Aan Adele’s 200 ste challenge kon ik echt niet weerstaan. Elke week stelt ze enkele tangles en een bepaalde string. voor. In het verleden deed ik regelmatig mee en leerde hier enorm veel door. Iedere keer opnieuw, steekt Adele enorm veel werk in de presentatie van de inzendingen en heeft een vriendelijk woord over voor iedere tekening, ik apprecieer dat heel erg. Naast haar nieuwe tangle C-Perfs heb ik het fragment Y1 getekend en mijn nieuwste patroon C-View. De tile is gemaakt op grijs tekenpapier en afgewerkt met blauwe kleurpotloden en een witte gelpen. Ik wil Adele hiermee hartelijk bedanken en wens haar veel succes voor de toekomst!

I couldn’t resist to the wonderful challenge of Adele. 200 times, she has already found for us, tanglers from all over the world,  an original string to fill with tangles. I used to join several times and learned a lot.  Thank you dear Adele for such a nice presentation, every week again  and for writing a nice description on everyone’s work. I do appreciate that very much. Congratulations and wish you success and happiness for the future. For this tile (on grey paper) I have drawn her new tangle C-Perfs,  the fragment Y1 and my new pattern C-view. I have  used a black pen, blue colourpencils and a white gellypen.


Tickled to Tangle

Every time Annette Plaga figured out a mosaic, I was happy to contribute to such a nice initiative. Until the end of May, you could send an entry. Soon, you can admire the surprising results on Annette’s website.

Above you can see my contribution for her eighth mosaic. Annette had suggested to use green in the string which has a  form of a ribbon.  It’s my favourite colour.

Green is soothing and stands for hope, nature and renewal. The tangles I have used,  are: Pebble Flowers, Birch, B-Horn, Praa, Dai-Dai, Fun-bee, Leaf-a-vin, Cornetz, Jelly legs en Triple Tipple.

Below you can see the mirrored result for which I‘ve used a photo editing program.


Two is a particular number. It is a pair. Together you are stronger. By seeing someone opposite to you, you learn to know yourself.You start thinking in similarities and differences. That dualism is a part of life: male and female, yin and yang, light and darkness, joy and sadness, life and death …

Below I have posted an example of a drawing which can easily be mirrored, a very funny experiment.

The used tangles are:  Tipple, a variation on Copada, Sandswirl en Betweed Flower (supplemented by ribbons consisting of hearts in 2 colors)The tile was made on a watercolored background that I have cut out and then glued on a black tile. A few other patterns were applied with a white gelpen and finished with orange tones: Tipple, Bowswing and (a part of) U-bend.

The original tile:

One time mirrored:


Double mirrored:


If you like this, check out the site of the Diva. For her 318 th challenge, Laura proposes to make a Diptych . This is a Zentangledrawing consisting of 2 mirrored panels. A nice idea with many possibilities and worthwhile to try!

This is  Laura’s example:

Every day, a new tangle is popping up. It is impossible to know and integrate them all in your drawings. Only those who appeal to me, I draw in my personal legend. Sooner or later, they will appear in my work, along with my other favorites.

I honestly admit that I  have difficulties  with some logical but more intricate patterns (High focus tangles). Although they can be very nice, I prefer easy (mostly) organic patterns. Finally I managed to design one myself.

I love flowers and plants and regularly I discover “new” species during my walks in the forest. I search for the correct name in books or on the Internet. During such a search for a “new” plant, this image took immediately my attention:

It is a view on a fruit of the  Medicago who really looks a bit like a rolled up caterpillar.

Instantaneously I saw a new tangle in it and began to draw. My new pattern got the name: C-view (Caterpillar view) and below you find  the steps to draw it:

On the image below, you see the variation of C-view, combined with Rick’s Paradox, CO2, and Tipple.  I finished with blue colourpencils and a white gelpen. More variations are possible, f.e.by drawing Printemps in the middle you will get also a nice  result.

On the next tile I’ve made a composition with  C-view  B-Horn, Birch, Mooka, Raindotty, Fescu, Hypnotic and Tipple.

Only Mooka is colored with green pencils. A white gelpen makes some highlights, while B-Horn and Birch were drawn with an ordinary pencil .

As I wrote above,   number 2 appears in everyone’s life , also in mine.

