I couldn’t resist this challenge with one of my favorite tangles. I started with a ribbon that divided the grey tile in two parts. I coloured one space black with a brushpen and started with ‘N Zeppel in the other space. When the black part was dry, I went further with ‘N Zeppel. To finish I have coloured the ribbon with a silver and gold gellypen en with a charcoal I ‘ve made some more contrast in the white but also in the black ‘N Zeppel. I enjoyed this  relaxing challenge very much and didn’t think about tomorrow, everything is okay at the moment and that is fine!

Ik kon niet weerstaan aan deze uitdaging met één van mijn favoriete tangles. Ik begon met een lint te tekenen dat de tile in 2 stukken verdeelde. Een gedeelte heb ik zwart gekleurd met een brushpen. Ik begon in het witte vlak ‘N Zeppel te tekenen en toen de zwarte kant droog was, ging ik gewoon verder met een witte gelpen. Het lint werd afgewerkt met een zilveren en gouden gelpen. Vervolgens nam ik nog een krijtpotlood om wat meer kontrast te krijgen in ‘N Zeppel, zowel op het witte als op het zwarte gedeelte. Een leuke ontspannende challenge en helemaal afgewerkt in het “nu” zonder te denken aan morgen. Het is goed zoals het nu is.

Happiness is like a butterfly, if you try to grab him, he remains always just out of your reach but when you remain quiet, he comes maybe sit on your hand. Nathaniel Hawthorne

The (relatively rare) lesser purple Emperor, whose wings light up in the Sun, unexpectedly came to visit us during a hot summer day.

Happinez does not mean the same for everyone. Some people like to have a lot of friends around them, they love noisy parties, big events and get there  energy by … There is nothing wrong with, but others can really enjoy,  being on their own on a familiar spot, and that’s pretty okay too.  People need the company of other people but  some of us need that more than  others. It’s nice to know when you like to interact with others  and definitely go for it but on the other hand, you  must not forcing anything and sometimes you really have to say no.   I’m a bit older (and hopefully wiser) and now I know what  brings happiness and peace but also what asks  a lot of energy. Saying no, is not as easy as it seems but you are never to old to learn…

Being in the forest, especially on spots where I can hear the birds  and the sound  of the little rivers, gives  me energy and inner peace. When I hear the crickets sing, I always get a nice summer feeling. I like to be in nature and love  animals, flowers and plants.

The orchid is my favorite flower. The best known cultured species (Phalaenopsis) are very easy to maintain. Just put them on a light, (not to) cool place but avoid  the sun and keep humid during the flowering period (with soft water). If the flowers are wilted, move the plant to a cooler place and slow down with the water. After a few months, new shoots with flower buds appear and than I  move him back to the familiar place. I give regulary a little fertilizer and then he gets again more water. Every time when I see such a ” promising” twig appearing on an older plant, I find that fantastic. The first thing  when I get up, is going to look how many buttons already have emerged …

This beautiful orchid is one of the species you can find in our forests  but also in our own (wild) garden, he blooms every year..

This Phalaenopsis was a present from our youngest son Bruno and friend Nathalie. After the blooming time he urgently needs to be repotted. The roots grow all outside and he  almost falls down by the weight of the flowers that have arrived this year.

Such a beautiful flower deserves a tile. On this 3Z one you see a stylized Orchid surrounded by the beautiful Feen by Ela Rieger, a pattern that I really like and seems a bit like an orchid.  The other pattern is called Beebug, a very recently, funny tangle, and  nice to combine with other patterns.

The second tile that I made, during my “break” was   Adele’s challenge., number 200.  Also her new tangle C-Perfs is very original. Here you can see a variation in combination with C-View and the fragment Y1, drawn on a grey tile. Just like on previous drawing, in addition to the classic black pen, pencils and a white gelpen are used.

Of course it is always nice to see your own patterns, appearing in the work of others. It was a real surprise to discover how  Anita Westin   combined a wonderful drawn C-View with other tangles on this beautiful Renaissance Zendalatile.

Tack Anita, jag tror att du har gjort det bra!!!

I have glued the two next ones on black cards. They are drawn with a lot of care for the two doctors who have treaten me very well and thanks to them, my complaints have  reduced a lot. On their advice, I take 2 organic pills  of Flexipur every day  included  Curcuma and Omega 3  (without any side effects)

On the first card, I have glued a strip of blue watercolor background on which I have drawn the new pattern  Agni  by Lily Moon. El Prado is drawn with a white and gold gellypen on the black card.

