It is wonderful to live near the forest. Nature never gets boring but always gives me energy. There are no disturbing noises of cars and trucks. Where we live,  you can hear at night the owls calling, which I find quite fascinating. You can hear the branches of trees cracking in the wind and the murmurs of the water in the small rivers that are everywhere It was therefore  that our cottage had to have a name that references to these noises: “Les murmures.” (French). At Da Wanda in Germany I found Anja Riebold (Meinmalwerk) . She made  a very nice name plate with a  hand-painted  dragon.


I ‘ve never met a dragon but now and than, on summerevenings, I see this beautiful creature on our terrace and I love that! They are harmless.


I am fond of Zentangle but I like also other things of art: especially ceramics. When the kids were small I followed lessons in the IKO in Hoogstraten. We lived there for a few years.  I learned a lot and made a few nice pieces. Working with the potterswheel, however, I found very stressful for my back and that is why I stopped. I don’t  have an oven, and working with clay was difficult without one. However, I would occasionally follow a workshop, as the opportunity offers. Below I have posted a picture of my “bowl jars in raku. They are filled with little plants and during the summertime, they stand outside on the table. Making such  pottery is not difficult: just push pieces of clay in a bowl shape so that you already have a creased effect,put some colour on it and then put in the raku oven.. Raku is really an experience in itself. You never know how your pieces are going to come out, it remains a surprise!



I discovered Zentangle,  thanks to my computer,  but a dozen years ago,  I didn’t know anything  about it, I  even hated computers.  On advice of my husband I have followed lessons and now I won’t miss my PC  not for one single day I’m a very curious person and on the Internet  I can find an answer to all my questions.
There is also a lot of information about people who put Zentangedrawinings on their ceramics, it can also be very nice:


And here is an example of a jar, I’ve made years ago, in that academy. I just put the tangle Zinger on it!


While surfing, caught my eye on the, beautiful work of chris gryder.


In his work I found inspiration to create a drawing with 9 tiles. (bijoux)


I have always worked  on 1 tile, but also drawings that run across different tiles, are possible. Do you find 9 pieces too much? then you can start with 2, 3 or 4 tiles. You can connect them with tangles, with strings or just lay next to each other. The same motifs you can let  come back but it is not a requirement, again, everything is possible, everything is O.K.
There are also packages with 9 tiles on which the strings (with all tiles walk) all pre-printed.



 This week, the Diva gave us the challenge: take an early tile and make it again! It is interesting and nice to see how everybody can grow! My very first tile is on my frontpage in the article” the beginning.” I have made that tile again, one year later. You can see the difference!!!
To end: another picture of the plucky Dagny Carlsson. This 103 year old Swedish lady discovered the computer only on her 100th. Now she has a website and a blog that was visited for more than a million times. In addition, she teaches other elder people to discover the computer and communicate better with the grandchildren.. I think it’s a great lady where. Everyone wants to grow old and yet stay young. Dagny  could make that absolutely.


Dagny i gunga

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

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37 years I’m together with my best friend Rob and I have never regretted it. Like everyone else, we have ups and downs but always we meet again. Never there is any blame, we trust each other for 100% and I find that after so many years quite nicely. I am sincerely grateful for.
Only one thing, I find unfortunate:  my husband doesn’t like to dance, not now and not earlier. I, on the other hand, I do like to dance and can  intensely enjoy dance performances: both ballet, classical dances, as breakdance can delight me.

The most passionate dance,  where the partners melt together, is the tango. Now, so close to Valentine’s day, I wanted to find something that goes along with  this theme  and yes that is the word tango. In the Zentangleworld it means:  2 tangles danse together and become one.


Especially for this occasion, I have made a few red tiles!



On the first example, you see how Diva Dance comes out of Marasu. (I have also added a few tangles Pokeleaf) and in the second example I integrated Heartbox in a variation of Cadent. I used black pens and a white gelly pen.
There are special heart shaped tangles that you can use in your drawings. Check the trusted site to: Heartbox, Luv-A, LaBel, Heart, Heartrope, S, Heartfully, Heartline Heart strings, Heartvine, Hearty . I find some tangles really difficult but certainly, you will find one to use in your drawings. Personally, I like LaBel and draw this tangle regularly, usually as string. Also in the following example I used LaBel, but then as a kind of connection between 2 prints of bijouxtile


When I was about 14, we were exceptional aloud to go to the movies with the whole class. It was Shakespreare’s Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Never  I have seen a more beautiful version. I found both lead actors supercool. Julia Olivia Hussey was so beautiful in those wonderful renaissance robes and her amazing black hair! From then on, I let my hair grow and also had to have absolutely a median line. And Romeo (Leonard Whiting), with those speaking look in his eyes … I think a lot of my classmates were in love with him. Now, they are, just like us, quite ordinary middle-aged people but then, they were my great idols. I loved the movie: the music, the costumes, the locations, the actors … I was very impressed by so much beauty and could therefore not fail to show a movie clip with the title song: a time for us, sung by the fantastic singer Loreena McKennit.
Around Valentine’s day a lot of chocolate is given to each other. I’m also fond of it,  actually  I love artisan chocolate with milk, preferably with nuts, cherries or Marzipan, ( also a tango) Unfortunately my choice has too much sugar inside, and it is definitely not friendly for my body. Also the creatures below, where you can bite off the whole head, I find irresistible. And then those feet, which are no longer hollow but full. I always eat them as final piece , and yes I can enjoy it.



But there is also a better choice: the Lovechock


This bar, in the form of a tree trunk is divided into 4 cubes. It contains 100% honest organic ingredients. Raw cocoa is good for heart and blood vessels and contains triptofaan, a speck of dust that reduces stress and creates a cheerful feeling. Loveschock is sweetened with the dried nectar of coconut flowers. This natural sugar is rich in minerals and comes slowly into the bloodstream. So, no spikes in your blood sugar. It is  clearly the best choice for chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate was not really my thing but I like also this version. The bars are available in 7 flavors and you can buy them in organic supermarkets. My Favorites are almond/figs and pineapple/inca. A nice detail is: If you open the packaging, then comes a loveletter. You can knock out, fill out, and then possibly back grooving to give to someone you love!!!
For all my friends:

A memory lasts forever

and never doesn’t it die

True friends stay together

and never say goodbye