For their holidays, many people dream of exotic destinations far away... As I wrote in the previous post, I also have made some nice trips. But, truely, also here in Belgium there are many possibilities to relax.  Everywhere in the country, concerts are organized at this time of the year. There are  many cosy markets where you can buy artisanal products. The numerous antique markets are very attractiv to visit during the summer months . A trip to an unknown town is always  worthwile to discover. In almost every place in our country, you can visit an exhibition and/or museum.  Afterwards, you can take place on one of our nice terraces for a refreshing drink  and excellent tidbits, that is wonderful, isn’t it?  We Belgians are lucky that we can visit the coast in one day, looking for an interesting city or explore  the beautiful nature of the Ardennes. Also  the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Northern France and Germany have interesting  places  you can easily visit  in just one day.
The Belgian coast is a real attraction but the disadvantages are the crowds and  mostly long traffic jams during the holidays. I prefer more the beaches on the Dutch side whith  fewer buildings and where the dunes are still very extensive. A sweet cosy town at the seaside is Domburg and at the drive back home, we always make a stop in the authentic village of Veere.We do that every year and we love it:  we begin with a tasty lunch on the beach, followed by a long walk, feeth in the water, looking for special shells. Sometimes we like to swimm, having an ice-cream, just relax and having fun… When the sun is shining, a day at the seaside can be wonderful..Unfortunately we don’t have  a good summer this year…The weather is very variable with too much rain.

Kunstenaar Domburg 998x254




061128094345op_photos durbuy 151

One of the romantic small streets in our neigbourhood: Durbuy, the smallest town of southern Belgium

To stay in the right atmosphere, I have drawn  a few “summer” tiles. On the first I used a blue marker Sakura and a blue color pencil. The tangles Molygon and Antidots. look a bit like shells and I just love the beautiful pattern Aquafleur, I finished the tile with Huggins and Printemps.
On the second tile, I have composed a small “summer” bouquet of Zen Bud, Carpet Daisy, Flux, Tipple, Mooka, Popsicles and Henna Drum. When you take a look at, you will discover many “organic” tangles to compose your own summer tile.




Also on shells and even on stones , you can draw nice tangles, you can find inspiration on the Internet, try it and cherish your memories of a happy summerday! Tina Akua Hunziker (Switzerland) has drawn beautiful variations of Aurkas on these 3 stones.


On Mainely Tangles, I saw these pretty shells.



Highly recommended is to follow a relaxed workshop. Take a look on the Internet and search on Google, workshops, organised  in your neighbourhood. I’m sure you will find different options. A year ago, I followed a few lessons watercolorpaintingl in Hasselt and I met very kind, creativ people. It was time to meet again in a comfortable way. Appointments were made and written  in the diary and… our teacher organised an “experimental” party in her garden.  The sun was shining and after a delicious glass of wine, it was so easy to  start drawing… We all had a great time!

 Our teacher shows us where we can find all the materials we will need, L.O.L.!  A very original “place” (when you don’t play the piano)


When I came home, I wanted to create a few tiles with the new knowledge: a combination of watercolor paint, Bistre and inkt as a background. I show you one white Zendalatile and a second  Rennaissance Zendalatile.




 I like to demonstrate a very easy and pleasant way to become a surprising result. Put some pumice powder along with  Bistre powder, ink, Gesso and a drop of water in a salad spinner, make it spin and spin , open and then WOW!!!!




Also drawing circles and lines with a feather and a piece of bamboo in combination with watercolor or Bistre, can give beautiful results for backgrounds!


I’m very happy that some people of the” creative group” have discovered the” Zentangledrawingstyle” and some of them have a lot of talent, below, you can see a tile, made by a person who had followed just one lesson, look at the tanglevariatons, I love it!!!


And what taste better on such a hot day than a great ice cream, decorated with fresh blueberries. They  grow abundantly in the forests around us at the moment. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. I pick every day a handful of them!


Fill your glass with chocolate ice-cream and cream, put the blueberries abough and also some broken pieces of gingerbread biscuits and white chocolate slices,  then add a little licor of chocolate to finish.. When you don’t want alcohol, use nectar of abricot. You don’t like to eat to much sugar? No problem, take black chocolate slices, sugarfree icecream and biscuits and enjoy…


To end, I have chosen for Albatross by Fleetwood mac,  real romantic summermusic I always loved and still do!
P.s. I am, like many others, completely fond of the travelingtiles, in the following post I will show you a few. Some of this travelling tiles are already on their way to Germany, the United States, Australia and Taiwan, and there is still more to come to Izier, really very exciting!

Als string heb ik een mengeling genomen van een zwarte Tipple en een vrolijk gekleurde Cruffle. De andere tangles zijn ook cirkelvormig: Sez, Jetties, Printemps en Diva’s Dance. In het patroon Façade lijkt het of de cirkeltjes  achter een raster zitten. Ik vond dit een ontspannende leuke uitdaging!

