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kuifmees1 foto-pimpelmees2When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do, mostly still in pijamas, is bird watching. They always provide a cheerful atmosphere around the house and so they deserve a little extra
Through the window I see tits, robins, blackbirds, finches, little wood nuthatches … It’s a t
weeting and buzzing around the fatballs and the peanut butter.
The sight of this spectacle,  automatically  turns a smile on my face, that’s a good start of the day and it works better than any anti wrinkle cream.

Sometimes, I even get a visit of Mr and Mrs woodpecker; that really makes  my day. Very skittish they are lurking, somewhere high in a tree, and then, if the coast is clear, quick, fast pick a few seeds from the fatballs and off again … It’s so nice to see that, and yes, it makes me happy, every  time.

Because the spotted woodpecker gave me so many fine moments, he gets a place of honor at the bottom of my latest blog post of 2015. I ‘ve put him (using photoshop) in a frame, made of only one (colored) tangle: ING. Actually, this is a very easy but special pattern which has a lot of possibilities.

Of course there are more patterns that lend themselves well to create a frame. Visit the trusted address: www.tanglepatterns.com and  immediately, you will find inspiration.

Do you also want to create a frame for a wonderful memory?
Search between your pictures of the past year and pick your favoritePlace it in a self signed Zentangle frame to end the old year, or buy a simple” passe-partout” and make a real Zia! In a” passe-partout” everything looks better (says Jacqueline),  I fully agree!



Do not be led by what others think but draw  especially what you likeand enjoy every moment that you’r drawing, as Maria said: everyone can learn the Zentanglemethod.

The American politician Benjamin Franklin said that happiness does not result from large events but from the small pleasures of daily life and really that’s right, I know it all too well!!

Soon we’ll close the door of 2015, but a new door opens and we should not be afraid, who knows how many small moments of happiness are hidden there, you only need to find them!

There will always be people who continue to make efforts for a better world, we have to be begrateful for that and, if possible, contribute a bit ourself too.

I thank everyone who sent me comments  in the past few weeks; I didn’t expected it but I am very happy with it

I would like to end the year with a little poem by Toon Hermans (freely translated from Dutch):

Denk iets goeds
En denk iets lekkers
Denk iets geks
Of nog iets gekkers
Denk iets aardigs
Denk iets liefs
Maar hoe dan ook
Iets positiefs!
Think something good
And think something delicious
Think something silly
Or something more silly
Think something nice
Think something lovely
But anyway
Something positive!



P.S. Don’t forget to dream away with the New Year’s Concert in Vienna on the first of january 2016 (even if you only watch it on TV)