Deze uitdaging is heel passend voor de tijd van het jaar!  Gourdgeous en Wooooo werden getekend op een witte tile en afgewerkt met kleurpotloden.

This challenge is wonderful for this time of the year!  Gourdgeous and Wooooo are drawn on a white tile and finished with colourpencils.

Op een witte tile werden een paar druppels  ecolineverf gemorst. Deze  soort verf geeft heel intense kleurschakeringen.  Daarna ging de tegel de slazwierder in en door het zwieren verscheen een grillig uitwaaierend effect. Daarna heb ik de open stukken gevuld met bolletjes die nadien  werden bijgekleurd met kleurpotloden. Dit is een heel  éénvoudige en ontspannende manier van tekenen maar je kan nooit tweemaal hetzelfde resultaat bekomen. Dat hoeft ook niet; elke tekening is uniek en de moeite waard!

I have trown a few drops of ecolinepaint on a white  tile. This kind of paint gives beautiful bright results.  Then, I have put the tile into a saladspinner to create a kind of  whimsical “fanning out”. The open spacies were filled with orbs and coloured with ordinary colourpencils. This is a very  easy and relaxing way to make a drawing but you can never receive  twice the same result. That is not necessary; every tile is unique and worthwhile!

Opnieuw een mooie challenge van Adele: een combinatie van Hexonu en 3-Loops-6.  Ik koos voor een grijze tile en “werkte” deze keer gewoon in zwart/wit.

Again a lovely challenge by Adele: a combination of Hexonu and 3-Loops-6. I have chosen to work on a grey tile and made the drawing just in black/white.

B-Leaf is een leuke tangle die gemakkelijk kan gecombineerd worden. In mijn kompositie herken je naast B-Leaf ook Icanthus, Façade en Cogwheel.

B-Leaf is a lovely tangle that is easy to combine with other patterns. In my composition, you recognize beside B-Leaf also Icanthus, Façade and Cogwheel!

Zoals je kunt zien werd deze tile gemaakt ter gelegenheid van het 5 jarig bestaan van I.A.S.T. Hierbij wil ik Adele Bruno van harte bedanken voor zoveel inspiratie, variatie en inzet om elke tile wekelijks mooi te presenteren op haar site!!! Op onderstaande tile herken je: Knightsbridge, O, Kitl en Prestwood.

As you can see, I have made this tile for the 5 th birthday of I.A.S.T. Thank you Adele for putting so much work in giving us inspiration, variation and a wonderful weekly presentation of our results on your site!!! On this tile you will recognize: Knightsbridge O, Kitl and Prestwood. 


N’Zeppel is altijd één van mijn favorieten geweest. Deze tile werd in lente gemaakt  voor één van mijn blogposten maar is nooit ingestuurd voor een challenge. Je ziet hier een combinatie van een variatie op Membranart (zonder gaten) Wud, N’Zeppel, Copada en Peek-a-boo-Daisy, getekend met een zwarte pen en afgewerkt met kleurpotloden.

N’Zeppel is one of my old faves. This tile is made in the Spring of this year to put on one of my blogposts but I never send it in for a challenge. You see a combination of a variation on Membranart (without holes) Wud, N’Zeppel, Copada and Peek-a-boo-Daisy. I have drawn with a black pen and finished with ordinary colourpencils.

Een mooie string en enkele vertrouwde en nieuwe tangles, dat was de opdracht van Adele: Hollybaugh, 7 Keys, Sling Slang en Diamante. Een simpele tile die ik afgewerkt heb met gewone kleurpotloden.

A lovely string and some familiar and some new tangles, that was the challenge of Adele: Hollibaugh, 7 keys, Sling Slang and Diamante. An uncomplicated tile that I finished with ordinary colourpencils.

De compositie van deze tile werd samengesteld door: Raindotty’s, Stella, een hybride van Verve/Peel en Crescent Moon.

The composition of this tile is made with Raindotty’s, Stella, an hybrid of Verve/Peel and Crescent Moon.

