This is not a nice picture.  Every day we get a lot of negative messages and awful images but there is still hope this view can change if we will make more efforts, all together.  A wonderful example is the Ocean Cleaner an invention of a 22 year old Dutch environmental activist.

The Australian Pete Ceglinski and Sergio Ruiz Holpern also try to contribute with their Seabin to clean the oceans. Their invention can be installed  in harbours,  all over the world.  One “bucket” can ensure that 500 kg less plastic waste comes into the water every year.  Hats off to these people who put their last money in their project and yes, it really works! It’s not a miracle  but it’s a nice start… we all  can help,  just by opting for more sustainable products and avoiding plastic and disposable items as much as possible.

When I look back at my childhood, I don’t see any computers, mobiles or Ipads. The Internet and Facebook didn’t exist… The first image on TV (black/white) that I remember was a cartoon of Mickey Mouse. So much has changed,   it seems I came from prehistoric times. Now we live more and more in a digital world. I am grateful  my husband and sons have been able to convince me to “go along with the time “…  I  hated computers but now I don’t wanna miss them anymore!

As I wrote before, I am not a fan of Facebook or other social media but occasionally I took a look at Square one. Some of you know, every week a tangle is chosen from the “magical box.” It was a pleasant surprise to discover on Friday the thirteenth, that Ilac came out of that box.  Beautiful, unique entries from all over the world appeared on the screen. That made me very glad. Below you see the performance of Ilac on Square one with an original drawing by Margaret Bremner:

And a wonderfull contribution of my neighbour,  Anoeska Waardenburg from the Netherlands:

I  liked to thank the tanglers who sent a submission,  that is why I have created an account.  On Square One, only tiles are shown in black and white.Below you see my first contribution. My entry was drawn in black and white but  for this blogpost I added a tiny bit of green and blue.  It is a combination of Mashed, Printemps, Wud, Ilac, N’Zeppel, Stircles and Clob. I’ve used Mashed before to frame a drawing. This tangle looks awesome  when you colour the outside edges black. Black stripes also give  special results and divide your drawing into different pieces:

Of course you can find even more challenges on Facebook… For example on Elatorium daily challenges are given by Ela Rieger.  Below you see such a georgous example of Ela:

Also on today’s tangles challenges are given and everyone can participate.  Joey Van Oort and Laura Harms (I am the Diva) have stopped their activities (hopefully temporarily) and I really miss these challenges. Fortunately, Adele still gives a nice assignment every week on her site . For entries to Elatorium, Today’s tangles and Square one, you have to create an account.

Linda former ( publishes every two weeks on Friday a “refresher “, you can  make combinations with tangles that you might have forgotten. These refreshers are  nice exercises to maintain your Zentangle knowledge.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am even more in front of the screen since I created an account on Facebook.  It’s impossible for me to get involved in all the challenges though I’d like to do that but it’s just too much. I have to move and rest enough to avoid back and neck problems… and that is very important for me.

In this period of the year, a lot of people have hollidays and make trips abroad. As you know already, tiles can do that as well. I  like to show an exchange with Joyce B. from Alabama.  I don’t know how why, but my own tangles I rarely use. That’s why I was delighted when I saw that Joyce started a tile with Rick’s Paradox, Zinger, Fescu and my Horti. I finished the drawing with Fassett, Mashed and Chechain.

On a second tile (ATC) Joyce started again with one of my tangles: Ilac and Plum lei.  I decided to stick the card on a bigger black card and went on with Ilac on the black background.  On the ATC, I ‘ve drawn a couple of  the cute little pattern Plum lei in different colours for a background of B-Horn (in pencil). Then on the black card I signed a very simple frame so that it seems like a window whit Plum behind and Ilac  before.



Below  you see the tan coloured Zandala that I started with Nouvart and which Joyce has finished in fresh colours:

 I  also sent another white tile on which I started with Wud. Joyce finished the drawing with lovely chosen patterns.

For me, every tile made with love and care is valuable. As I wrote before,  it should never be a competition that gives stress and that is not the intention, on the contrary. Thank you again Joyce for the fine cooperation and for the beautiful Haiku you made after seeing a pic about night clouds on my previous blog post:

Silver clouds of light,

Shining thru night’s darkest sky,

Sharing hopes of more.

Meanwhile, Zentangle drawings  have become a real hype, every day I see tangles popping up everywhere. It’s nice to know that “old ” students continue to draw. Ingrid  Reynders teaches the beautiful Italian language in the” Doppahuis” in Hasselt where I have taught Zentangle lessons She sent me a picture of a homemade Granola in a nice jar with a  special label. It’s a good idea to make some.  They give a personal touch to your gifts and that will certainly be appreciated. Beautiful done Ingrid!

In Belgium We often had rainy summers and many people go to the south during their holiday. This year, however, we are experiencing one of the driest and hottest summers ever.. With regularly temperatures above 30° C.  For weeks, sweaters, cardigans and raincoats are not necessary,  only summer blouses and shorts are worn…

Drinking  is  important and what tastes better than a delicious homemade ice-tea based on fruits and herbal infusions. My favorite is green tea with lots of fresh mint from the garden, ice cubes, fresh lemonjuice and a drop of maplesirup.