For the string, I used a mix of black Tipple and colored Cruffle. All the other tangles are circles too: Sez, Jetties, Printemps and Diva’s Dance in the round. On the pattern Façade, the circles seem to be in a grid. I really enjoyed this challenge!


Already several months, it is raining, raining and raining…  It is pretty cold too for this time of the year. Sometimes the sun appears for a short time and immeditately I can enjoy the whistling of the birds. I just love  animals. They also have the right to be here and therefore I want to write a little article about them.
As long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by them. They have given me so many beautiful, unforgettable moments. I was born in a small village on the countryside. In those years, life was different: we  had  many space to play outside and there was no T.V., no PC, no Ipad, no GSM…life was so simple!
When I was about 8 years old, our father brought a dog into our house.: a boxerpuppy. It was love at first sight for my sister and I. Every day  “our Christa” was waiting for us when we  came from school. Her sweet loyal eyes followed us everywhere and she was always on our side.  When she died, I lost so much, I felt so desolate and since then all animals have taken a place in my heart. I don’ have a picture of this dog  but I will never forget her.  The others who came later to join our family are also forever  in my mind! There is nothing more beautiful for kids than to have the possibiltiy of  growing up in a good relationship with animals.
Everyone is aloud to dream, and when you can make your dreams come true, it gives so much satisfaction.
Riding on an Islandic horse in  wintertime was  one of the things I really wanted to do. The unique Icelandic horses ( they are quite small) are special to ride on. It feels like sitting  in a comfortable chair.  It was a wonderful, intense experience and so was the trip with dogs too. I trusted them and they trusted me. I didn’t have fear, not for one single moment. When I searched “the big 5” in Africa, I was touched by their beauty and wildness but I didn’t touch them.  There I prefered to take some distance!
I am grateful to have got the possibility of making a few  nice trips in which animals played a leading role.  They are all happy memories. I ‘ve found  a few pics:



Of course I wear fake fur!


Seeing  many playful wild dolphins and whales in their natural habitat was an unforgettable adventure. It happened at Pico, we have lived on that island for more than 5 years. The Azores are one of the best places in the world to meet these wonderful mammals. It is a safe, (maybe still a little unknown) destination in the extreme western corner of Europe, only a few hours flying from the eastcoast of the U.S.A.

Now I am getting older and I don’t like  long flights anymore. I hate jet lag and I enjoy the routine of daily life. By  attending the CZT seminar in Providence, this chapter is closed.
In our  neighbourhood, we can also visit one of our  beautiful  parks where the animals are treaten  well. A nice example is Pairi-Daiza. You can see animals from all different parts of the world in a beautiful scenery. It can be very crowded in the summertime because a baby panda is born in June, but the park is also open in september and october. Some animals will invitate you to play and I couldn’t resist…


Not everyone has good intentions  with our fellow residents.  Some people are even totally indifferent to their well-being and  I deeply regret. All animals are living beings, individuals and not things.They deserve our respect and compassion.


Every month my husband and I work a few days as dispatchers (volunteers) for the W.T.T.. People who found a wounded wild animal call us and we will ensure that a driver takes the victim to a shelter. Sometimes it is a young fox, a deer, a hedgehog, a marten or even a badger but most victims are  young birds. When the drivers come back of the shelter, they give us a call how it has ended. Usually the animals can be saved and that makes it all worthwhile.


In all previous posts I’ve mostly showed abstract works  but now I have chosen a couple of nice figurativ Zentangledrawings (Zia) The butterfly is from Helen Williams and the  other drawings were taken from the Internet where you can always find inspiration!






This exercise can also be very pleasant for children. Cut out a  page from a coloring book of their favorite animal (or print from the Internet) and let them fill it up with  simple tangles and a thicker (colored) pen (0.5 mm) I think of Hollibaugh, Tipple, Crescent Moon, Printemps, Bales, Beelight … There are so many beautiful, simple motifs that children know in an instant. A few days ago, I wanted to buy some stuff, I saw this beautiful coloring book by Hannah Davies at the store. I couldn’t resist and have bought it immediately,  3D glasses are inclused (very nice effect). The book costs 14.50 Euro and is intended for adults but you can take  many patterns and let  ( a little bit older) children work it out!


A 12 year old boy with ADHD wrote recently to Linda Farms (Tanglepatterns) how Zentangleart   brought peace in his head. Such stories move me and they confirm the benefits of drawing Zentangleart, and again, we can see it is  accessible for anyone.
Of course I have to  create a drawing of an animal too and I have selected the beaver. For several months there lives a couple just a few hundred meters from our house. We made a date with a specialist and asked him some questions about these animals  and the damage for  the environment.   He assured us that everything would be allright for still many years. That was good news. Beavers are timid animals, we don’t see them very much, occasionally, when the evening comes, all of a sudden they appear. … Below, you can see their ” house”, a short filmfragment (my husband made) and finally my first “Zentangleanimaldrawing”

I like to end with a nice picture of Simone Menzel. She has made beautiful variations on my own pattern. I was very glad to see these results because I admire her work very much. We “meet” each other every week on the Diva’s Challenge. You can visit her site and please take a look on her amazing mixtures of tangles (MusterMixer)


P.S.: This week, Suzanne Fluhr was the guest on the Diva’s challenge (275). She proposed  to make a drawing on the theme: Give peace a chance.

