Thank you Laura for this  lovely challenge: draw  stripes over the tile and fill with tangles.  I have chosen for Hybrid, Wud, Onomato, Nzeppel and variations on Ipso and Andante. To fill the two open spaces, I have used Rick”s Paradox and  beneath just black with white Tipple. (gelpen)  I always love a little colour but this time , I prefered just to use black and white!

Dank je wel Laura voor deze leuke uitdaging: strepen tekenen over de tegel en opvullen met motieven. Ik heb gekozen voor Hybrid, Wud, Onomato, Nzeppel en variaties op Ipso en Andante. De open ruimtes heb ik boven opgevuld met Rick’s Paradox en beneden heb ik  driehoekje zwart gekleurd en opgevuld met Tipple (witte gelpen).  Ik hou van een beetje kleur in mijn werk maar nu heb ik toch bewust een keer gekozen voor zwart/wit.



So far, I’ve mostly showed drawings, made on paper “tiles”.
Actually, you can tangle on everything and that is why I have made my first attempts on other material.
For the first example I bought cheap wooden frames. You can  easily draw on them.
I’ve had made 4 of them, one of each season.
Of course you can create a certain atmosphere, by using typical colours. In the spring, we see a lot of yellow and green tones. Also there are tangles that I t find typically for a particular season, but that’s personal. Printemps means spring in French and just by the name you can call this pattern a real “springtangle”. Of course, there are many motives that remind you of a restart of nature. On the spring frame I also  used Stircles, Artoo, Tripoli, Squid and Winkbee.


In the summer, the colors become more exuberant and many flowers flourish. Therefore,  I have used Flux. On Helen Williams site, ( she always create beautiful organic motifs) I have found Steps and Morning Glory. In addition to Flux, you see at the bottom of the frame also Taro FLora, a variation on Pendrills, Tipple, Kogin and Sanibelle.


When autumn arrives, the bright summercolors disappear and that is why I have used more sepia/brownish shades. Gordgeous is a real autumntangle but I just draw a pumpkin, also I have used Misst . The tangle Indy Relly looks like a pine floral and when I see the cheerful Zinger, I  always think about mushrooms. I have finished the frame  with Web (the name speaks for itself) Rain, Verdigogh, Jetties, Cat-kin and Fescu.


I ended up for the winter frame and I’ ve used cooler colors. Tipple, coloured with a white touch, looks a bit like a snowflake.  The winter is not sad, it is a resting period  but also we have a few nice events in this time of the year. I ‘ve chosen the funny motif Widgets and finished it with a touch of gold. AHH also gives a bit of a special atmosphere. In addition to Widgets at the top, I’ve chose also for Shattuck and Wud.


And here’s another picture of the 4 seasons next to each other. You can find all the patterns on the Internet.


Drawing on material other than paper is, of course, a challenge. Also for me it was a try out and therefore I kept it simple. Definitely I’m going to try more options, I’ve enjoyed it very much. On the frames, I could not make shadow, as I used to do  but I have bought Glaze and Soufflé pens  and I found it a pleasant discovery.  On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the use of this marker pens. There’s so much to discover in the beautiful Zentangleworld.
For the second example, I have not drawn on the framework but on the contrary: I have made a drawing within the framework. Also also here, I  have made an uncomplicated work. In addition to the regular Sakura pens I only used color pencils.



Tomorrow, the tourist season opens in Hoogstraten (where we have lived for many years.)  and that is so in many places in our country. I  like to close this post  with a few typical photos of our beautiful country. A visit to Belgium remains the effort and our cities are as secure as in other countries. I like to  live here  and Belgium has a lot to offer to guests from all over the world!!!


Famous view of Bruges at night





rue de boucher

I was born and raised in the North, I live at the moment in the South and I’m going to give a workshop next week in the Middle. That is nice, isn’t it?

For this challenge I  have chosen  the tangle ING as a spring string. I ‘ve used fresh green details for giving my tile a bit” a spring-look.

Voor deze uitdaging heb ik de tangle ING gekozen als lente string. Ik heb hier en daar frisse groene accenten gebruikt om deze tile een beetje een lente-look te geven.


Sinds zaterdag ben ik terug thuis, na het bijwonen van het 22 ste CZT seminarie in Providence. Het was een geweldige ervaring die ik iedereen kan aanbevelen en die ik nooit zal vergeten.

Toen ik gisteren de Challenge zag, wist ik dat ik nog een tekening had zitten in mijn kaft van vroeger die voldoet aan de vraag van de Diva.


Since Saturday I’m back home, after attending the 22nd CZT seminar in Providence. It was a great experience that I can recommend to anyone and that I will never forget.

Yesterday when I saw the Challenge, I knew I still had an earlier drawing in my map that meets the demand of the Diva.



