De opdracht van Adele was om een “Dingsplatz” te maken n.a.v. Maria’s voorbeeld in het videofilmpje van één van de “kitchen table tangles”. Ik vond dit erg leuk en gebruikte de “Dingsplatz” (die ik vroeger reeds tekende) als kader dat gevuld werd met Field of Flowers en nadien gekleurd werd met gewone kleurpotloden.

Adele’s challenge was to make a ‘Dingsplatz” as Maria showed us on one of the kitchen table tangles video’s. I liked drawing this challenge and used the “Dingsplatz” (that I made a while ago) as a frame, filled with Field of Flowers and finished with ordinary colourpencils.

Sea Wave is de tangle van de week. Op onderstaande tekening, ziet U dit mooie patroontje, getekend in het rond samen met Olspin, Crescent Moon, Membranart en Tipple. Zoals gevraagd bij Square One werden geen kleuren en gelstiften gebruikt, alleen een zwarte pen en een potlood.

Sea Wave is the tangle of the week. On the picture, below, you can see this nice pattern, drawn in the round, together with Olspin, Cresent Moon, Membranart and Tipple. As Square One asked, no colours or gellypens were used, only a black pen and a pencil.

Een leuke string en tangles die een beetje een lentegevoel oproepen: Crescent Moon, Mumsy en Jasmin. Er werd getekend op een tankleurige tile en de afwerking gebeurde met een witte gelpen en blauwe kleurpotloden. Ik heb de tile gefotografeerd omdat ik wat problemen heb met mijn scanner, vandaar dat er rechtsonder een beetje schaduw te zien is.

A pleasant string and tangles that gives real Springfeelings: Crescent Moon, Mumsy and Jasmin. I have used a tan coloured tile and finished with a white gellypen and ordinary blue colourpencils. I took a picture istead of using the scanner. That is why you can see a bit more shadow in the right corner beneath.

Voor de derde keer een mooie string om een zendala te maken. Ik koos voor Buddea, Singala, Printemps, Fescu en CO2.

For the third time, a lovely string to make a zendala. I have chosen for Buddea, Singala, Printemps, Fescu and CO2.

Voor deze inzending op “Square One” heb ik mij laten inspireren door de Japanse Ikebana bloemensierkunst. Op deze kleine Zia ziet u een combinatie van Easter Lily, Fricle, Tipple en Cat-kin.

For this contribution on Square One, I have found inspiration by the Japanese Ikebana art. On this little Zia, you can see a combination of Easter Lily, Fricle, Tipple and Cat-kin.

Op deze zendala, zie je een compositie van Lamar, Crescent Moon, Tamisolo, Icantoo, Printemps en Surf’up.

On this zendala, you can see a composition of Lamar, Crescent Moon, Tamisolo, Icantoo, Printemps and Surf’up.

A string based on Pi was the challenge of the week. Tangles to use are: O3, 1+1 and 4Fun. It sounds a bit mathematic and I am not good in that stuff but I enjoyed making this tile.

Een string, gebaseerd op Pi was de uitdaging van de week. De gebruikte tangles zijn: O3,1+1 en 4Fun. Het klinkt een beetje wiskundig en daar ben ik niet goed in maar desondanks was het fijn om deze tangles te leren kennen.

At the end of the year I can blow out 65 candles and I am grateful for that. When my parents had that age I found them very old but now that I am a senior myself, I do not think so at all. It’s true, there are wrinkles, there are days stat everything has to go a bit slower and my memory has ever been better but there are still so many nice things to enjoy and I don’t want to spend time on mulling. I gave myself a fresh short cup by a good hairdresser and it was time to buy a new pair of glasses. I’m happy that springtime is coming, a new season, a new look and new plans…

It’s been a long time ago since I have drawn on a triangular tile. That is why I have chosen to make a small composition with a duo of Printemps and Ratoon on a small tancoloured triangle. For me, Printemps is the perfect tangle to fill empty spots. I use this simple but nice pattern very often:

I’ve always been curious and that hasn’t gotten any less with aging. With a single click on the computer you can come directly into a totally different world and that remains fascinating. Unknown peoples and cultures can still enchant me. Several times I found inspiration for composing a new pattern and now again. For the second time, a tattoo was the beginning of a new tangle. This time not on the Maori people from New Zealand but with the Kadiweu Indians, an indigenous people from Brazil.

Inspired by the above tattoo: Kadibra (Kadiweu and Brazilië):

For the second time, Annette Plaga gave a wonderful design which opens the possibilities to create another Zendala:

I filled the specified string with Zander, Scape, Sindoo and Starawn, and finished the tile with ordinary colourpencils:

When you like drawing, you will get lots of pencil stumps after a while. Some people use them very creativ. The Czech Anna Čurlejová gives her old pencils a second life as jewels. Anna combines different coloured pencils into beautiful layered shapes and then manipulates them with lacquer to preserve shape and colour.

These pencil jewelry is for sale in the Etsy webshop!

With these pictures in my head, I made the next tile with Hurry in the background, Pearly as board and inside a combination of Tipple, Printemps and Hexonu, finished with colourpencils:

Too little time to cook with all that tangling? Take a look at the following movie how you make tasty and healthy burgers in an instant with an ordinary cauliflower as a base:

For a long time I didn’t want to join Facebook. But finally I joined Chris Titus Square one and occasionally I send a contribution. In the beginning, I was struggling to use only black and white, but sometimes it feels good to go to “back to basics “. Below you see an image of a Tree of Life that inspired me for my latest entry:

Many variations are possible to design such a tree. Besides Fontana, I chose Diva Dance, Mosi and Stone Story:

And an earlier one with Field of Flowers, B-Horn and Ipso, afterwards coloured a bit in mostly red tints:

I like to thank my faithful followers and sincerely hope that you have had inspiring moments and fun while reading the blog posts. I have spent a lot of time on it, but I liked it. I still want to do so much but I don’t have time enough… Therefore, no blog posts will appear in the next months. Tangling is a part of my life and I will always keep on doing that, just because I enjoy it and recognise the benefits. Every week new tiles will appear on my front page and the finished ones will be placed on my Pinterest page. I wish everyone a happy Easter and hope to meet you as much as possible on one of the challenges…

Beautiful music can touch me and that’s why I mostly ended up with a special piece of music. That is now not different. This time I found a nice adaptation of the Hungarian Dance of Brahms, brought by Martynas. Accordion seems so simple but it is really a difficult intrument… Enjoy the cheerful rhythm:

I started this post with an image of Printemps and I also want to finish here: Printemps is one of my favorite tangles, and I found these pictures so funny and recognizable, they form the end of my blog:

The very best and keep on tangling!

Ria Matheussen

Een speciale challenge, met Stircles en twee voor mij nieuwe tangles: Bitten en Pinwheels, afgewerkt met gewone kleurpotloden.

A special challenge with Stircles and two for me unknown tangles: Bitten and Pinwheels, finished with ordinary colourpencils.