Voor deze leuke challenge heb ik volgende tangles gebruikt: allereerst kwam  het gevraagde Drogon op mijn tile. daarna heb ik het mooie patroontje Lee-Bee getekend als een soort kader waarbinnen ik Membranart aangebracht heb. Tenslotte heb ik van 2 lijnen van Lee-Bee nog tangles gemaakt: Hybrid en Clob. In eerste instantie wilde ik deze tile in zwart/wit laten maar voor ik het besefte had ik alweer mijn kleurpotloden vast om de vakjes die ontstonden door een tweede kader op te vullen met 2 tinten blauw, grijs en zwart.

For this lovely challenge I started to draw Drogon. Next pattern was Lee-Bee that appeared as a kind of frame. Inside this little frame I have drawn Membranart. To finish I have made two other tangles  from the lines of Lee-Bee: Hybrid and Clob. First I wanted to deliver this tile in black/white but before I knew, I had taken my colourspencils. I filled the spaces, created by the second frame, with two tints of blue , grey and black.

Opnieuw een leuke opdracht van Adele:  een mooie string en volgende patronen om te gebruiken: Bales, Bubbles en Jester. Zoals u kunt zien werd een deel van het achterliggende Bales bijgewerkt met zwarte pen en kleurpotloden. In de lijnen van de string, tekende ik een onregelmatig stuk van Jester dat benadrukt werd door wat kleur.  Tenslotte ziet u Bubbles, gemaakt met pen en kleur, maar ook een deel met een gewoon potlood.

Again a lovely challenge of Adele: a nice string and following tangles to use: Bales, Bubbles and Jester. As you can see, a part of Bales is drawn in black/white and another part in colour. By following the string, I have drawn an irregular piece of Jester, also finished with a bit of colour.  The last one,  Bubbles is made with a pen and colourpencils but also a few ones with a n ordinary black pencil.

Deze bijdrage werd gemaakt voor de 200 ste wekelijkse challenge van Joey. Een dikke proficiat voor zoveel inspiratie! De tile werd getekend op basis van de string 165 en Joey stelde voor om Exeter te gebruiken, een nieuw patroon voor mij. Je herkent de volgende tangles: Shattuck, Florz, Metroz, Caviar en tenslotte Exeter. Ik wilde eerst gewoon in zwart/wit blijven maar kon toch niet weerstaan om een beetje kleur toe te voegen: geel, oranje en bruin. Op naar de volgende 200…

This entry was made for number 200 of Joey’s weekly challenges. Congratulations for so much inspiration! This tile was based on the string 165 and Joey suggested us to use  Exeter, a new pattern for me. On my drawing you can notice: Shattuck, Florz, Metroz, Caviar and finally Exeter.  First, I decided   to keep it  simple in black/white but I couldn’t resist at the end  to add a  final touch of colour: yellow, orange and braun. Let’s go to the next 200…


Rumpus is zo een prachtige tangle en ik  kon niet weerstaan om mijn tile, die ik reeds toonde in mijn laatste blogpost naar Adele te sturen. Ik heb getekend op grijs papier met een zwarte pen en afgewerkt met roze, rode en 3 tinten blauwe kleurpotloden en natuurlijk een witte gelpen.

Rumpus is a wonderful tangle and  therefore I couldn’t resist to send  my tile to Adele. I had published this drawing already on my latest blogpost. I have worked on grey paper with a black pen and finished with pink, red, 3 tints of blue colorpencils and as usual a white gellypen.


Deze week heb ik 2 vliegen in één klap. Op de eerste tile vooraan zie je de gevraagde string van Joey en het patroontje Didada. Toen ik later de site van Laura bezocht, zag ik dat zij vroeg om met willekeurige voorwerpen uit je omgeving een string te vormen. Ik heb hier gewoon 3 “Bijoux”  genomen en gebruikt als string op een apprenticetile. Naast Didada heb ik ook volgende tangles getekend: Verve, Catkin, Hollibaugh, Onomato, Scallamps, Tripple Tipple en Narwal. Er werd gewerkt met een zwarte pen, gewone kleurpotloden een wit krijtpotlood en een witte gelpen. Ik vond dit erg leuke opdrachten!