 Indeed I ‘ve got the opportunity to stay very briefly in Wonderland, that was in Providence (U.S.A).
Barely recovered from the terrible attacks in Brussels I had to leave for Boston to attend the 22nd CZT seminar. Thanks to the help of my dear husband  the tickets could be rebooked without problems and I could depart from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam).
Thursday morning, March the 31st.  the airplane left the Netherlands,  direction Philadelphia, followed by a transfer flight to Boston and eventually by a short taxidrive to Winthrop. I had reserved a room in a cosy beachside retreat, a few days before and after the seminar in the neighbourhood  from the airport. I was staying in a room of  an unique and very kind family:  Oscar and Robert, their adopted son Tomas Javier (T.J.) and the shy but sweet dog Baxter. Their nice and clean house  is situated in a very quiet area close to the sea. In the evening you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and you see in the distance the lights of Boston. A few shops, bars and restaurants are situated at about 15 minutes walking distance. Ideal for me. It was cold and windy when I arrived but I can imagine very good  the beautiful summertime in this area. After a warm welcome, and a quick shower, I  disappeared soon under the sheets of a comfortable bed. It has been a very long day. I was really  tired but satisfied that I was safely arrived in Winthrop.



Sunday, at 12 o’clock, Oscar had provided  a taxi to drive me  to the station There were heavy snow showers during my trip to Providence with the Peter Pan bus. (about an hour). The hotel is  located in a quiet side street, close to the station. Check-in, a little relax,a quick freshen up and then at 6 o’clock dinner was ready, followed by a meet and great with the staff and other students.  Rick and Maria, all members of  their family, everyone of the staff was friendly and helpful. The hotel is beautiful and comfortable , the atmosphere was casual and everyone was excited. However, I did go early to sleep because again I was very tired and I wanted to be fit for the first classes on the next day.


After a delicious and healthy breakfast, everyone was strictly on time in the “classroom. Rick, Maria and Molly created a unique style of teaching. Their way to give us as many information as possible is pleasant, instructive and regularly they were joking, which made us smile. All questions from the audience were answered but  a certain effort was asked: a lot has to be tangled and you had to listen carefully to the instructions. Out of respect for the future students and seminars, Rick and Maria asked not to communicate on social media about what is going on during the lessons. I agree and can’ tell anything.
What I do want to tell, is that there is a unique atmosphere  during those days: an unseen togetherness among so many people (more than 100). Rick, Maria and Molly share all their knowledge and experience in a fantastic way and they are very accessible. The seminar is intensive and requires effort (also because of the language for me) but there are plenty of breaks to take a breath and chat with the other students. I was the only Belgian but soon had contacts with people from  America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Spain ….
During the lessons I was sitting between Adele (U.S.A) (without an accent on her name)  and Anja from Germany, before and behind me were especially ladies and gentlemen from Hong Kong and Taiwan.



Adele: (



Anja (

For me, It was, an incredible and informative experience. I enjoyed every moment. I think, most of us had the same feelings. Of course, the apotheosis was the moment that RIck and Maria gave us our certificate.. That was really very emotional and here and there appeared even tears of happiness …
Once again I like to thank everyone who I met during this fantastic adventure and wish them good luck and a lot of Zentanglepleasure in the future.


Molly Hollibaugh



Rick Roberts



Maria Thomas


At the end of the seminar there was one last friendly chat with coffee/tea and pastries.  Everyone could say goodbye to each other. Addresses, telephone numbers, websites etc were exchanged and  definitely I will stay in touch with some new friends.


Kind and proud ladies from Belgium and Taiwan



Cheerful Reena from the States (Instagram:@aneerinos)



On the left, you can see Sue, Maria’s sister. She and her daughter did also a wonderful job. They took care of us in the classroom, we all got a nice purse with all materials we needed to make the drawings.

There was a fantastic shop where I’ve left many dollars, but I have no regrets. I can go on tangling for months without paying one penny. I’m very glad with the new book of RIck and Maria. I can’t wait to read it, so much new information is inside…




After a few( very expensive!) Chardonnays and one extra night in the hotel I  traveled together with the charming Swedish Elisabeth  back to Boston. Afterwards, again I took a taxi to the familiar address in Winthrop.
On the next day, in the afternoon, Oscar, Robert , T.J. and Baxter brought me to the airport. The return trip went very smoothly. I want to say that all Americans  I met were super friendly. A decent knowledge of English is necessary because Americans talk pretty fast and are usually not familiar with the Dutch or French language.
It is truly an unforgettable experience I can recommend all Zentanglelovers. I have learned a lot more than just drawing. Zentangle will always be a part of my life, I’m 100% sure of that!
In the next newsletter of Rick and Maria, they will surely write a little more about this seminar together with a picture of the whole group . I’m already looking forward to it.


A nice card, made by Maria Thomas



On April, the 29th, I will give my first workshop in Hasselt (Belgium) and I will write something more on my next post!