Als ik aan Halloween denk, dan zie ik uilen, vleermuizen, pompoenen en geraamtes voor mij opduiken. In Joey’s challenge heb ik al een pompoen getekend, geraamtes en vleermuizen spreken mij niet zo aan, er schiet dus alleen een uil over. Ik heb hem nagetekend van een afbeelding op een stempeltje en heb hem op een paar Fescu’s gezet. De andere tangles zijn Caviar, Jetties, Zinger en Ziggurat. Ik heb gekozen voor een tan tile waarop ik eerst met Chinese inkt enkele spetters gegooid heb en uitgeblazen. Als laatste heb ik mijn nieuwe kleurpotloden van Caran d’ache gebruikt en een witte gelpen.De volgende tile is er één van Peter Paesmans. Hij heeft deze tile getekend na slechts 2 lessen gevolgd te hebben maar ik vind zijn tekening zo tof en passend bij dit thema en wilde die daarom graag bijvoegen. Wat vinden jullie ervan?

When I think about Halloween, I see owls, bats, pumpkins en skelets in front of me. For Joey’s challenge I’ve already drawn a pumpkin. I ‘m not so fond of skelets and bats, so what’s rests is the owl. I found this funny one on a little stamp and put him on a few Fescu patterns. The other tangles are Caviar, Jetties, Zinger and ZIggurat. I have chosen for a tan tile where I have blown some splaches of Chinese Ink. To finish, I have used my new color pencils of Caran d’ache and a white gellypen. The next tile is from Peter Paesmans. Hij showed me this Halloween tile, after following only 2 lessons. I like the result and therefore I’ have add his drawing. Do you like it also?



Peter’s tile na slechts 2 lessen:

Peter’s tile after only 2 lessons:


Nog eens een mooie herfstuitdaging waarvoor ik graag op tan tiles teken. Ik heb nieuwe zachte kleurpotloden gekocht van Caran d’ache en wilde deze een keer gebruiken. Ze vallen 100% mee en geven heldere kleuren. Naast de pompoen die gevuld met met Wud heb ik deze tile nog aangevuld met Squid en Tipple, Flux, Alabastro, Fescu en op de achtergrond zie je  Y-full Power. Op het laatst heb ik nog een paar witte accentjes gezet met een wit gelpen.

Again a nice Autumnchallenge and then I prefer to draw on a tan tile. I ‘ve bought new color pencils of Caran d’ache and wanted to give them a try. I like the result, they give intense colors. Beside the pumpkin, that is filled with Wud, I also used Squid and Tipple, Flux, Alabastro, Fescu and as a background I choose for Y-full Power. I finished my tile with some highlights of a white gellypen.



Twee mooie tangles zijn N’Zeppel en Flux en je kan er veel kanten mee uit. Ik had gewoon zin om nog eens met krijtpotloden te tekenen en dat is het mooist op een tankleurige tegel, vandaar mijn keuze, samen met een witte, een zwarte en sepiakleurige pen vind ik dat je leuke resultaten kan bekomen.

Two beautiful tangles are these N’Zeppel and Flux, and they give a lot of possibilities. I’d like to draw again with chalk pencils and I prefer the results  on tantiles. So that is why I’ ve chosen for this kind of paper. Together with a white, a black and sepia colored pen, I ‘ve become what I wanted.


Van deze formule hou ik het meest: Joey begint met een tangle en wij vullen de tile verder aan. Ik heb een tegeltje geknipt uit donkerbruin papier en heb er een paar veegjes oranje aquarelverf op aangebracht. Als je daarna kleurpotloden gebruikt, vind ik de kleuren altijd iets intenser en dat resultaat wilde ik bekomen. Naast Fracas heb ik gekozen voor Wud, de helft van Hybrid en de andere helft gevuld met 3 ovaaltjes, Bambooz, Cogwheel, Hypnotic en tenslotte Holey aan een slingertje. Naast de gewone kleurpotloden heb ik nog een witte gelstift en krijt gebruikt.

