Een rode biet gebruiken geeft inderdaad een mooi effect. Ik heb een kleine biet in de helft gesneden en op de tegel gedrukt. Direct zag ik een gedeeltelijke rode cirkelvorm  waarop ik  Ixorus heb  getekend. De “nerven” heb ik  laten uitlopen, zwart gemaakt en buiten het patroon met een witte gelpen opgevuld met DIva’s Dance. Vervolgens tekende ik een eenvoudige Hollibaugh op de achtergrond. Op sommige stroken heb ik voor Hybrid, Crescent Moon en Onomato gekozen., anderen zijn gewoon wit gelaten. In een paar  vlakken tekende ik daarna nog  het fragment Q5, de overigen heb ik heel lichtjes tot matig grijs en zwart gekleurd.

Yes, indeed a red beet gives nice colours. I’ve taken a small one and cut in two pieces and stamped it on the tile. Immediately I saw a part of a red circle where I ‘ve drawn Ixorus. I’ve let the lines come out of the pattern, made them black and filled them on the outside with Diva’s Dance (white gellypen). As a background I’ve used Hollibaugh. On some “strokes” I have put a few tangles: Hybrid, Crescent Moon and Onomato, The other “strokes” stayed just white. I  have filled a few spaces with the fragment Q5. The rest of the spaces are colored by pencil in different kinds of grey and black.


Een keer éénvoudig en gewoon in zwart/ wit werken, kan ook een uitdaging zijn. Ik heb na Joey’s mooie start, de tile aangevuld met een lint dat zorgt voor een vrolijke uitstraling. Risja werd gebruikt als  achtergrond.

Drawing basicly and just in black and white can be a challenge too. After Joey’s nice start, I ‘ ve chosen for a ribbon to cheer up  the tile and I used Risja as a background.



If you live on the edge of the forest, it can be very nice  to see sometimes something else than only trees. That is why I really  enjoy a trip to the coast or a town, to go to a concert,  to visit a market or an exhibition A few days ago, we went to  the Lavender farm in Limburg.. It is an unique location in Belgium and many  exhibitions and concerts are organised at this lovely place. It was a beautiful sunny day and for a moment it seemed if we were in the south of France The lavender has unfortunately finished flowering and the oil is already harvested but next year I will definitely come back in May/June to enjoy this fantastic smell and to see the purple colored fields.





And a final pic from the cheerful, unique garden of my friend Jacqueline!


Usually when I want to start a tile, immediately, a few patterns will come out of  my head.  But I honestly admit that I sometimes have difficulties with strings, especially with smooth strings. To work on preprinted tiles can be helpful.These tiles are available in various colours and sizes. Of course, you can also surf to where you will find a huge selection of strings too.


An uncomplicated tile, just in black and white on a preprinted tile, which was very relaxing to draw.

voorgedrukte_tile voorgedrukte_tile_afgewerkt

Also drawing on Zendalatiles with preprinted strings in the form of a mandala, can be nice and relaxating. You just fill in the spaces between the lines with your favorite tangles. As an example, I have put  a  tan (Renaissance) and a black one.. These tiles are more sensitive to draw on, so you have to pay attention. But it is also true when you make a little “mistake” on a black tile, it is very easy to correct with a black pen.




Unfortunately, the summer in Belgium  will be ending soon,  I can already smell the autumn in the air. It’s still nice and warm during the day but the mornings and evenings are a bit cooler and every day , the nights become a little longer. The first leaves fall and some colors start to change. The blueberries are gone but there is still an abundance of blackberries on sunny spots in the forest.  They are smaller and taste not so sweet as last year. (to cold, to many rain) Most wild flowers have been replaced by the intense colour of the purple Heather.  Despite the bad weather, I have discovered a few new butterflies for my album with pics of these lovely creatures. Here you see the small marbled white (Melanargia galathea) which is rather rare in our country.




To get some dry sunny days at the end of a cold and rainy summer is a real booster. For the  last time, swimming outdoor, once again wearing that linen summerdress, eating a huge  ice cream on a sunny terrace and of course, drawing relaxed in the shade of the trees until late in the evening…

I  have used my brushes already several times to create a background, simply because I like watercolours. I wanted to know what the result would be on a black tile. It is very nice when the paint is still wet, but unfortunately very faint and dull when  the paper is dry. My husband came up with the bright idea to throw a splash of liquid bleach on a black tile , to let this dry and then to start painting. I’ ve tried it that way and found the results promising. The logic I miss often, is complemented by the logic that my husband has in abundance. Thank you Rob for your support and enthusiasm.


