Paradox en Diva Dance zijn een prachtig duo en een geweldige uitdaging om te tekenen.

Ik heb eerst met aquarelverf een basis gemaakt op aquarelpapier.  Als het papier goed droog was heb ik er  zes 3Z tiles uit geknipt. RIck’s Paradox en Diva Dance  werden erop getekend ( zwarte pen) en afgewerkt met blauwe en groene kleurpotloden en tenslotte met een witte gelpen. Ik heb vervolgens een mosaïec gemaakt. De afzonderlijke tiles kunnen in een andere richting gelegd worden, dan krijg je natuurlijk een heel andere werk.

Rick’s Paradox and Diva Dance are a lovely couple and a wonderful challenge to draw.

I began to make a painting with watercolors. When the paper was dry, I have cut six 3Z tiles and have drawn Rick’s Paradox and Diva Dance (with a black pen) I finished with blue and green colorpencils and a white gellypen.  A mosaïc was made  with the tiles. When you put them in another direction, you will get a total different work.

Proficiat Laura voor de 300 ste uitdaging. Ik wens jou, je echtgenoot, Artoo, Chewie en de hele familie het beste toe voor de toekomst.

Op deze tile, opgedragen aan Artoo heb ik  “Tore up ” gebruikt van Andrea Shuman , verder heb ik mijn tangle L’Eaura getekend, lijkt op Nipa maar is toch anders (Elatorium) en Quandary, één van de originele tangles die ik heel graag gebruik in mijn tiles.

Ik heb getekend met een zwarte en paarse pen en ingekleurd met kleurpotloden.


Congratulations Laura for 300 wonderful challenges. I wish you, your husband, your children en your whole family the best for the future.

On this tile, special made for Artoo, I ‘ve used  “Tore up” by Andrea Shuman. I completed with my own tangle L’Eaura, a bit like Nipa but still different  (both can be found on Elatorium) and Quandary one of the original tangles that is one of my favorites.

I’ve used black and purple pens and also normal colourpencils.

A few tangles around a picture, glued on a black card, can  give a nice and personal touch. I have used Catkin and O.

At the moment,  there is still a lot of snow in the southern part of Belgium. It is quite cold but also sunny  and the landscape  is soooo beautiful, the skies are soooo blue, the evenings soooo colorful … Already a few weeks, there are  possibilties to “langlauf” and to ski. In the Ardennes we love the snow.  Every day I make a walk, together with my husband and dogs. I enjoy every moment and so do Miles and Jools.  While Rob and I carefully struggle  through this white world, the dogs skipp and dance around us. All of a sudden  they “fly”  upon the hill. I don’t see anything but after a few seconds, I know why that happens. Abough, on the top  some timid deers are passing. For some people, this means  maybe nothing, but I think it’s great. My day can’t be broken, it is gorgeous,  seeing those  beautiful wild animals, running away, just a few metres abough me.

Is there also a little fox? No, no,  that is our Norwich terrier Miles. He is  always excited, afraid of nothing. It is a  brave big dog, packaged in a compact, small body.

Once again, we take the camera  with us, during a walk and hope to find special winter pictures. Tomorrow all of these beauties can be gone.  You never know in Belgium. Nothing is more inconsistent than the weather, but still, every season has its beautiful days (and its lesser too but  I quickly forget those ones)

At the moment, it is very tempting to  relax in the warmth and to stay inside, just like a bear in his hole, who is coming out only in springtime

Nevertheless, the message is to move, the best remedy for the “winter blues”. Especially now it is very important  to go outside regulary and have some UV light. I have to admit that I don’t really like sports but I can’t miss my daily walk.  Recently  I do that with 2 sticks. This way of walking is original from Finland when cross-country skiers wanted to remain in shape during the summer by a similar sport. There are many advantages to Nordic walking and it’s been many years quite popular in our area.