This is my favorite formula: Joey starts with a tangle and we have to finish. I’ve made a tile of a dark brown paper and put a little watercolor on it. When you work with colorpencils on that layer, the colors will become more intense and that is want I wanted do see on this tile. Beside Fracas, I have chosen to complete with Wud, a part of Hybrid and the other part is filled with 3 ovals, Bambooz, Cogwheel, Hypnotic and finally Holey on a little string. I’ve used a white gelpen but also colorpencils and chalk.


I would like to open this post with a beautiful opustile  of  Michele Beauchamps. I have chosen for this work because you can see clearly how Michele has drawn  reallooking “gemstones” on paper. These “gems” are invented by Sue Yoshino and circulate already for a long time in the world of Zentangleart. Drawing such a  stone  seems harder than it is. However, I have not practiced this technique a lot,  due to lack of time,  but that is gonna change. I’m fond of these little stones . Therefore I  have purchased an  E-book by Eni Oken (outside USA purchase via Etsy) and a set of Caran d’Ache pencils. (Prismacolor is very difficult to get in Belgium) Now I need just to  practice and I will repeat often this wonderful slogan: anything is possible, one stroke at a time…


Below you can see my first attempt, made on a piece of paper on which I  have put some Bistrepowder/Pumicestonepowder and a few drops of Ecoline. The paper goes into the saladspinner and so you will get  a special  “fanning out” effect. Ecoline paint gives very bright colors and the results are  different from   ordinary watercolors..



Click on the buttom and you’ll get a short tutorial of Sue Yoshino


Also Hanny Waldburger has recently designed a  lovely and  easy tangle: PIB (Pearl in Balance).  Dfferent variations are possible. I’ve made a work with three Bijoux. This small size is also available in white, black and tan and can sometimes be very useful.




As I already wrote,  I’m going to  focus more on learning new tangles and “gems”.  During this quest, I discovered by accident the tangle Twiggee. I think it’s actually a bit of a variation on Hollibaugh, a simple concept but  beautiful and suits this time of the year. That is why I have made this  drawing, also consisting of 3 Bijoux tiles, I have chosen the black version, and have used a white gelpen and different chalk pencils to add some color.


Meanwhile, in the Doppahuis, I have given a third workshop  in which the students have drawn on coloured tiles. Unfortunately, a few people were sick, but they are invited to attend the third lesson of the following group in January 2017.

In this third lesson, everyone has learned a few new tangles and almost immediately they  started to draw with their white gelpens, sepia microns and chalkpencils on those beautiful Renaissancetiles..



As a starting point for working on Renaissancetiles, I had chosen for a composition with RIxty, Caviar and Oke, a bit like I had finished the travelingtile with Anita Westin.  I found it quite nice and it was not too complicated. The  students were excited and happy to show you their first attemps on real Renaissancetiles. I like them very much, you too? Their enthousiasme made me very happy!

Beside working on tan tiles,  we have  also created a drawing on a black one.  After consultation, there was chosen for a simple design with Twiggee in the lead role. Our time was limited but by this exercise, everyone  could still deliver a nice design with a white gelpen and chalk pencils.


blacktilesAfter three workshops, the students are familiar with the philosophy behind Zentangleart, they have learned more than  30  tangles. They know different kinds of strings, they can make variations on their patterns, create shadows and contrasts and have worked on white, black and tan tiles. They know where they can find more information and inspiration … Now it’s time to experiment and discover on their own,

A little reminder: surf now and then to Elatorium:  a daily nice “challenge”  will appear  with an example of the talented Ela Rieger herself, that is an ideal exercise to learn new tangles and new compositions…

Some people like to remain at the base of Zentangle, prefer to use the ordinary tiles and work exclusively in white and black. That’s OK and I do that also regularly but as everything evolves, also there are new things to discover in the Zentangleworld.  Explore new roads remains fascinating and using a different color, a different format,  a different concept can be great. There are no rules, no commitments, you just have to discover what you like  and where you will find the most satisfaction in … This also applies to the tangles. There is nothing wrong by using your  familiar patterns, everyone has his favorites, me too.  But sometimes, adding  a new tangle can give more variety in your work, It can stir up your creativity and once again: anything is possible, not too much all of a sudden, but step by step.


