With great pleasure I followed once again a workshop of “Painting with beeswax ” at the Banyan tree . You can find many instructive demonstrations on the Internet, but the best is always following a real workshop! I like to open this post with a few small paintings. I have “hidden” them behind cards in which openings were made:

In the meantime I have purchased a starter kit to experiment a bit. Such a kit usually contains the iron, various colours of beeswax and a few sheets of paper, intended for this technique. You can buy this material on-line or in specialised stores for an amount between 50 and 60 Euro…

In The video below you can see how you have to use the iron. The artist is speaking German but it is possible to follow quite well! I honestly admit that it seems easier than it is but after some practice, you will achieve beautiful results:

Soon I can blow out 65 candles and you see, I have already found my gift. I am not a party beast and prefered to make a trip together with the children for that occasion. It became Gran Canaria . Rob does not like to travel and he took care of our four-legged roommates. Bram, Bruno, Nathalie and I enjoyed this beautiful island, the sun and the sea. It gave us a wonderful summery feeling and a real boost before diving into the Belgian autumn:

This picture was taken in the botanical garden in the green north of the island.
The south is much drier and warmer but also the dunes in Maspalomas with the ocean in the background are gorgeous!
On this terrace we enjoyed breakfast and dinner. The view on the beautiful garden, the beach and the blue ocean was overwhelming.
And another picture, taken while walking beneath the colourful Bougainvillea in the streets of the fishing village of Puerto de Mogàn

Computer and drawing stuff were left at home. Especially swimming, hiking and exploring the island, took the most time. Once more, spotting the wild dolphins in their natural habitat was so nice… Grateful for this adventure we returned home where Rob was waiting for us. At home, the daily routine returned quickly… Being able to do the things you like, can give beautiful moments too… It shouldn’t always be extraordinary, just ordinary can be good too!!!

Most of us are daily busy in the kitchen and that’s why I posted the next movie. Valuable kitchen tips for everybody are shown:

The first challenge I noticed after my homecoming, was the monthly “Fullmoonchallenge ” by Hanny Nura. Below you see my contribution. I posted this zendala also on Facebook and Instagram.

Besides the specified string, Hanny proposed to use Maria’s new tangle Hollis. In addition, I opted for Ruutz, CO2 and Caviar. In the middle circle I have used a small stamp to give a bit a the “Halloween feeling”.

Also Annette Plaga put her tenth “Zendalamoments ” on line and this nice template gave me a pleasant afternoon:

On this zendala I chose pink, grey, white and purple shades. The string was filled with the following tangles: S-Pod, Tipple, Edie, Lola, Oysteroid, Maryhill and Cogwheel. Just like on the previous Zendala, white and black pens were used. This process was demonstrated during the videos of Project Pack 6!

“Challenges” come and go and unfortunately, after 6 years also Adele Bruno (hopefully temporarily) takes a break. I would like to thank her again along this road. Hours of drawing, new knowledge and beautiful tiles were the result of years of her dedication.

Regulary I try to join Square One and Today’s tangles. The admins asked to draw in black/white, but both facebookgroups have an additional page on which colored work can be placed. This tile with Sikito can be found in black/white on “Square One, purely Zentangle “. For myself I have given this drawing a bit of colour:

And I did that also on this tile, the first challenge of Inktober 2019 with the requested tangle Printemps:

Every day new tangles are popping up and it still fascinates me to compose new patterns. Therefore, I would like to propose Ibiscu. The pattern is based on the motif in the following marble floor tiles. The orchid and the Hibiscus are my favourite flowers. I really can’t tell which of the two I prefer. In the living room there is always a flowering orchid and in our garden, every year a purple Hibiscus is blooming! The H and the S were deleted from Hibiscus and Ibiscu emerged.

Like my previous patterns, Ibiscu is very simple and can be drawn in just 3 steps, both as a frame, pendulum or in a grid (regulary or irregulary) Of course you can find different variations on this one. I have attached 3 examples:

In October there was every day another challenge on-line. A bit too much for me. In addition to an entry with Printemps, I made a tile with Ratoon, Tripoli (filled with Crescent Moon), a single entry for 3 days (October the 25 th. the 26 th. and the 27 th.)

