tangles, which you can find in their newsletter. Anyone can read this info on their website or receive their free newsletter by email.

If you click on this link, you’re taken to a list of specific words commonly used in the Zentangle world: Under headings Enhancement (improvement) and Tangleation (change) you can find several options which I show you some;

Example of shadow technique You have to admit that the drawing with shadow has much more depth than the drawing without. With a stump  you will quickly get the hang of this technique..

border drawn around the tangle, is an aura“, can you leave this space open, but you can also fill it, for example with small beads.

You can make a change  or tangleation  on an existing pattern.

Two or more tangles can be mixed and this creates a “hybrid.

You can make a “sparkle in the pattern (small break)

Follow an existing stripe With a thicker pen , is also often done and we speak then of redifine the line”

“Rounding means that some places between the tangles can be filled with black.




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