Here I have cut out a circle  from a yellow/greenish watercolored paper and you can see  next tangles: Field of Flowers, Metro, Molygon and Orb-on-the-move. I have used colourpencils to make the colours a bit stronger and a white gellypen for the highlights.

Under the heading “challenges” on my front page, you’ll discover a few entries that I have made for the guests of Joey. I find this a very sympathetic idea and I like to take  time for some contributions.

The next card was for the 35th anniversary of our oldest son Bram. Just before his thirtieth, now about 5 years ago, he had a very serious caraccident that brought him into a deep coma. After several weeks on Intensive care, followed a long difficult rehabilitation but now we are 5 years further and it goes well with him. After his resignation from the rehabilitation clinic he could go back to his flat where he lives fully independent, without assistance. He has found a nice part-time job  and enjoys life, even though he now has limitations. His (and our) life changed forever but we have accepted that and  feel better and more connected than it used to be.

On Bram’s birthday card I have 5 “rubies” drawn in different sizes. One for every year after its 30th. The smallest is a symbol for the first year and every year the stone has grown a bit  because he is still getting better, thanks to his optimistic attitude to life. The pattern on the inside is Apacore and is   colored in green, the color of hope. Apart from the “rubies”  the Renaissance tile is finished in different shades of green, interspersed with white/grey and black (gelstift and crayons)

Ruby is Bram’s birthstone. Everyone has a birthstone. I din’t  know that but I have recently read an article about. A tile with such a birthstone as eye-catcher, is an original idea if you want to create a card for someone’s birthday. Bram collected stones (when he was  a child)  and he liked the card immediately… and that made me also happy.  On the Internet you can find many images and guidelines to draw beautiful gems.

Participate in challenges is instructive and can be quite nice but also, just making  a drawing  to surprise someone, can be great. You make something very personal for someone you like and that is usually highly appreciated. To get something is nice, but  to give something, that is certainly nice too.

The last tiles were made for I.A.S. T. numbers 203 and 204. Very recently, Adele’s daughter was married and the tradition says: for a long and happy marriage it is necessary the bride has to wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.

part one: something old (Sez) and something new (Trilad)

part two: something blue (Bluebonnets) and something borrowed ( variation on Hollibaugh)

All the tangles can be find on Tanglepatterns.com and/or Elatorium.

In the meantime, I’m working on my condition:: doing exercises every day, making many small walks, regularly going to swim and taking adequate rest periods. The time in front of the computer is limited but  again, drawing  occasionally  remains a challenge and gives me pleasure.  I have invested in a good ergonomic chair from Spinalis, an ergonomic keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, mouse-tray and  regularly I am wearing a small braze on my wrist. This was a substantial amount but this stuff guarantees years of more comfort during computer and drawing activities. On the Spinalis chairs you  are sitting on a movable kind of balloon and that is better for your back. Your arms can rest while surfing and there is also a support where you can lean. In the beginning  this “active sitting” was not for granted  but I just feel that it is better and then maintaining becomes easier. This is a wonderful chair for everyone who needs to sit a lot for hobby/work.

 Nice weather today? Don’t wait any longer and enjoy a summer picnic in the sun or under a beach umbrella.

In Belgium, many festivals are organised during the summer. Even almost 80-years-old  queen Paola and her daughter Princess Astrid were spotted at a concert of Cold Play and King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited our famous Tomorrowland.

In our environment  Esperanzah.  (4, 5 and 6 August) gives beautiful moments every summer.  It is a small, cosy event and takes place at the Abbey of Floreffe. The location is authentic, the atmosphere is welcoming and everyone shows its best side … Great isn’t it?

Esperanzah abough and beneath King Philippe and Queen Mathilde at Tomorrowland

Exactly 50 years ago, The summer of love started in San Francisco  and that is why I have searched in the “old” box to find  an appropriate number to close this summerpost. Enjoy and untill next time:


Op het eerste zicht leek dit een moeilijke challenge, maar niets is minder waar. De string is in feite heel gemakkelijk en Asian Fans is een mooie gemakkelijke tangle.  Van de krullen die Susie getekend had, heb ik een lint gemaakt. en ook mijn Asian Fans  is  ietsje anders. Verder tekende ik nog volgende patronen: Breach, Flux, Tamisolo, Zinger en N’Zeppel .  Ik heb voor deze challenge een mooie maar fragiele Renaissance tile genomen en naast wat zachtere kleuren ook gekozen voor een beetje “flashy” groen omdat Susie ook graag heldere kleuren gebruikt. Dank je wel Susie voor deze bijzondere uitdaging!