Tea is always a good idea

I love fresh colors and the African fabrics are usually beautiful. For the third time I found inspiration to make a new tangle:

The original pattern was simplified and makes me think of shells. These shells remind me of the seaside where we stayed with our family for a few weeks every summer. Always,  I was searched  for nice specimens on the beach, it never bored.  Mum used to protect us against the sun with a thick white cream from  a blue pot of Nivea that you can still find in the shops. I took away Ni  and  Vea is the name of my new pattern. You can find it already  on (link):


Also in the popular spiral form (such as f.ex. Reticula R-H3) you can make a nice composition with Vea. Here you can see a combination of Spoolies, Tamisolo ,Antidots, Bubbles and Sweet 101. The drawing was made on recycled wrapping paper and finished with ordinary pencils:

After a while, everyone finds his own style. One person remains exclusively to draw in black/white, another person likes to experiment  with colors and contrasts.  Some like architectural patterns, others prefer more organic tangles or a combination of both:

The gracefully stylized shape from the agenda of Lori Byerly

A beautiful Zendala in the characteristic style of Anita Westin

A wonderful  composition of Margarete Gilge

and an original C-View of Christine Courtois:

Many thanks to Lori, Anita, Margaret, and Christine for these unique drawings on which you have used my patterns in such a nice way!!!

Every week I follow watertherapy and  I always see the same people. In addition to working on the condition, I can refine every week “my French “. My mother tongue is Dutch but here in the south of Belgium French is the language. Very often I make a chat with the friendly Kristina, original from Poland who is a big fan of country music. I promised to finish this blogpost  with a countrysong and chose “country roads” by John Denver,  nicely brought by Nek Fernández and Kevin Staudt:

 Nothing is more beautiful to me than pure nature…  It is our responsibility to keep it that way for future generations (wild flowers in Umbria-Italy)


 What touches you, shows you the next step



Een éénvoudige string en originele tangles: Nipa, Printemps en Crescent Moon, dat was de opdracht van de week. Ik heb  enkele tiles gemaakt maar deze tekening op grijs papier, afgewerkt met een tikkeltje blauw is mijn favoriet.

An uncomplicated string and original tangles; Nipa, Printemps and Crescent Moon, that was the challenge of the week. I have made a few tiles but this one, drawn on grey paper and finished with a little bit of blue is my fave.


Ontelbare variaties zijn mogelijk met deze supertangle! Je kan Deeday gebruiken als string en vullen met andere tangles of  fragmenten. Je kan het patroontje herhalen in alle richtingen, het is gemakkelijk te combineren maar is ook leuk als monotangle. Ik heb een kleinere bruine tile  op een groter blauw exemplaar geplakt. Op de kleinere bruine tegel ben ik begonnen met Deeday als string die ik gevuld werd met de fragmenten Q5 en B11. Deeday loopt over in Toodles waarachter Jetties en Printemps getekend werden en tenslotte tekende ik met een witte gelpen een variatie van La bel. Wat extra kleur maakt de tile af.

A wonderful tangle with many possibilities. You can use Deeday as a string and fill with other tangles and fragments. You can repete this pattern in different directions, it is an easy one to combine with other patterns but is also nice as a monotangle. I took a smaller brown tile which I glued on a bigger blue one. On the brown tile, I started with Deeday as a string and filled with the fragments Q5 and B11. Deeday “flows” into Toodles in front of Jetties and Printemps. I finished with a variation on La bel (with a white gellypen) on the blue tile and finally, I added some colours with ordinary colourpencils.


Een leuke verassing voor mij  om te ontdekken dat Square one op vrijdag de dertiende Ilac gekozen had als challenge. Daar kon ik niet aan weerstaan en hieronder zie je mijn eerste bijdrage voor Chris Titus.  Je herkent volgende tangles: Mashed, N’Zeppel, Clob, Printemps, Msst, Wud, Stircles, Flux en Ilac. In deze Facebook groep wordt alleen zwart/wit gebruikt. Zoals gewoonlijk had ik mijn tile afgewerkt met enkele accentjes wit (op de cirkeltjes van Stircles en op de “blaadjes” van Ilac)  m.b.v. een witte gelpen. Ik had er geen erg in dat dit niet mocht. Lily Moon stuurde mij een waarschuwing en de volgende dag werd mijn tile verwijderd van de site.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Square One chosed Ilac on friday the thirteenth as a challenge. I couldn’t resist and here you can see my first entry for Chris Titus.  You can recognize Mashed, N’Zeppel, Msst, Clob, Printemps, Wud, Stircles, Flux and Ilac. In this Facebook group, entries had to be drawn only in black/white. Unfortunately I didn’t know that is was not aloud to use a white gellypen ( I ‘d made a few small highlights) Lily Moon sent me a message.  I thanked her for the advise and wrote that I would not use gellypens anymore in the future. The next day, my tile was deleted from the site.



Group on facebook

Eindelijk nog eens een éénvoudige  zwart/wit combinatie met de “oude” Munchin en de “nieuwe” Stiks!

At last, an uncomplicated combination in black/white of the “old” Munchin and the “new” Stiks!

Deze tekening werd gemaakt voor de 25O ste challenge van Adele. De gevraagde tangles, Tira en AHH werden getekend op een aquarelachtergrond. Ik heb geprobeerd een illusie te maken van een open venster waardoor dikke wolken vol tangles kunnen  binnenkomen.

This tile is my entry for the 25O th challenge of Adele. The suggested tangles Tira and AHH are drawn on a watercoloured background. I tried to create an illusion of an open window where big clouds full of tangles can come in.