This week,” I have two birds with one stone”. On the first tile in the front, you can see the string that Joey suggested to use and the pattern Didada. This afternoon, when I visited Laura‘s site, I saw that she asked to use random found objects around us to create our own string. I saw 3 “Bijoux”  on the table and used them as a string on an apprenticetile. Beside Didada, you can notice Verve, Catkin, Hollibaugh, Onomato, Scallamps, Tripple Tipple and Narwal. I have drawn only with a black pen and finished with ordinary colourpencils, a white charcoal and a white gellypen. I enjoyed those challenges!

Toen ik Joey’s gevraagde string zag, dacht ik ogenblikkelijk om naast Ta-DaZenplosion Folds  toe te voegen. Door Crescent Moon achter Ta-Da aan te brengen krijgt de tekening een beetje meer diepgang.  Tipple zorgt dan weer voor een speelser effect. Ik teken graag op grijze tiles omdat de koele kleuren ( zwart/grijs/ wit/blauw) daarop altijd  mooi tot hun recht komen.

When I saw the string that Joey suggested us to use, I thought immediately to add Zenplosion Folds to the pattern Ta- Da. By putting Crescent Moon behind Ta-Da, I got more depth into the drawing and Tipple gives always a pleasant touch. I like to draw on grey  because the cool colours I have used (black/grey/white/blue) look very nice on those kind of tiles.

Ik heb met veel plezier deze eerste challenge van het nieuwe jaar van Adele getangeld. U ziet een combinatie van Toodles en Slowpoke, twee mooie recente tangles, getekend  op een grijze tile. Bruine, zwarte, paarse en blauwe pennen/potloden werden gebruikt en zoals gewoonlijk een wit krijtpotlood en een witte gelstift om wat meer glans/contrast te bekomen.

I enjoyed tangling the first challenge of 2018 by Adele. You see a combination of Toodles and Slowpoke, two recent beautiful tangles. I have used a grey tile and worked with black, purple, braun and blue pens/pencils. As usual, I finished whit a white charcoalpencil and a white gellypen to become more contrasts and highlights.



When you search for “Zentangle borders” followed by “images” under Google, you’ll instantly see several examples that can inspire you to create unique frames. Inside, you can put quotes, wishes, photos, drawings, whatever you like… This tile was made on the back of “eco dyed” paper. The advantage of this technique is that you can work on both sides of the tile. On one side you will clearly see the prints of the leafs, on the backside you’ll get softer, more pastel colored shapes. You can follow the leaf motifs with tangles or you can simply draw on the “blurry” background. To you the choice!

I have seen beautiful drawings, made on eco-dyed paper on the sites of Margaret Bremner and Michelle Wynne. It is really worthwhile to discover this wonderful technique. I am certainly going to experiment more in the future.

Eni Oken’s “Framed Treasures” were a source of inspiration by making this tile. I have drawn with brown and black pens and you can see a lot of   tangles: Coil, N’Zeppel, Remo, Zander, Shattuck, Barberpole Slowpoke, Flux, Zoran-Flower, Printemps, Crescent Moon, jetties, U-too and Tipple. The finishing touch was done with grey, black and orange pencils and about the highlights: a white chalk pencil and a white gelstift always give beautiful results.

Pleasant moments can appear all of a sudden and you will find them very often in small things!



Unfortunately we do not always enjoy  beautiful things around us and find (too) much, just for granted.. This  buddhist quote will help to look in a different way:

Beauty is not only in the object you are looking at, but also in the way you look.

Mesh balls, peanuts and feeding bowls lure birds to your surroundings. They help them through this cold period and you’ll get funny winter scenes.