Thanks to the great project of the travelingtiles, I can show you another nice example of collaboration with others, from all over the world. This time, I swapped  with Sue Bailey from Australia.  Take a look on her site and see her lovely selfmade cards and little boxes and discover the special name of her site.

I have never seen a  gem on a tile in reality, so this was a nice surprise for me !!! Thank you very much  Sue. I’m exercising now to learn that too!

Below, you see the finished tile where Sue has drawn this beautiful gem, surrounded by a border which ended with Crescent moon.


Here is the tile Sue has sent to me. She began with a lovely variation of Shattuck, Flux and a tiny ribbon,  I did the rest…


And finally, this is  the tile, I’ve sent to Sue.  I didn’t use watercolors this time but I do like to use fragments.  I’ ve started with a few, added a little colour and have drawn a few bows with Sez abough. Sue finished the tile in a wonderful, subtile  way by  filling the bows with beautiful tangles. I like the border where she has left some open spaces, that makes the tile more special. I’m fond of the final result.


Next time, I will publish again some others who still are on their way!!!

Maybe “heart of gold” is the most beautiful song by Neil Young. I always used to sing with him very loud when I was younger.  However, I have now chosen for Harvest, fits better with the season, is also a good song and I have decorated the label with a few tangles.

Een heel leuk patroontje om te starten. Met nog 5 extra Sparkles heb ik enkele “Quandary-bloemen” gemaakt. Vervolgens een stukje van Rick’s paradox op de achtergrond, een tikkeltje kleur en een zwarte cirkel om wat meer contrast te creëren.

A lovely tangle to start. Together with 5 other Sparkles, I’ve made a few “Quandary-flowers”. As a background, I’ve chosen for a piece of Rick’s paradox, I added a little color and I’ve drawn the black circle to create more contrast in the tile.


Een tijdje geleden was de uitdaging:”teken gestapelde tiles”. Ik was toen zelf niet helemaal tevreden over mijn bijdrage, alhoewel ik het een leuke oefening vond. Daarom heb ik nog een paar van deze stapeltjes getekend, gewoon voor de fun, en ik vind ze beter geslaagd.  In één ervan heb ik ING gebruikt als kader op de grootste tile. ING is een speciaal motief, ik vind het wel tof en je kan er heel verrassende resultaten mee bekomen.

A while ago, the challenge was to draw stacked tiles. I wasn’t completely satisfied about my contribution but I really liked that challenge. Therefore, I have made, just for fun,   some other stacks. On one of them I ‘ve used ING as a border and I like it. The pattern is very special, easy to draw and you can become nice  results.


Een hele leuke uitdaging: één tangle (Paradox)  wordt voorgesteld door Joey en dan kan je verdere motieven toevoegen. Het is een beetje zoals de “travelingtiles” en het concept spreekt me erg aan. Ik heb gisteren nog wat geëxperimenteerd met waterverf en heb daaruit een tile gekozen. Paradox werd aangevuld met Phroz (maar is anders verlopen dan ik wilde), N’Zepple, Borbz, Trumpets, Ipso en Printemps.

A very interesting challenge: Joey’s is drawing one tangle and we can add what we want. I like this concept, it looks a bit like the travelingtiles. Yesterday I experimented a little with watercolors. I took one of those tiles to start and I added Phroz (it turned out quite different then I thought, but that doesn’t matter), N”Zepple, Borbz, Trumpets, Ipso and Printemps.


Op deze tile moest het olympisch logo de hoofdrol spelen, vandaar dat ik het sober heb gehouden en slechts goud, zilver en brons toegevoegd heb als “linten” d.m.v. het motief Gravee. Ik had wel zin om een mooi kader te tekenen en vond inspiratie in het hoofdstuk” reticula and fragments” uit het boek Primer van Rick en Maria.  Ik heb gekozen voor  de fragmenten Z6 en X7.

On this tile, the olympic logo is the most important item. I just add  ribbons in gold, silver and bronze by the pattern Gravee. I ‘d like to create a nice border and I’ve found inspiration in the new book Primer (Rick and Maria). I ‘ve read the chapter Reticula and fragments and there I  saw the fragments Z6 and X7 to complete the tile.


