Nice to see how Laura’s children are tangling and that Artoo found a green egg!
It was a pleasant challenge and I have made mine in the colours of the rainbow.
Thanks for stopping by and giving comments. I’m sorry that I can’t give a reply this time.
I’m trying to get a plane to go to Providence for the 22 nd CZT Seminar.

Fijn om te zien hoe Laura’s kinderen tangelen en dat Artoo een paasei gevonden heeft in zijn lievelingskleur.
Het was een plezante uitdaging en ik heb mijn werkje gemaakt in de kleuren van de regenboog.
Bedankt voor de commentaren helaas kan ik deze keer geen feedback teruggeven.
Ik probeer op tijd in Providence te geraken om het 22 ste CZT seminarie bij te wonen.




I am very sad to start this post in minor. Today Brussels is also affected by terrorist attacks causing many innocent people killed or wounded. Terrible things happen, anywhere in the world and such cowardly attacks are always terrible, no matter where they take place. The grief of the affected people is enormous and I understand that many become anxious. However, we should not allow ourselves to paralyze by fear but try to continue to do things that give us inner peace…
Making Zentangledrawings can maybe give a little help because while drawing you “shouldstay with your thoughts only at your drawing and that is good.
It is a dark day for Belgium but still I would like to write about light because from now on, we will get a little more light every day, light that we need to function properly. We never won’t stick in the dark.
When I was younger and more adventurous, I have visited beautiful Iceland 3 times in search of the northern lights. Only the third time, in February, all the way to the North, near Akureyri, in the middle of the night I was woken up to see this beautiful natural phenomenon. Finally it was there:.  I ran outside , full of admiration, in pajamas, barefoot in the snow, staring to those wonderfull colour shifts in air. These were “wow” moments  I will never forget and I am grateful to have seen such a beauty.
This picture is taken recently in our neighbourhood, in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, not in Iceland.



Below you’ll see a tile that I have given a touch of the  Northern light colours”


Unfortunately it is quite unpredictable. Even in the countries where they can enjoy regularly this spectacle , they never know 100% sure when it is going to appear. It remains a bit of a mystery but oh so wonderful. In the summer, in the high North, they have also  the midnight sun, also a very special light that we do not know and it therefore  to us a little unreal.


After a cold and wet spring we could enjoy already a bit the first rays of sunlight and it feels good. Next weekend we will set the clock  an hour ahead. The first days it will not be comfortable  but after a few days, we will appreciate the longer days and shorter nights.
As so many people I also look forward to the summer and want to put away the winterclothing as soon as possible for a long time. It’s time to clean up.
I’m not a cleaning maniac, actually I don’ like to clean but on the other hand, I love a clean house without clutter. The less waste, the less work and the more time I will have to do  funny things. I don’t mean you have to throw away things, on the contrary, some stuff can use an “upgrade”  and things that I really don’t need, get a second chance in the online store or going to a good cause.
Below I have posted a picture from Lara Williams. She created, only with a few tangles, a unique piece of an old dirty lampshade  Look around, maybe you see also something in your home or garden that can also use an upgrade: an old flowerpot, a table, a mirror, a chair, an album, a box ….





Also in the Zentangleworld we can find a parallel. Sometimes  I like to create tiles on which each mm paper is filled. I can enjoy  to use many colors  and I still experiment. However, it may be refreshing to use only a minimum of colors  or draw basicly in black/white on the standard tiles. Even open areas is a fun challenge. (see nr 243) I also like to make drawings with a lot of white spaces.  As I have mentioned before: everything is possible. Your tile can be filled completely but also a tile with lots of white spaces, can be beautifull!


Below you’ll see a couple of very simple, light works with only a few tangles, just a tiny taste of colour and lots of  white spaces.






The following tile, you have already seen on top in the Northern lights colours, is now drawn, just in black/white.


I like participating  the “challenge” of the Diva. Every week, I look forward to her tasks and I am curious what others make of it. Giving and receiving feedback is another advantage. Through your common hobby, you will meet other people from all over the world and you will maintain your language skills.
Very recently, Annette from Germany also started a wonderful project. She is going to put  mosaics on her site, which are made with works by different people. Here too I would like to cooperate and below you can see my little piece  that will be a part in the second mosaic. Everyone can participate and all the necessary information can be found on her website.


Very recently, Rick and Maria  have written a second book. I would love to buy that book, signed by the founders. How I‘m going to do, that,  is what you can read in my next post.
I hope to give all followers  a nice moment with the beautiful Bach’s Bourrée, brought in a special way by  Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. He brought this song already out in 1969 and I was already a fan.(happy moments in “the ark” in Turnhout)
Painting eggs is also nice to do at this time of the year  and of course they are beautifull, painted with tangles. I have found this picture on the Internet and the eggs are drawn by Vivian Williford.



All together we will winn against the terrorists, that is for sure!!!!!!! It is only a matter of time.

Dit was een leuke opdracht, met Shattuck zijn er zoveel mogelijkheden. Alhoewel ik graag met kleurtjes werk, was het fijn om nog eens een tekening te maken gewoon in zwart/wit.