Translation: to grow is to jump in the unknown, every time again

Now the weather turns cool and rainy, it is important to take good care of yourself and to  keep warm inside.. A day of “cures” can be a great relaxation and become a true “boost”. We live  only  half an hour driving from the beautiful little town of Spa and I love  to visit the thermal baths. The prices are democratic: 20 Euro for 3 hours. You can use the indoor and outdoor pools (which are really nice and warm) the whirlpools, sauna, hamman, the infra-red room and the quiet areas. You don’t have to stay in the water constantly. You can easy buy a drink,  and take a comfortable seat to have a short break. During Hollidays and weekends, it will probably be very busy but the baths are open every day and during a regular weekday, this is strongly recommended.



In the Woods around us, the colors are now at their best and I enjoy this beautiful scenery during the daily walks. Only a few weeks and then the autumn splendor will be over its peak. First there are a few happy days during Haloween in Durbuy. In my childhood that festival was never celebrated  but very slowly, this  tradition is here also strongly established and I like  to see all those creeps walking around in the narrow streets of Durbuy. These pictures were taken last year.



Also this theme,  you can draw  in your tiles. One of my  enthusiastic students, P.P. shows this in 2 of his  original tiles. He has used the very nice tangle Punkin on the first drawing.


Also this tile is typical  for this time of the year, well done Peter!



This time, I want to close with a  special piece of music that I have heard for the first time, more than  25 years ago  in a cosy small restaurant where we have eaten after a  multiple-day trekking through the mountains. I was immediately fascinated by those magic sound. The time was good, the company was good and the place was good, maybe that’s why that music could delight me immediately. I think it’s great when people can go and do something for 100%. Kitaro sure does that in his music. Later I bought  all his CDs, but Matsuri will always stay my favorite. I still listen to it regularly and than, again, I am back, in that little restaurant in Kathmandu…There are several U-tube movies on the Internet but I have chosen for a life recording from that period… so you can also see and listen to  “the Wizard”  (and I like that good-looking violist too)

Nu de herfstkleuren op hun mooist zijn, is dit een heerlijke uitdaging. Tijdens warme zomerdagen zit ik dikwijls te tekenen onder onze beukenboom. Nu verliest hij stilaan zijn bladeren. Deze lijken heel erg op het patroontje Alabastro en daarom wilde ik dat patroon graag gebruiken. Ook Twiggee,  vond ik hier mooi passen. Pokeleaf en Tipple vervolledigen mijn werk op een Apprentice tile.  Voor de kleuren heb ik naast een witte gelpen, verschillende gekleurde krijtpotloden gebruikt.

In Belgium are the autumncolors very nice during the month of Octobre, so this is a real interesting challenge for me. During hot summerdays, I like to draw under our beech. Now he is loosing his leaves. I’d like to use the pattern Alabastro that looks so similar. Also Twiggee is a pleasant tangle that I have chosen for this composition. With Pokeleaf and Tipple, I’ ve finished the job on an Apprentice tile. To color, I have used a white gellypen and different colored chalkpencils.



Een heel andere maar interessante uitdaging: Drogon vormt de kader, Disco de veelkleurige slinger en in de cirkels zie je Msst. Hiervoor heb ik gekleurde micronpennen gebruikt, voor de andere kleuren heb ik gekozen voor doodgewone kleurpotloden en een witte gelpen om een beetje glans te krijgen.

A total different but interesting challenge: for the frame, I have used Drogon, I ‘ve chosen Disco to make a guirlande and inside the circles, you can see Msst. Here I’ve used colored micropens, for the other colors, I ‘ve just taken ordinary color pencils and finished with accents of a white gellypen.