Tomorrow it’s a public holliday and also my name day. In the region where I was born, mothers are celebrated on the of August.  In most families, children will give a little present to their mother: a flower, a chocolate… sitting together around the table, talking, eating and drinking…  We keep this tradition alive and so tomorrow will be a happy day!


When I visited the elementary school, there were 6 girls with the name (Ma) ria in my class.  That was so in  every grade. In most families there was  someone with the name Maria. My mother was also called Maria. In those days, I found it  a very common name and I prefered a more exotic one. After a few decades,  less girls became  this name…  Now, it is not  important anymore., on the contrary, the name Ria is back again and  newborn girls occasionally get names as Mieke, Mia, Maaike, Marieke, Mary and even Ria … and I like it now more than when I was young.


My mother passed away about 10 years ago. Now, when I get older, I see how I look more and more like her … This picture is one of the last ones of her, taken during a hot summer day. We were happy and I have nice memories of that day… Tomorrow, I’m sure I’m gonna think about her.



In English: a mother is a little light that always glows, inside your heart and inside your head.

As I wrote in a previous post, I am always there for new discoveries. I like handmade paper and I wanted to learn  that. Actually it is not so difficult. You have  just to crash  old newspaper in little pieces and let it soak overnight in water. The next day, you trow the water away,  set the mixer into it until you get a thick mash.  On a special strainer on wet canvas, this mash is neatly spread and afterwards (carefully) turned upsite down. Let the paper dry ( you can press some dried flowers or other organic material in) and after a few hours you can see already the results. Also this technique, you can use in  combination with Zentangleart. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can directly create some nice pieces  you can use on a personal card. I have just cut out a circle, fixed on a card  and tangled some simple motives around. It’s a lovely, personal attention you can add to a gift  or just send to someone you like.




In the Primer, the latest book by Rick and Mary, chapter 7 is fully devoted to “reticula and fragments. This technique seems complicated at first sight, but nothing could be further from the truth. With the different  fragments you can make a lot of interesting drawings. You can place them in the same order but you can also turn the fragments  in different directions. Very unexpected results can appear. I find this” new” way of tangling very pleasant and I enjoyed it very much. Therefore I have made a few examples.




On this first tile, I used the fragments D4 and M1 to create the border



On the second tile, I used U3 in the middle in different directions. It seems then a bit like a flower. X5 was drawn a few times in a bigger square. Then the rest of the smaller squares were filled with J4. I ‘ ve used on both tiles only ordinary color pencils.



On the third example, I began with the pattern Loops, then completed with the fragments X7, L2, U1 and Q2 and a little piece of Fassett to finish the tile. Finally I’ve used a red pen to give a little colored touch.


You know already, I am a big fan of travelingtiles. I really don’t know who started this adventure but I like it very much. I have chosen not to have a cell phone, I am not active on social networks (so no facebook, twitter or instagram). Maybe, I am running  a bit behind, the travelingtiles travel around the world for a while but that doesn’t matter... When I just received  my CZT certificate Karin Godyns, one of the Belgian CZT, asked me to share this experience with her. I enjoyed it very much and the result appeared already on my blog a time ago.  A few weeks later, I ‘ve got the same question from Simone Menzel.from Dresden . We “seeeach other weekly on the site of the DIva where Simone shows us her beautiful tiles.. She sent me the following tile and began with Hua and Ambler. I finished with Fassett, Hollibaugh, Shattuck and Tipple.  I coudn’t resist to add some little purple accents but I like the result very much.



I ‘ve send her a white Zendalatile and began with a splash of green, blue and yellow watercolor with  a little Bistre powder. I’ve only drawn Diva’s Dance and Jetties. Simone completed this tile with Pokeleaf, Random, Printemps, N’Zeppel Verve and Arukas . I was surpriced by this wonderfull result. I really love it!


Anja Schaffeld (website) is a kind and talented woman from Germany and she was my buddy during the 22nd CZT seminar in the U.S.A. We “met” before on the DIva’s site. That is why I asked her to “meet” again during this adventure. I started her tile also with watercolors and drew Pokeleaf (with aura) and Rain. .Anja finished this tile in a beautiful way: she put a second aura on both of the patterns, she chose the gorgeous Copada as a border and filled the tile with AHH. It made me very happy to see her final lovely result.

traveltile anja af

Anja sent me a Zendalatile too. I saw a very nice Akoya (with red tipple) and the lovely pattern Ixorus. Immediately I thought of making a border and I ‘ve used a lot of tangles: Fassett, Shattuck, Hollibaugh, Printemps, TIpple, Jetties, Pokeleaf (with aura), Kogin, Zander, Flux, Diva’s Dance, Static and N’Zeppel. To complete this tile, I have drawn a few Mooka’s, coming out of Ixorus, some tipples and Flux. With a little red color and subtile shadow I finished.


