Op het eerste zicht leek Skye, de nieuwe tangle van Margaret Bremner niet zo vanzelfsprekend voor mij. Hij vroeg wel wat oefening vooraleer ik hem onder de knie had, maar eens ik de logica begreep, viel het mee en vind ik dit patroon erg mooi en veelzijdig. Zoals je kan zien heb ik hem getekend als kader en de lijnen opgevuld met Tipple. Ik heb mijn tile verder afgewerkt met zwarte, grijze, witte en gouden accenten.

At first sight, Skye, the new tangle of Margaret Bremner seemed to be a difficult one and I had to exercise a lot but when I understood the logic steps, it was not so difficult anymore, I like this pattern and you can make many variations.  As you can see, I used this tangle as a border. I filled the lines with Tipple and finished my tile with black,  grey, white and golden accents.



Tijdens het 22 ste CZT seminarie  werd de nieuwe tangle Ellish aan ons voorgesteld door Rick en Maia. Ik was daarbij en heb meteen enkele tekeningen gemaakt waarvan hier dit éénvoudig voorbeeld. Ik heb Ellish getekend op een zelfgemaakte Renaissance bijoux tile en aangebracht op een gewone zwarte tile. Ik vond Molygon er wel mooi bijpassen. Naast een gewone Sakurapen, heb ik een oranje en grijs kleurpotlood gebruikt en natuurlijk weer mijn witte gelpen als afwerking!

During the 22 nd CZT seminar, Rick and Maria showed us the newest tangle:  Ellish. I was lucky to be there and I ‘ve made immediately a few drawings. In this uncomplicated example I’ ve used a Tan Bijoux tile (made by myself, I didn’t have the real ones) and I ‘ve put it on a normal black tile. I thought that Molygon and Ellish were a nice duo. Beside my black pen, I also used a grey and an orange colorpensil and of course, to finish my white gellypen!




As I  previously wrote, I put my “lesser” works in a box, the better ones go in PVC wallets and for the tiles I like the most, I have a special album.
It can also be nice to exhibit a few tiles inside of your home, not to much but just a few pieces hanging on the right place will certainly  be beautiful!
When our boys were small, I was also always delighted with the  crafts pieces they brought with them from school. Their works became  always a special place in our house and our sons liked that very much.
Last week I bought some plants in a Garden Centre and found this simple, original frame (that you too can make).
Sometimes I  love to go on treasure hunt  into antiques and curiosities markets but I have to admit that I usually don’t find anything. (too high expectations?) But then, all of a sudden, unexpected, when I don’t need it, I find something I really love. That too is a fun challenge:  searching original things (and finding) to exhibit your tiles. Finding nice frames for a small price gives me satisfaction.  It is fun for yourself and also pleasant to give to a dear friend.


 a gorgeous card of Maria Thomas


 three of my own tiles
On the site of Da Wanda.de, I also like to look around. (on the German site I find nicer items than on the Dutch one). I hate shopping but going online , relaxed in my jogging suit and with a cup of my favorite tea next to me, I like that more. At Da Wanda you will find no mass products but often very beautiful artisan stuff, made by ordinary people, that impresses me. You can also ask questions by mail directly to the designers. I have already found some unique, quirky, things  (scarves, hats, bags, ceramics …). The payment usually goes with Paypal or bank transfer and I have had never problems. Recently I was looking for a framework and found this frame for 4 pictures.  The advantage is also, that you can swap tiles, cards or photos regularly.


4oranje 3blauwgroen
1blauw 2roodblauw
For these drawings I have used my watercolor again, very simply with a thick brush. Just put on some paint without planning to much, usually gives the best results. No 2 times you can make the same drawing.  It is just like Zentangleart: any time you will get a surprise. I use besides the paint, plenty of water and let the colors just walk by each other, or dep here and there a little more paint on. Sometimes I throw some  Bistre on, ( the blue example.) You can also paint in layers and leave some white spaces.  You can fill these spaces  with tangles, I did that on  the last example. After drawing the patterns, you can still  improve your colors with regular color pencils . My favorite card is the orange one. It was not so difficult: some yellow and orange waterpaint, let it dry and afterwards I drew some motives on. I have chosen for Quandary, Tipple and Flux and a nice variation of Scrolled Feather (Helen Williams)
As a third example, I have made a small Zendalatile made on light brown canvas. I took the pattern Bindu to start, ideal for a mandala. I added a little Shattuck and  a few tipples and it was ready. In addition to the usual black pen (0.8 mm) I have my drawing finished with an orange colored pencil, sepia-coloured and white gellypen.  I  found this beautiful frame also at Da Wanda.de.