By sitting (too) much while drawing and working on my computer, my arthritis symptoms continue to increase. In addition, I develop symptoms which seem to be a beginning RSI. ‘m facing a heart-breaking choice: either I just go further as I am doing at the moment and the complaints will only increase or  I’m going to change my habits and I  can expect a lot of improvement in the future.

With a heavy heart, I opted for the second solution: I’m going to draw less,  spending only little times in front of the computer, doing exercises and swimming. I’m planning to take more rest, and will start again with Tai Chi. I have practiced this beneficial movement form for years but ended after a shoulder surgery. The rehabilitation took longer than I thought and I could no longer follow after so many missed classes in the group. Tai Chi seems simple but it is definitely not. Also here are concentration, patience and exercise important. Like Zentangle art, it’s a pleasant, relaxing activity that haunting thoughts can stop and also gives you more flexibility. Take a look to this short exercise:

It would be wonderful to make a combination of the two and that is exactly that I hope to do in the future but now I have decided to take a long break. In concrete terms, that means no more traveling tiles, no contributions to challenges,  less  time using the computer and  no more blog posts.

I would like to make an exception for the challenge of July, the 17 th. at Joey Van Oort. On this date, Suzie Ngamsuwan will be the hostess with a new challenge,  everyone can participate. I’m a big fan of Suzy’s inspiring personal Zentanglestyle. Despite the fact that we live thousands of kilometers from each other,  where we lead our own lives, we learned to know each other better by our common interests …

Below I have posted a unique contribution of Suzy for the Diva’s 317th challenge. Around a subtile stylized figure she has built a beautiful Zentangle drawing. I am delighted to see my own pattern Nouvart popping up, nicely integrated in this gorgeous drawing:

Setback, such as now, giving up something that I really like to do, is not pleasant. However, setbacks can make your life richer and make you also  stronger.  I have encountered that already several times 

I fell in love with Zentangle art at  first sight, practiced almost every day and I‘m not going to it up but I have to listen to my body and will go back to an acceptable level.

Not every day is great but every day has something great:  unexpectately getting a friendly smile makes me warm inside,  crossing a shy deer on a walk in the wood is wonderful,  enjoying the scents of the forest after a  rain shower, smells better than any perfume, I enjoy drinking a glass of cool white wine on a warm sunny day, having a nice conversation brings happinez , sometimes I need being touched by beautiful music or a compelling book, and it’s delicious to take a refreshing shower and  go to sleep between clean sheets with a drop of lavender oil on the pillow

There are so many little things to enjoy, I can continue enumerating for hours … and I am grateful that there is still so much possible

Side issues are important, at some point you realize suddenly that those side issues were the main issues : little moments of intense happiness!

Here are a few happy moments that I want to share with you:

I saw a “newbeautiful butterfly,  suddenly  popping up on the terrace. Definitely he will get a place in my book.

the White Ermine

I saw hundreds of the flowering Columbine in all its colours, only a 15-minute walk away from our house:

An easy but typical Belgian dish that tastes so delicious. The season is short but now the Flemish white asparagus is available everywhere . Peel them well, let cook for about 10-minutes , bring some butter sauce over it and finish with hard-boiled eggs and parsley.

Recently, I got  two beautiful cards, one of a student and the second of another CZT/friend, I met in Providence. Thank you very much, both of you, they are lovely and I’m very touched.

I want to thank everyone for the interest in my blog, for the comments and emails and am grateful that I could inspire you a little

Below I have placed one of my first works. At the moment, I would draw it in a different way but I still like this tile. I just want to show you one more time, that you can combine your Zentangleworks very well with other techniques. On this summery tile I have used a simple stamp  with butterflies above Henna Drum, Pokeroot, Tipple, Flukes,Antidots and Kogin. In specialized shops you can find really nice stamps around which you can build your Zentangle drawing .

And to finish,  2 more pictures, taken, just after getting the CZT certificate during the 22nd seminar in Providence. You see only happy faces and satisfied people. Really a happy memory! .

Press the Full screen button to enjoy the beautiful colors. Maybe you discover a new pattern in this special clip made on Mike Oldfield’s Voyager.

If you let go of everything, you have two hands free to grab the future.

take care

Ria Matheussen