Een echte herfsttile is het geworden met deze leuke “pompoenen”. Gisteren heb ik bij Joey’s challenge de techniek ontdekt van “gescheurd” papier. Ik vond dat het een mooi resultaat kan geven en daarom heb ik beslist ook deze techniek vandaag  bij Laura te gebruiken. Naast het patroon Gourdgeous heb ik nog 2 gewone pompoentjes  getekend en Oke. Op de andere stukken zie je een variatie van mijn eigen patroontje Paravan. Ik heb deze keer met een hele dunne pen getekend (O,O5) en afgewerkt met gewone kleurpotloden.

With Gourdgeous, you become immediately a nice autumntile. Yesterday, I discovered “the thorn” paper technic and I liked that very much. So I decided to use this technic also on Laura’s challenge.. Beside Gourdgeous, I have also drawn two ordinary pumpkins and Oke. On the other pieces, I have put a variation of my own pattern Paravan. This time, I used a very thin pen (O,O5) and I finished the tile with ordinary color pencils.


Een heel onverwachtse maar leuke uitdaging. Zo’n “gescheurd effect” zie ik echt voor het eerst en vond het direct aantrekkelijk. Ik heb de tile verder afgewerkt met het nieuwe patroon Chianti van Linda Farms, (groene kleurpotloden) Villers heb ik gekozen als kader en achter de” scheur” heb ik Façade aangebracht.

An unexpected but  nice challenge. I didn’t see this” thorn effect” earlier but I liked it immediately. I finished this tile with Linda Farmer’s new pattern Chianti (colored with green pencils). For the border, I have chosen Villers and behind the” torn”, I have drawn Façade.



Suddenly we are in the middle of the fall. After that delicious hot and dry september, it feels suddenly pretty cold and we need our winter coats . Anyway, last Wednesday  we got another beautiful sunny autumn day with a steel blue sky. Ideal for a trip. We went to Maastricht,  just over the border in the Netherlands. In this cosy city of Limburg you can admire beautiful old mansions. A visit to the impressive Roman church is recommended. Very special is “the Helpoort” and some intacted parts of the original city walls. You can make  boat trips on the river Meuse or visit the main attractions in an “oldtimerbus.” We chose just to go on foot to explore  the old town. Here you will find many small artisan shops, boutiques, restaurants and charming cafes. Unexpectedly we have found a  working water mill in the middle of the city! It was very crowded on the sunny, cheerful terraces.  In the “ centre Ceramique “ you can always visit  an interesting exhibition. Maastricht is also known for its caves and casemates. In the neighbourhood of the city, you will find  some vineyards with the  delicious Riesling, Müller Thürgau and  Pinot Noir grapes. You can visit the local farmers and taste the excellent wines, f.e. in “the Apostelhoeve”.


A view of the town, on the background you can see a glimp of the Roman church


The “Helpoort” and a little piece of the old city walls


One of the lovely terraces in the middle of the town


A big choice of homemade coffees and teas you can find in one of the little shops

When I’m drawing, there is usually a cup of tea next to me. During the summer months, I used to drink a lot of  ice tea but now I prefer  a  warm fragrant cup.  Especially in the evening,  a fine herbal mix can give a soothing, contained feeing. White, green and black tea  are coming from the same plant: the Camellia Sinensis. The difference is  the way how the leaves are modified.

White tea is almost not edited. Only the youngest shoots are used. As a result, this species is the “purest” and  contains all natural antioxidants. Green tea is widely acclaimed for its “healthy” character but the reason  is mainly the same as those of white tea: the leaves are barely oxidised. Green tea has an antioxidant effect and stimulates the metabolism. Pay attention and use water just below boiling. Black tea is fully fermented, generally, it has has a strong flavor and contains the most caffeine.



Rooibos is of a very different plant. It is a traditional South African infusion that is prepared like black tea, but contains no caffeine.

Matcha: is a powder form of super fine  green tea leaves and the superman under the teas.

Tisanes or herbal infusions are actually different blends of dried herbs, fruits and flowers and don’t contain  tea leaves. The ingredients are usually dried but you can also use fresh ingredients for stronger aromas f.e.. ginger or mint. The Ayurvedic Yogi teas are composed of beneficial herbs and spices and you can buy them in bio-shops.