Sometimes I have no sense or inspiration to draw and just wanna watch TV. On Netflix I found the exciting French series “Marseille ” with politics and power as subject. The soundtrack intrigued me immediately: Ya Sidi, brought by Orange Blossom. Music can bring people together. That’s wonderful. This group was founded in Nantes in the nineties by Pierre Jean Chabot. They bring a fascinating mix between Oriental and Western influences:

To finish, I like to write some good advice from an exceptional artist: Frida Kahlo. :

We can do more than we think. Frida has had a lot of setbacks in her life but continued to go on and is therefore a source of inspiration for many.

Turn pain into something beautiful. That was the way of Frida to endure the pain she felt everyday and turned it into her art.

Don’t get too attached to your plans. Frida wanted to be a doctor but because of an accident this became impossible. Where one door was closed, a new one opened and therefore she gave her herself and us something beautiful.

Warm regards from Belgium and until next time,


Voor Today’s tangles werd deze week gevraagd een tile te ontwerpen met een lusvormige string. Ik maakte de lussen m.b.v. 2 potloden en vulde deze met Finery. In het lint dat zo ontstond tekende ik Shattuck. Om de tegel verder af te werken koos ik nog voor Festune en Dewd!

The challenge for Today’s tangles of this week, was to use a string, formed by loops. I have drawn this string with two pencils and a kind of ribbon appeared. The loops were filled with Finery and the ribbon with Shattuck. To finish my tile, I chosed for Festune and Dewd!

Op deze Zendala heb ik een combinatie gemaakt van Ratoon en Tripoli, gevuld met Crescent Moon. Deze 3 tangles waren de opdrachten voor 25, 26 en 27 oktober! Ik tekende op een grijze tegel en hield deze keer de kleuren beperkt om een beetje een fragiel resultaat te bekomen.

On this Zendala, I have made a combination of Ratoon and Tripoli, filled with Crescent Moon. These 3 tangles were the challenges for the 25 th, the 26 th and the 27 th October! I have drawn on a grey tile and didn’t use much colour to become a fragile result.

I always enjoy drawing in the round and therefore I’m grateful for this beautiful template that gave me a nice afternoon. I used grey paper and chose for pink, white, grey and purple colourpencils. For the final touch, I used my white gellypen and a white charcoal. Tangles I used are: Tipple (of course), Munchin, Lola, Edie, Oysteroid, Maryhill, S-Pod and Cogwheel.

Ik vind het altijd leuk om in het rond te tekenen en daarom heb ik opnieuw met veel plezier gewerkt aan deze tiende “Zendala Moments”. Ik gebruikte hiervoor grijs papier en koos voor volgende kleuren: roos grijs, wit en purper. Voor de afwerking nam ik een witte gelpen en een wit krijtpotlood. De gebruikte tangles zijn: Tipple (zoals meestal), Munchin, Lola, Edie, Oysteroid, Maryhill, S-Pod en Cogwheel.

Een prachtige “Fullmoonchallenge” van Hanny Nura die ik als eerste ontdekte na een ontspannen vakantie op het zonnige Gran Canaria. De computer en tekengerief waren bewust thuisgebleven om ten volle te genieten van dit mooie eiland… Dankbaar en tevreden begon ik vandaag aan deze tekening. Op de tankleurige zendalatile werd een gedeelte in blauwe en oranje aquarelverf geschilderd. Ik heb in de oranje cirkel een beetje een “Halloweensfeer” willen brengen en gebruikte daarvoor een stempeltje. Daarnaast zie je Hollis, CO2, Caviar en Ruutz, getekend met witte en zwarte pennen.

A wonderfull “Fullmoonchallenge of Hanny Nura that I noticed as first one after a relaxed vacation on sunny Gran Canaria. I left my computer and Zentanglestuff in Belgium to find the time to explore the beautiful Canarian nature and to relax…Satisfied and grateful, I started to draw today on a tancoloured zendalatile where I painted a piece in blue watercolours, followed by another circle in orange. I wanted to bring a bit of the “Halloweensfere” in the orange part and used a little stamp. Besides the owl, you can find Hollis, CO2, Caviar and Ruutz.