A long time ago, I bought a Koru  which I still ware regularly.  Koru is the Maori name for the coiled frond that unrolls every year. It symbolizes the positive change of new life, purity and strength.  Artisanal goodies with a meaning have always interested me.  I love the beautiful shape and meaning of a Koru:

Below you see such a typical Maori Koru, made from green Jade:

and also their carvings in fluent lines are wonderful:

The tile below is based on Maori art: Printemps, Icantoo, Crescent Moon, Meer, Tamisolo, Snail and Mazorito. The tile was drawn with a black pen and finished with green/yellow pencils:

But the Maori are best known for their specific tattoos in which I found inspiration to make Mazorito. This pattern can already be found on but beneath you can see the steps again:


And in the little movie below, Melinda Barlow demonstrates how to draw this tangle:


This is not a difficult pattern but does require some concentration. In step 1 It is important to draw the tipples at the same height and with the same gaps. The dots in the middle makes forming the tangle easier. For the fourth step I turn my tile, so you can draw the “aura ” more beautiful.  If you draw many auras then we call them, as Melinda says, “echo’s “.  I called this new tangle  Mazorito (Maori, Zentangle and Tattoo). The Zentanglemethod connects us all and it is perhaps precisely for this reason that this drawing art has become so popular. We see Influences from all cultures and all corners of the world and I like that very much!

As previously written, I try to participate regularly in “challenges “. Of course I was delighted when I saw the 256 th “Challenge ” appearing  on Adele’s website: a simple circle shape that could be filled with Hexa, Horti and Mazorito. I found all the contributions very nice and special. By this way, I would like to thank everyone who sent in  a submission, but especially Adele who puts so much work into the weekly challenges and the wonderful presentation of everyone’s work!!!

This is my tile, would you like to see the other results, please take  a look at Adele’s site :

The summer was abnormally dry and warm in Belgium. In the future, even in the more temperate areas, we will face longer periods of extreme heat interspersed with heavy rains… In the past few months I usually stayed in the house during the day where it was cooler. Windows and doors were opened in the evening…

In the afternoon I was sitting (too) much behind my computer. While surfing, I bumped into a special name: Hundertwasser  and  googled the name… followed  by “Images “.  Fascinating pictures of colored buildings, designed by Hundertwasser appeared on the screen.  I liked them immediately.  Thanks to the computer, the whole world opens to you. I had never heard of this man but that changed in one second, that’s great, isn’t it?


Below I have found a nice movie for all the ones who like to experiment with watercolors,. It is not difficult, very colourful and pleasant to do, based on the Hundertwasser technique:

And here is my first attempt to combine Hundertwasser with simple tanglework: Hexa, Flukes, Nipa, N’Zeppel, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Fassett


And another example with: Crescent Moon, Arullo, Cruffle, Hybrid, Petal panes, Fescu, Afterglo, Flukes, Printemps, Sandswirl, Papermint, Msst, and Beadlines:

The lines  don’t have to be straight  at all.  Colors are allowed to flow into each other. When your painting is dry, you can fill the boxes with your favorite tangles. Finally, you can finish with an extra line here and there…

After a long hot summer, we can discover  the first signs of a new season. The temperatures are still very comfortable but during the evening, we need an extra sweater.  Autumn is  in the air…  The forest smells delicious and invites us to make longer walks.  If you pay attention , you will discover  so many unique organic tanglework.

Every human being, every animal, every plant, even every piece of nature can be a potential teacher for us:


This tile was signed for Adele’s 257 th challenge . I have combined  the requested  Twilight with Crescent Moon and finished with yellow, orange and green pencils to  create an autumnal atmosphere:


For the music fragment I have chosen this time for a  German groupe:  “Federkleid ” from Faun. I agree, the members of the groupe look special but I like their  cheerful music and I hope you will enjoy too!

I like to conclude this post with a nice Buddhist quote: Gratitude must not be our motive, but gives the courage to go further.

Until next time