At first sight, this challenge seemed a bit difficult, but it is not true. In fact the string is very easy to draw and Asian Fans is a beautiful and easy tangle. I have made a kind of ribbon instead of Susie’s curls an also my Asian Fans looks a bit different. I have chosen to finisih this fragile Renaissance tile with Breach, Flux, Tamisolo, Zinger and N’ Zeppel. On this kind of tiles, colors look great and I have used soft ones but also a lttle bit of “flashy” green because I see very often beautiful flashy colors in Susie’s work. Thank you very much for this interesting challenge!



Heel recent is de dochter van Adele getrouwd en volgens de traditie  zou de bruid op haar trouwdag 4 dingen moeten dragen voor een lang en gelukkig huwelijk: iets oud, iets nieuw, iets blauw en iets geleend. Dat was dan ook de opdracht voor deze speciale challenge. Op de eerste tile zie je iets oud (Sez) en iets nieuw (Trilad). Op de volgende tile zie je iets blauw (Bluebonnet) en iets geleend (Hollibaugh) Een leuke opdracht die werd uitgevoerd op donkerbruin papier en werd afgewerkt met kleurpotloden en gelpennen.

Recently, Adele’s daughter was married. For a long and happy marriage, it would be nice if the bride should wear something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed. That was the challenge for 203: something old (Sez) and something new (Trilad) and for 204: something blue (Bluebonnet) and something borrowed (Hollibaugh). A lovely challenge that I enjoyed very much and have drawn on braun paper and finished with colourpencils and gelpens.

I’ve never made a drawing with a rope string before but I really enjoyed this challenge. The strings are easy to draw and everyone can fill them  with their favorite tangles,  a lovely idea. Thank you Michele. So, I started on a zendalatile (grey) and began with Ruutz. I know Michele likes cats, so I continued with the funny pattern Kitty. Caviar, Sez, Wud, Onomato, Shattuck and Printemps followed. Beneath, I ‘ve drawn another little line and filled this new space with Diva Dance and Leaf-a-vin. Finally I finished with Hurry and started to shade. After shading, I used also green colourpencils and white gelpens. (the “ears” of the cats got a golden touch)

Dit is mijn eerste tekening met een “touw string”. Een éénvoudige maar heel plezante uitdaging omdat je elk “compartimentje” kunt vullen met je favoriete tangles. Dank je wel Michele. Ik heb opnieuw voor een grijze tile gekozen.  Ruutz werd als eerste  getekend. Michele houdt van katten en daarom volgde het grappige motiefje Kitty. Daarna kwamen Caviar, Sez, Wud, Onomato, Shattuck en Printemps. Onderaan heb ik een extra vakje toegevoegd waar Diva Dance en Leaf-a-vin in kwamen. Hurry was leuk om mee te eindigen. Na wat schaduw aangebracht te hebben, gebruikte ik nog lichtgroene kleurpotloden en  maakte enkele highlights met een witte gelpen. (de” oortjes “van de katten kregen een gouden vulling)


Een heel sympathiek idee van Joey om tijdens haar vakantie zes gasten uit te nodigen voor een challenge! Ilse Lukken beet de spits af met een string in de vorm van een ster die je mocht invullen met Auraknot of andere tangles naar keuze. Ik ben er een tijdje tussenuit geweest maar het gaat intussen wat beter en daarom wil ik graag af en toe terug een inzending sturen. Ik heb gekozen voor Starfruit en daarbij past de prachtige tangle Apacore heel goed. Ilse houdt van zwart/wit en daarom heb ik mijn patronen in die tinten getekend. Op de achtergrond en het kader kon ik niet nalaten een beetje kleur te gebruiken. Ik heb  gekozen voor een grijze tegel en afgewerkt met zwarte, witte en zilveren pennen en kleurpotloden.

What a lovely idea to invite 6 different guests for the challenges during the hollidays. The first one is Ilse Lukken and she suggested us to draw a star as a string and to fill with Auraknot or other favorite patterns. I didn’t have the opportunity to tangle a lot in the past weeks but I feel better at the moment and I’m intending to send again an entry now and than. I have chosen for a big Starfruit in combination with the lovely new tangle Apacore. Ilse loves black/white and that is why I have  used only these tints in my tangles. For the background and the frame, I couldn’t resist to use a little colour. This tile is made on grey paper and I have used black, silver and white pens and finished with ordinary colourpencils.