These are just a few examples, but there are so many original ways to show your work. Sometimes you have a long search but sometimes it all of a sudden there.In real life it is the same. Are you looking  desperately for happiness, you will not find it. However, if you take the day as it comes and consciously make time for a little creativity,  unexpectedly, you will have very nice moments . A little story to illustrate:
Someone said to the Buddha: “I want happiness”. The Buddha replied, “ First delete ‘I’, that is ego. Than delete ‘want’, that is desire. All that is left is happiness “

And sometimes, if you have no desire to be creative, you can always enjoy a good walk in the woods, reading an interesting book, listening to beautiful music or watching an exciting TV programme  such as Outlander. Love, passion, adventure, beautiful locations in the scottish Highlands but also hate, violence and war alternate in this impressive television movies. The story is based on the books of Diana Gabaldon

Sam Heughan (Jaimie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) tried to change the history of Scotland in this thrilling serie. I don’t want to say anymore, discover it!!!

Mijn aquareltekening heb ik meer dramatisch gemaakt door tussen de  verschillende witte stroken tangles te tekenen met een zwarte pen.  Borbz werd nog extra benadrukt door een aura te tekenen met een dikke zwarte pen (0,8mm)  en het stuk waar Misst op getekend werd, heb ik eerst helemaal zwart gekleurd om meer kontrast te krijgen. Ook Printemps heb ik hier en daar een extra accent gegeven met een dikke zwarte pen. De motieven Rain en AHH werden als laatste in het zwart getekend.

My painting in watercolor has become more dramatic because I tangled some motives in black between the white strokes. I’ve drawn an aura around Borbz with a thicker pen (0,8 mm). Also before drawing Misst, I used black colour to become more contrast. Here en there, I also redifined the line on Printemps with a thicker black pen. With black Rain and AHH, I finished my painting.


I like Pokeroot and Drupe  but put those two together in just one tile was not so easy and a real Challenge for me!

I vind Pokeroot en Drupe 2 mooie tangles maar een combinatie van deze twee in één tile,  was niet zo evident en het was een echte uitdaging voor mij!



Nowadays, I see tangles everywhere, for example in this beautiful flowers. I hope to find someday my own tangle but it wil not be easy!!!

In one of my previous posts, I  showed  a picture of a tile which I had made for the project of Annette Plaga. She designed the strings and the participants filled them with tangles. Afterwards Annette made a beautiful mosaic which I‘ve printed below. I would never have thought about such a thing but I find it a wonderful idea and I am glad to have participated. A follow-up start on May  the 20 th and everyone can join. It is worthwhile to visit the website of this talented lady from GermanyAka Lonetta


my tile


4 of my tiles makes this circle


and this is the result of 16 tiles


and finally here are the tiles of all the participants

April the 29 th, was a special day for me:  my first workshop in the” Doppahuis” was on the program. I have experience in tour leading and cooking classes, but a basic workshop Zentangledrawing was completely new for me and I must admit I was a bit nervous.
I was very happy with the results that came out of the classroom. I saw nice drawings, all different but all unique and worth it. The students drawed 2 tiles , learned 8 tangles  and a few tangleations to bring variation in the patterns. Also they made acquaintance with bringing shadow on their tile. There was demand from the group to give more lessons  and I look forward to this. On the 17 th June, a second basic lesson will follow and a third one In september.. If there comes enough interest from these 3 groups , definitely I will give some follow-up courses in order to create more depth and variety and to learn working on black and tantiles.
For me this was a step further, but also for the students. By their first works you can see that at Zentangleart, clichés such as: “I can’t draw, I have no time, I can’t concentrate,” etc.. are not  true. These participants have proven that it is not right, quite the contrary. There is also a drawing of me in between, but you can’t  find my tile because they are all beautiful and I am sincerely glad. Anyone can learn it!!!
I wish you all much tanglepleasure during the summer and  I hope that we meet each other again in the fall with many stories and new things



And what’s better than a delicious cocktail on a sunny, lazy, free day.
Without alcohol: make acoulis” of 3 strawberries,  4 raspberries and the nectar of 1 passion fruit (in the blender) with one teaspoon sugar and then remove the seeds, complete with fresh, cold sparkling spring water.
With alcohol make the same “coulis”, but add a little bit of vodka  and complete the glass with” Cava” or” Champagne” instead of water, MMMM
These and more recipes of cocktails can be found on Cocktailicious


To get in the right mood, I chose  this older number  by of Eros Ramazotti and the ravishing Tina Tuner.. Eros, what a name , and what a handsome  guy in those days

What a nice tangle is Crux. I have drawn this pattern, a little bit hidden inside Hollibaugh, added Bridgen  and Tipple and finished with a touch of blue and gold. On this tile I didn’t draw strings, I just began with Crux…

Wat een mooi patroon is Crux. Ik heb deze tangle getekend, een beetje verborgen in Hollibaugh. Bridgen en Tipple werden bijgevoegd en  het geheel werd afgewerkt met een tikkeltje blauw en goud. Ik heb hier geen  strings getekend maar ben gewoon vertrokken van Crux …