After lots of drawings on  ordinary formats, I decided  to choose for  the bigger brother:  the Opus tile. I freely admit that I had to think about the composition and the tangles but then I started on  a  Renaissance tile and finished it with simple tangles:


On my first result you can see: Naaki, Drogon, Curly Q, Festune, Hybrid, Onomato, Dex, Fandance, Shattuck, Fassett, Cogwheel, Vortex and Sandswirl. I have used a thicker black and purple pen (0.3) and finished with colorpencils and a white gelpen..


On the second example, I’d  like to create a little autumnatmosphere by using the typical colors of the fall.  Beside  a black pen, I have also used a sepia-colored one. Thanks to the cooperation with Anita Westin I have discovered the beautiful pattern Oke by Michèle Beauchamp and I decided to use this tangle on my drawing. I started with a kind of border. On that “frame”, I have drawn  a few patterns of Oke. Each tangle became different auras. Rixty came above and below. The middle is colored with different shades of brown. You can  see the next  tangles: Quandary, Tipple, Gust, Mooka, Lollywhimple, Stircles, Misst and Caviar. On this tile, I have used a lot of  chalk pencils. (white and colored)



For my third example, I took a white one and put some watercolors on it, together with Bistre powder. I started to draw with Windfarm and filled the spaces with Crescent Moon, Sandswirl, Battlo, Florez, Trumpets and Vortex. Then I colored Windfarm with silver, gold and green gelpens and the other tangles with  different chalk pencils. To finish, I have glued a few dried flowers on the tile.


Again I have chosen for a” travelingtileexperience” with Anita Aspfors Westin from Sweden.  I admire  her beautiful, special style and I’m grateful for  these unique tiles. Thank you very much Anita for this pleasant collaboration.

I sent her a black tile with a wavy Fandance (with a little gold) over a box of (partial) Interlude. Anita  finished the tile in white with a beautiful variation on Maisie, Tipple and a variant on Madrono.


I sent also a  white tile, just with a Curly q. (or spiral Ribbon). The finishing of this tile is so beautiful and subtile done by Anita with Flukes, N’Zeppel, Mooka and a variation of Merryweather.  Watch  the appropriate shadow that  gives the tile a splendid extra touch!


Anita sent me this (with shaving cream) colored tile that was a real challenge for me. She started with Double d’s and Huggins and I have continued to work with some more Huggins, then I have filled the” boxes”  with Tidings (blue and purple pen) and Printemps (sepiapen) and I finished the frame, just like Anita has started.


On this Renaissancetile  Anita draw the beautiful pattern Oke  in the bottom left corner. With a sepia-coloured pen I have chosen for a  few Zingers and also Rixty is appearing. I finished with   l’Eaura, Tipple and Caviar. To color, I have  used some white and orange chalk pencils.


Every  time, the traveling tiles remain exciting and every  time I have been surprised by the great results. It is nice to have contacts with people from all over the world. It seems like everyone is tangling!  Every day, people design patterns. It is time to  learn more new tangles in the next weeks…


Would you like to learn some more patterns too? Just take a look at Elatorium, and discover new challenges. Ela Rieger put  every day a nice “challenge” on this site, an ideal exercise to learn new tangles . On september the 30 th., she chose a combination of my l’Eaura, Fleurette and Stitch. It was very nice to see what others did with my pattern. Below two beautiful black/white examples of this challenge. Thank you Ela and Annette for this surprise!


Ela Rieger


Annette Plaga


Most of the flowers are gone, but now it is” pumpkintime”  to cheer up our little garden!


Also a little dragon, that I couldn’t resist, has found a place in the garden



Bruno Coulais wrote this beautiful touching music which I like tho share with you: “Le Retour des Grues” (The Return of the Cranes).

The music is assembled on a few fragments of the wonderful film : Un tour du monde à vol d’oiseau.Film doc.(source Arte)