Nordic walking respect your lower limbs, it improves your posture, strengthens your muscles and very important: you consume more calories than during a regular walk. It is the ideal sport to practice  outdoors, on yourself or in group …


Last Friday, again a 3-part workshop was completed.  After a first trial lesson,  some more theory during the second lesson, the students had to draw and colour on black and tan tiles in this third workshop.. It’s great to see all  students,  focused on their work and show nice results. Different people let me see works they had made at home; legends with  tangles, drawings in sketch books, different tiles, bookmarks, cards, napkin rings … Quite fascinating to see how  anyone can grow if the motivation is there. I wish to thank everyone who took part at the course and even more thanks for the commitment, enthusiasm and fine atmosphere in the classroom. Despite this pleasant experience I have decided to stop a while to give workshops  My back is a lot better but arthrosis is unpredictable and I don’t want to make appointments I might counsel. I  prefer to wait and see for a while…

The colourful results on the tan tiles: a combination of Sez, Oke, N’Zeppel and some favorite tangles…

And the black tiles, on which they have used for the first time gellypens and chalkpencils. The challenge was to fill straight or curly stripes with the new learned tangles:

Sometimes, students tell me that they are not always satisfied about their work and that they distroy their tiles regulary. I admit that I  also did that occasionally in the past, but that is wrong. Everything doesn’t has to be perfect. I don’t like the word perfect. Each drawing should be made with love, attention and it gives a unique result that is worth it.

A beautiful saying goes: be nice to yourself. It’s hard to be happy when someone constantly is mean to you.

You can better put these tiles  in a box  and after a while take a look again. You see them in a whole different perspective. Occasionally I take a black brushpen to cover ‘the mistakes” ,  new tangles can be drawn on that black space with a white gellypen. The final result can give nice contrasts … What I also regularly do is, using the same string but  create a new tile, possibly with other tangles…you will see  a total different drawing …

On the two black spaces, I have drawn tangles  I didn’t like. So I used the black brushpen. When the covering was dry, I have drawn Rick’s Paradox, and on the other plane, just 3 smaller triangles. This tile was my entry for I.A.S. T, challenge number 180. You can see all the results of this challenge by pushing on the buttom on my front page. I’m learning a lot by joining challenges.


Above and below you can see two drawings, assuming the same strings (on pre-printed original tiles) but with very different results.


To end, I would like to tell something more about the 14 shades of grey. No it has nothing to do with those other shades of grey… This special technique is created by Sonya Yencer from the United States. I  like that “misty” atmospfere  around the already-drawn tangles.  Therefore, I have followed the example of Sonya and made a drawing in my sketchbook with Jetties in the leading role. In fact you can apply this technique on all tangles. In the next example, I have chosen for the beautiful pattern Stella and finished the tile, according to the rules of the 14 shades of grey.


And here is one more example of a drawing with Stella from my sketchbook. The great thing about Zentangle is that you can make so many beautiful and different works with your trusted tangles. You can make so much variation, both in black and white and in color. But when you want to try out something new:  put on your computer,  surf a little and always you will find a new pattern, a nice string, an unknown technique, a different background … It remains fascinating and never bores me, on the contrary, I never get enough of it!!!

I don’t like to make long trips anymore  but during virtual tours you can also discover very much. I have found a nice movie of an Ukrainian guy (Estas Tonne).  Wonderful sounds comes out of  his guitar  and he shows us  very special spots. I have enjoyed it and hope you  too!

Take good care, keep on tangling, and until next time.

Voor deze challenge heb ik een tankleurige 3Z tile genomen waarop ik het mooie patroon Drawings gecombineerd heb met Stircles, Rick’s Paradox en Curly Q. Kleur werd aangebracht door een paarse micropen, paarse en groene kleurpotloden, een wit krijtpotlood en een witte en gouden gelpen.

For this challenge, I have taken a tan coloured 3Z tile. I have combined the lovely pattern Drawings with Stircles, Rick’s Paradox and Curly Q. For the colours, I’ve used a purple micropen, purple and green colourpencils, a white chalkpencil and golden and white gellypens.

I’m feeling a lot better and I like to join the challenges when it will be possible. Orbs-la-dee is a wonderful tangle.  Recently, Maria created again a few  new patterns and Icanthis is my favorite, so I have combined those two. I added Holey (for more contrast) Spoolies (a bit like Printemps) and of course, as usual Tipple. I’ve chosen for a Renaissance tile, black and sepia pens, a white gellypen, and a chalkpencil.