You can see on the site how Zentanglelovers from all over the world created tiles on this theme.

It is so sad what recently happened in France and in so many other countries in the world… But we have to go further and always try to give peace a change!

Thank you very much Suzanne for this interesting challenge. We all  get to know violence  and it is very sad we can’t solve every problem but we can try to do our best in our own neigbourhood. I’ve found a nice quote of Robert Michaels that tells us how to start. I’ve put his words in a heart and tangled around it. I’ve just used different variations of Quandary.

Dank je wel Suzanne voor deze interessante uitdaging. Vroeg of laat, worden we allemaal geconfronteerd  met geweld. Helaas kunnen wij niet alles oplossen maar we kunnen wel ons best doen in onze eigen omgeving. Op het Internet vond ik een mooie quote van Robert MIchaels. Ik heb zijn woorden in een hart geplaatst en er tangles rond getekend. Ik heb alleen verschillende variaties van Quandary gebruikt.


Maybe a lot of Belgians would like to see our delicious chocolate on the national flag. That is why I’ve tried to do this on my tile. As you can see, even on our chocolate, we can make tangles !!!

Veel Belgen zien misschien wel graag onze heerlijke chocolade op de nationale vlag. Dat is wat ik geprobeerd heb in deze tekening. Je ziet, zelfs daarop kunnen wij tangles maken!!!



After Paravan was added to the list of approved patterns, I have received several enthusiastic mails. A sincere thank you! Below I have posted a picture of my friend M.M. She has made a very nice variation on this pattern. Of course, I hope  to see sometimes Paravan in your future tiles!  I’ve also got  a couple of mails  from people who didn’t succeed to draw the “rice grains and the “diamonds” in the same proportion. The solution is very simple: just draw continuous horizontal pencil lines and then it is very easy to make  the diamonds and the grains evenly!


A few years ago, when we moved to the south of Belgium, I saw a beautiful butterfly, just along the way, during a lazy summerwalk in august. I ‘ve never seen this kind of butterflies in Flanders. I  took a picture and searched for more information. It turned out to be a Spanish flag“. I  decided to create a photo book of native butterflies. At this moment, I have already pictures of more than 30 different species. It became also a new hobby and, I am excited like a little child  when I get a new picture for my collection. I ‘ve already learned a lot  about these beautiful little creatures. This book is unique and valuable to me because every picture is taken by me (or my husband) and  the butterflies live only in the surrounding nature. Even in this digital age, it remains pleasant to have a nice personal album, that you can decorate with your favorite Zentanglepatterns. It is also a pleasant idea for your hollidaypictures…

vlinders eerste klein













In Belgium, there is every year a day of telling the different kinds of butterflies. Last year, my husband and I participated. On this guided walk, we have seen 13 different species.  In Flanders this day will be held on the 6 th and 7 th August and is organized in different places  by” Natuurpunt”, in the south we have  Natagora who organises different activities  to which everybody is welcome. It is worthwhile to join You learn different types and you find out how you can get more butterflies in your garden. A simple solution is just plant a butterfly tree in your garden  and/or make an insect hotel on a sunny place.



In addition to this butterfly book” I also decided to make another album of the dearest  pictures from all the years ago. (had to be done from lack of space!) That was a very  complicated work: which pictures would end up in a box (which was stored) and which ones did I really wanted to see  again  on a regular basis? I had over 20 albums but still it  was possible to put my whole life in just one album!
Below, you see  a few  precious photos: on the first my husband  Rob and I  have just met.  Now we are almost 40 years later and  still happy with each other,  unfortunately there are  some extra pounds and  less hair but it doesn’t matter. That is why I have drawn the lovely tangle: heartvine!


I knew that  tiles travel around the globe, but until now I didn’t have any experience. .A few weeks ago I got the question by Karin Godyns to share a traveltile with her. So I  started to draw and sent her the tile. She finished the drawing and she started a very nice Renaissancetile with a few Printemps and the nice tangle Narwal. I had to finish the work. Thank you Karin for this challenge and I wish you a nice holliday!



Due to the continuing rains, many beautiful blossoms are withered and disappeared too  early.   Wild orchids love that humidity and they appear at some places in our neighbourhood. I love those wild flowers and I  admire them  during the daily walks with my four-legged friends. I  realize how beautiful nature can be, even in Belgium, even when it rains so much...they brighten my day!


And if it’s not such a sweet summer night  as hoped, we make a fire, listen to nice music and have a little wine and we are satisfied. A few days ago, dozens of fireflies and glowworms created  magical moments. These are also times where I am grateful for, so simply and yet so special!