For many of us, a new year means a new start with good intentions that we will try to continue. On the other hand is giving up when it is necessary, also a life art. It has nothing to do with a shortage of perseverance but requires a lot of courage and it is often the only way to get a better balance in your life. Staying in regrets does not make any sense. Is the goal no longer possible, or do you not feel good in a certain situation, why  putting in still so much energy? Are there alternatives?  I’m sure there will always come other challenges to put your focus on…

We have only one life where work and free time are intertwined. Finding a good balance is different for each of us and often you have to  search… Anyone can take a certain amount of stress if a relaxing activity follows.. No one can maintain to say always yes, now and than say “no” is necessary.

Even on cold, wet, winterdays, you can discover the beauty of nature.

The well-known symbol (Yin-Yang) is an ancient Chinese concept. The outer circle stands for “Everything”, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “Yin” (black) and “Yang” (white). They are not completely black or white, just as the things in life are not completely black or white, but they cannot exist without each other and ensure balance.

The origine of yin/yang goes  back thousands of years. The principle was first mentioned in the I-Ching written between 700 to 1000 years BC. The shape of Yin and yang share the symbol and give a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin.

Below you’ll see how easy you can make such a drawing and then fill it with your favorite patterns. There are many possibilities to design your own unique yin/yang symbol. I  like to show you a few examples:

The following drawing was made on a watercolor background with only 2 tangles: The recent tangle Abukas around the yin/yang symbol in which you  recognize Hybrid. (and of course again Tipples, I couldn’t resist to add them) On watercoloured backgrounds, I like  to make the colours a bit stronger with ordinary colourpencils.

On this tan coloured tile I’ve used the new cute tangle, created by Rick and Maria: Toodles.  It is not a real ” Renaissancetile” but just brown wrapping paper. I have cut away half of the tile and glued a black piece behind on which I tangled with white pens and finished with chalk pencils.

I’ve found this image on the Internet. It’s not Zentangleart but it’s  funny, nice and cute and therefore this ying/yang deserves a place on my blog post, especially for all the cat lovers among the followers and I know, there are  many…

Meanwhile, I ‘ve  found a new tangle. This form was used as a string on one of the Prestrung Zendalatiles but I have never seen the pattern as a tangle. Therefore, I chose the name Mistura (Portuguese for mix) it is a mixture of old and new, of eastern and western and  also of strings and tangles. It’s a very easy pattern when you follow the right steps and you can make beautiful compositions with it. You can use Mistura as a framework, as a background or combine with other motifs. This pattern looks also  nice on black tiles

The following example is drawn on a white tile and finished with ordinary pencils, besides Mistura, you can also see a variation of Nouvart, Onomato, Hybrid and the fragment K14

On this black tile, I opted for a combination of Mistura, Wud, Hybrid, Peek-A-boo-Daisy and the fragment B12. The tile was finished with white and colored chalk pencils.

I really enjoyed the unique demonstrations that Rick and Maria showed us on their blog during the 12 days before Christmas (which is accessible to everyone) I find their two new tangles Toodles and Rumpus very nice and therefore I have added a few examples of Rumpus. If you follow the guidelines, this tangle is not a difficult one  and you can use beautiful colours. My grey tile is finished with grey, black, pink, red and three different tints of blue pencils, a white chalk pencil and a white gellypen.

I discovered this gorgeous variation on Susie Ngamsuwan’s site: Fleeting time. She really has a gift to put her personal touch on every tangle.

It is only the beginning of January, the heart of  the winter but  the darkest days are already passed away.  At the end of this month, the days will have become quite a bit longer and  the sun will give us new energy…

I started with a buddhist quote and I would like to end this first post of 2018 with another one:

Whatever your past may be, your future  you make now..

Thank you all for your visits, feedback, comments, e-mails and wishes and once again, I wish everyone the best in the new year: peace, happiness, a good health and many new Zentangleadventures. Let’s have fun and now we finish this first post with a fantastic piece of music by Father Bach, brought by Vanessa Mae and the symphonic Orchestra of Bratislava.