A wonderful new tangle with so many possibilities to” fill” the inside. I have chosen a Renaissancetile and used a sepia micron-pen. I filled the inside with Squid and Sez, drawn with a black pen and colored with ordinary colorpencils. To finish, I have drawn N’Zeppel on the background with a chalkpencil and made some highlights with a white gellypen.

Een prachtige nieuwe tangle die  verschillende mogelijkheden geeft om te “vullen”. Ik heb een Renaissancetile genomen waarop ik Way-bop getekend heb met een sepiakleurige pen. Daarna heb ik in het patroon  Squid en Sez getekend met een zwarte pen en gekleurd met gewone kleurpotloden. Vervolgens heb ik N’Zeppel getekend op de achtergrond met een wit krijtpotlood. Tenslotte werd hier en daar nog een accent gelegd met een witte gelpen.

Na een 3-delige workshop, kreeg ik onverwachts een leuk cadeautje van één van de cursisten: een paar boekjes van Ben Kwok. Daarin vond ik deze mooie Mandala in hartvorm. Ter gelegenheid van Valentijn heb ik hem speciaal voor mijn man gemaakt omdat wij al bijna 40 jaar lief en leed delen en nog altijd gelukkig en tevreden zijn met elkaar.  Deze foto heb ik reeds afgedrukt in mijn laatste blogpost omdat ik het zo’n prachtig ontwerp vind. De hartvorm was al verdeeld in vakjes, je hoeft dus alleen je favoriete tangles te tekenen en eventueel in te kleuren.

After one of my workshops, unextpected, I received a little surprise of one of the students: a few books of Ben Kwok. I like his templates very much and I have found this “Heartmandala” in one of his books. I have made this tile last week, special for my husband. We are almost 40 years together and still satisfied and happy with each other. I posted this picture already on my last blogpost because I do like the designs of Ben Kwok. Strings are already there, you just have to fill the template with your favorite tangles and to use colors if you like.


I am very proud to have joined  the sixth mosaic project of Annette Plaga. This time, she has  chosen  for a nightly starry sky. Below you can see my contribution,  brought together by Annette and then integrated into a mosaic with participants from all over the world. There are several other mosaics, you can admire on her site.  Congratulations Annette, for this wonderful design. It is fantastic that we could make, with people from different countries, this unique work. On March the 10 th., starts the next project and everyone is welcome to participate!





In one of my previous posts, I have showed you 2 travelingtiles, the results of a swap with Joey van Oort from Vancouver. Due to family circumstances,  Joey couldn’t find the time to finish my starters. A week ago, she published the tiles on her site. I like both results very much. Thank you Joey for the cooperation and good luck with your further activities.



It’s only February and  we could already enjoy some soft, sunny days. For next week, the weather forecasts  are promising! However, it will be take a while before the real spring is coming. Outside it looks still  grey and a little sad.

One of the first flowers in our garden is the Witch-Hazel. The tree is still very small but is growing every year a little bit. When we will be old, we will see an intense blossom, every year, in the middle of the winter.


The picture below was taken in the arboretum Kalmthout  where you can admire the largest collection of these Witch-Hazel in Belgium. Thousands of visitors are coming every winter to enjoy the trees, during the flowering period.

Black/White is classic and always beautiful. Therefore, some days I like to draw in black and white, on others days, I want to draw in colours. In daily life, I love colors around me. In our Interior, you’ll find anywhere warm, sunny accents. Especially in the dark winter months I need that. Below, you see a picture of an ugly power box that disturbed me.  A simple wooden frame was confirmed. Then I made small shapes from fimo clay  and painted them with acrylic paint. I just let them dry and glued them on the frame.  It  looks now a little bit more enjoyable. Fimo clay never needs to be baked, just let it dry and it’s ready.



Occasionally, I like to surf on the Internet, looking  for beautiful color combinations. Especially, I like the intense patterns of Africa. So I discovered a fabric from Zimbabwe and  immediately, I saw a new tangle:

Because the pattern is very difficult to draw, I simplified it and have called my new tangle Zimba :


It’s not really a flowing tangle but suitable for a grid. As a fragment or as a border, it can give nice results. You can make different  monotangletiles or make combinations with other gridpatterns or fragments (see in the book “the primer”). The use of colours will give an extra touch!

Here I combined Zimba  with the fragments B11, C11 and E7. The small square is glued on a piece of black paper, so I could draw  with a black and a white pen.

Also here, I have another small square, glued on a black paper. Zimba is surrounded by the fragments H1, F11 and C11 and I like to use  Perfs (small balls). On both tiles, I have used  regular color pencils.

Immediately after publication, I became a few  comments and some tanglers have allready tried out the new pattern.  Simone Menzel from Dresden, who recently added the beautiful pattern My Swing to the list of tangles started to play with Zimba. Unexpected,  a new, graceful tangle appeared and she called it  Siri ( Simone and Ria). I appreciate that very much. As I wrote before, we all learn from each other and get inspired by each other. That is a very nice aspect of the Zentanglemethod and I am delighted that this little piece of fabric was a source of  inspiration for 2 new patterns.

Below I have made a tile with a border of a variation of Siri. The inside is filled with a lovely older pattern: Tink. To finish I have used colored pens and a grey pencil.

Speaking of colors, I think of the Carnival that will arrive very soon. I  am not such a party animal but I understand very well that many people look forward to this festival. Months in advance, they worked hard on making  special clothes and lavish floats for the parades that will take place within a few weeks. You can not compare Belgium to Brazil or Venice but also here, in our little country there  are places where they love Carnaval. . In the south Eupen and Binche are famous  and in Flanders, everyone knows the city of Aalst.


The Gilles of Binche in their traditional costume with their baskets full of oranges, are classified under the Unesco World Heritage site.



To finish, I have drawn a mandala in heart shape, of course, special for Valentine’s day.

You can find this mandala form in one of the notebooks of Ben Kwok. I didn’t know the artist and was pleasantly surprised when I ‘ve got two booklets from a student, after closing a workshop. I appreciate this gesture very much and I’m sure, I will  use more drawings from the book in the future. Below, you can see a picture of my 2 books but there are several others, certainly worth to explore.(strings are already there, you only have to draw your favorite tangles and to colour them if you like)



Music can always touch me and I like many different genres. This time, special for Valentine,  I have  chosen for “Run to you” by Bryan Adams. Put the sound a bit louder and dance… good for your back and no one sees you (LOL)



Hamadox is een prachtige, veelzijdige tangle. Ik heb hem getekend in combinatie met een variatie op Hollibaugh en het recente leuke patroontje Soluna. Na het aanbrengen van de schaduw, vond ik de combinatie goed tot zijn recht komen en daarom heb ik deze keer bewust niet voor kleur gekozen. De patronen zorgen al voor voldoende contrasten. Het is een heel éénvoudige tekening zonder strings.

Hamadox is a wonderful tangle with many possibilites. I have drawn this pattern in combination with a variation on Hollibaugh and the lovely recent tangle Soluna. After shading, I liked the result and I didn’t choose this time to bring colours on the tile, the chosen patterns give already nice contrasts. It is a very simple work, I didn’t use a string.