Mijn rugklachten zijn sterk verminderd en daarom wil ik graag af en toe terug meedoen aan de challenges. Orbs-la-dee is een heel mooi patroon. Recent, ontwierp Maria een paar nieuwe tangles. Mijn favoriet is Icanthis en daarom heb ik een combinatie gemaakt van deze twee. Ik heb Holey toegevoegd (voor wat meer contrast), Spoolies (lijkt een beetje op Printemps), en natuurlijk Tipple. De tekening werd gemaakt op een Rennaissance tile waarop zwarte en sepiakleurige pennen gebruikt werden, een witte gelpen en een wit krijtpotlood.



As long as I can remember, on  January  the 6 th., children, dressed as the three kings, usually with a “Golden” Star, go singing from door to door to collect candy and money:

In original Flemisch language they sing:

Drie koningen, drie koningen

Geef mij een nieuwe hoed,

Mijne oude is versleten,

Ons moeder mag het niet weten,

Onze vader heeft het geld

Op de rooster geteld.

Also the three king cake is part of this annual tradition that found its origin in France. In the forests around Orléans  King Charles the IV was captured by the Huguenots. When they realised their mistake, they offered the King the specialty of the region: a puff pastry, filled with meat. Later the meat was replaced by almond cream with a hidden almond bean. The one who finds the bean in his piece of cake, gets a crown on the head and will be King or Queen for one day …

My first work on the new 3Z tiles, a mosaic, also  in the shape of a star:

Tomorrow, the Christmas lights will disappear again for a year. The hustle and bustle of the turn of the year is behind us and full of good courage we all embarked on the new year.

I wish everyone a happy 2017 and like many others, I hope that this will be a year with less violence than in the previous one. There are so many conflicts in the world causing untold suffering. I sincerely hope that common sense will win and that we will evolve into a direction that brings improvement for people, animals and our planet. One thing I know for sure:  hate, anger and revenge give no benefits and those feelings turn finally against yourself.

During last december we had  many cold but  beautiful, and sunny days with colorful sunsets which resulted in an enchanting atmosphere. In various places in the forest you could find hair ice, a special phenomenon that I  recently discovered and I like it very much:

If you pay attention while walking, you can discover, even during the winter, so many beautiful things, worthfull to take a picture:

and zoomed in:

The past few weeks I have drawn less,  that was necessary. Scans have shown that I have obtained a serious narrowing in the nervecanalzone  (osteophytes), both in my low back and in the cervical area. Nerves have become less space and can  easier squeezed tightly. This situation can give  radiating pains in arms and legs, which recently was the case. Surgery is not necessary ( yet)  but I am  forced to live differently: doing daily exercises to make the muscles stronger, making many light walks, not staying too long in the same position but regularly alternate and especially rest more . I will continue to draw but not so often as I used to do. My participation on challenges will reduce and an occasional blogpost will surely appear but not as regularly as in the past. I don’ t like this situation but sometimes you have to accept things and learn to go on with your limitations. I live in a nice quiet area along with my husband and two dogs, we have kind neighbours and our two sons visit us regularly. I am satisfied and grateful for all those good things…

In this regard, I would like to thank everyone again for the mails, messages, comments and beautiful cards I received in the past. Thanks to my husband,  I can now also drawing while standing which is a better position for  my neck and back.

Sitting in my ergonomic seat, together wit my tablet,  I found the time to master the technique of gemstones with the help of the work booklet by Eni Oken that I highly recommend:

In the annual 12-day Christmaschallenge of RIck and Maria,  the new 3 sided tiles were used. Some new tangles of Maria were shown: Drawings on  the 10 th, Icanthis on the 11 th, and Crazy Huggins on the 12 th.. I  didn’t draw but  I followed every day the blog and saw the mosaic grow into a great final result.  Every day, a price was given for one entry on the app and one for a comment on the blog. I was pleasantly surprised when I found my name on the list of the winners at the comments.  I have received almost hundred 3-sided tiles: white, renaissance, black and preprinted ones. The triangular shape gives special results and you can build nice mosaics with them. Below you can see another mosaic of nine 3Z tiles:

Especially in the winter period, the black tiles have a special charm, below a small example:

On the tile, I have put again a little  bleach , after drying, I put some  Watercolour on  and finally, the tile was finished with a black, a green and white (gel) pen finished.

Every day again:

A small positive thought in the morning may be enough to change your whole day


After all those end-of-year rushing and the popping of fireworks, I realize how much I actually love the  quietness. Enjoy  “the sound of silence,” sung by Simon and Garfunkel