Then I asked Michele Wynne from San Francisco to share this experience. I admire her work on the DIva’s site and she creates always beautiful colors. I was very happy that her answer was positif. She sent me a very pretty colored tile which she has begun with Feather fall. I finished this tile with Abundies, Drupe, Tripoli, TIpple, Printemps and a little Mooka.


I ‘ve  send Michele a Renaissance Zendalatile, which I begun after putting some watercolor with a little Zander and Henna Drum.. Michele completed this special tile with Gust, Mooka,Sprangle and Tipple.
It has become a real beauty, I especially love the way how she let the Gust come out of the Zander, wonderfull.

Travelling Tangle-michele af

All these “travelling tiles” are different but all of them are surprising and very successful. I’m fond of them all and very proud to have shared this nice experience with other” Zentanglelovers”. I hope to be able to do this even more in the future. These drawings were made on Zendalatiles, but next time I choose maybe  another kind of tile: a white, a black, a colored, maybe I will use just a black pen or colored pencils…. everthing is possible, everthing is allright!!!
In the meantime I have made travelingtiles for Sue from Australië,  Misha fromTaiwan and Maddy from Belgium. I’m very curious how they will finish the drawings but I already know that it is going to be great.  You can  work with people from all over the world, that is really great and I can recommend it to everyone. It is sometimes a little bit, coming out of your comfort zone, but you’re going one step further and that gives a great satisfaction.
After the 15 th of August, normally the best of the summertime has past. The mornings and the evenings become already a little bit  colder. Let’s hope we still can get  a few nice days…. The wheather forecast looks good for the next days … Now there is the largest selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, even after such a faded summer. Flowers bloom still abundant. Especially the Willow gives a beautiful  color to the landscape and the wild Honeysuckle  spreads a fantastic smell during the evening.  Sometimes  I really can enjoy  a glass of wine, sitting outside before the warm rays of the outdoor stove. A few days ago we got visit of 2 friends who knew we like wine. They gave a few small bottles with special tangled labels. Every tangler would love to receive such a nice bottle. It is a very good idea for a present.




Listen to these beautiful romantic music of Enya, and try to keep a bit that warm summer feeling . I love to sing very loud together with Enya (when nobody can hear me) You can do that also or just easy listening is also O.K.!!! Enjoy, untill next time and keep on tangling, yeah!!!

Meer teken ik regelmatig, Auraknot minder en toch is het geen moeilijke tangle. Een leuke uitdaging dus om er iets moois van te maken. Ik ben begonnen op een achtergrond van aquarelverf  (oranje en geel) waarop ik  nog een beetje gele Bisterpoeder heb gesmeten. Toen het blad droog was, tekende ik het patroon Auraknot en omringde deze tangle door Meer. Ik heb mijn tekening daarna uitgeknipt en op een gewone zwarte cirkel geplakt. Tenslotte nog omlijnt met een witte gelpen en kleine stippeltjes aangebracht als “finishing touch”.

Regulary, I draw Meer but Auraknot not so often, although it is an easy tangle. So this is an excellent challenge for me to find a nice combination. I started with watercolor as a background (orange and yellow) and I used some yellow Bistre powder too. (love that stuff) When the paper was dry, I started to draw the Auraknot, surrounded by Meer. I cut my drawing out and fixed it on a black circle. To finish this work I used a white gellypen to draw the line and the little white tipples.




Knightstar is een mooie, logische tangle maar ik heb er wat moeite mee om dit patroon netjes aansluitend te tekenen.  Daarom heb ik gekozen voor fragmenten, waar naast andere motieven de gekleurde  Knigthstar er toch als “ster” uitkomt, nietwaar?

Knightstar is a nice, logic tangle but I had some difficulties to draw this pattern very regulary. That is why I have chosen for fragments, together with other tangles. I find that in this drawing the colored Knightstar is the real star, isn’t it?