I liked this challenge. There are so many possibilities you can do with Shattuck. I like to draw with colours, but this time I choose only for black pens and I enjoyed it.




Jaren geleden bezocht ik de “Ring of Kerry” in Ierland. Ik herinner me de prachtige groene heuvels onder kleurrijke luchten vol dikke  regenwolken en dat is wat ik wilde uitdrukken in deze “challenge”. Met de kleuren van de Ierse vlag heb ik mijn tile afgerond.

Years ago, I visited the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. I remember very well the beautiful green hills but also the colourful skies full of clouds and rain and that is what I want to express in this challenge. With the colours of the Irish flag, I surrounded my tile.



Deze week was de opdracht om “Rautiflex” te gebruiken. Ik vind het een moeilijke tangle en heb daarom maar een klein stukje getekend in het midden van mijn tile. Een tikkeltje kleur mocht wel om het geheel wat op te vrolijken.

This week  the challenge was to use Rautiflex. I find it a difficult tangle and have used it just on a tiny piece in the middle of my tile. A touch of green color  cheers it up.


Recently I started to participate to the diva’s weekly challenge. To keep the challenge apart from my normal blogposts , I used the KoschtIT Image Gallery  by Konstantin Tabere : very good and easy to install , but for many people the comment interface is not straightforward. Recently I found a way to keep wordpress blogposts separated under different menu items.(If you’re interested how : read this article).

To start the “new” way , I post this week’s challenge one more time here.

You can still find my former contributions here .

From now on ,  comments can be added in the normal “WordPress”-way . (head of the post)


helleboris1 helleboris2

The Hellebore is a solid evergreen plant that has flowered all winter in our little garden. When it freezes,  this unique plant pumps moisture from the flowers and stores it temporarily into the leaves and roots. The flowers will hanging than for a while but do not freeze. When the weather becomes better, the water will be  pumped back to the flowers and the “winter rose” will be quickly radiant. I have bought the plant in november for 32 euros. I found that not cheap but it is worth the price . Also next autumn the plant will give us again  some color in the winter garden!
Despite the bad weather I can see the first timid signs of spring popping up: willow catkins, snowdrops, crocuses, Easter flowers, blossoms. I love the changing of the seasons. Both winter and summer have nice days but I admit that at this time of the year, I am  always happy that the days are getting longer and temperatures more pleasant. Again eating outside, sitting in the garden, having a drink on a sunny terrace, ....




Click on the following link  : You’ll see immediately where the inspiration for this pattern was found.

The colours yellow, green and blue dominate in the springtime and therefore I have made a few drawings in this fresh color palette. For the first example I took a preprinted Zentalatile. For the second example I just signed this Zendalatile on canvas. I’ ve used a black brushpen and ordinary colourpencils.



On the 2nd tile I have put a few” dewdrops” . It seems like there are some raindrops fallen on the tile. It is not difficult  at all and will give your tile just that  extra touch. In this tutorial you can see how you can draw these dewdrops.

At home, especially when I am drawing, I prefer to wear  easy pants and a sweater, very comfortable but not really flattering. Therefore, and certainly after the winter, I like to choose something new for special occasions. Also in the new spring collection I see tangles popping up. I’m starting to see more and more patterns in all the things that surround us. Would that indicate an addiction? Maybe so, but I don’t mind, on the contrary, I find it funny!!! And be honest now, what do you guys think of this black/white linen summer blouse by Deerberg or this beautiful colored cardigan by Dunque from the new Waschbär catalogue of Waschbaer.De?  I can see  a clear Zentangleinspiration in these clothes!



Now and then, time flies by so fast and there remains little about to cook. Still, good food is important, especially in the spring. Meal soups are easy to make and ideal, all you need is in there. It can be a full lunch and together with a thick slice of brown, bread with herb butter (cheese) taste good.

Here is an easy recipe of a winter variant on a minestrone soup (with rice and spinach)

for 4 persons: 200 gr spinach ( from the freezer is O.K), 1 carrot, 1 sprig of celery, 1 leek, 1 can snow peas or peas, 1 can of white beans, 2 tablespoons long-grain rice, 1 à 1.5 litres (vegetables) stock, 1 onion, 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon oregano, oil, a few sundried tomatoes

Put all fresh vegetables into a casserole and simmer together in hot oil (except the sun dried tomatoes and spinach). Add rice, be aware that he does not stick to the pan. Simmer a few minutes and then add broth and cook for 15 minutes. At the end, add  the beans, peas or snow peas, oregano and spinach and let cook briefly. Each board can be decorated with strips of sun-dried tomatoes. You can add some Parmesan cheese, but it is not necessary for me.

February 29 was a leap day and additionally a Monday on which there came a new challenge  on the blog of the Diva. CZT Amy Broady gave us as mission: bring something shiny on your tile, a really nice command. To bring a little glamour in my drawing I used next to black, a white, silver and gold gelpen. I started with drawing a ribbon. That will give your tile immediately something special!. I have bought  the e-book (folds and ribbons) by Helen Williams. She explains  very well  how you can learn  to draw such ribbons. Helen ‘s way of drawing is beautiful, I like her work very much!