This year, the project pack 7 appeared at the same time as the usual “12 days before Christmas”. It gives fun, both for beginners and advanced tanglers, to draw together with Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and Julie!

This year opted for grey tiles and blue tones. The cool icy colours give a wintery look. Together with the golden accents they also bring a festive touch to your tiles.

I enjoyed making this series and therefore I decided to make a small extra blog post.

Day 1



Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

So, these are my 12 results. Maybe you’ll find an idea that can inspire you to make a nice Christmas card! All demonstration videos are on-line.

Tangledreams is still much visited. I am grateful for that and would therefore like to continue for a while…

Warm regards to all visitors, keep on tangling and enjoy!


Thank you very much Annette for this beautiful Christmas star which I enjoyed to tangle and to color. I wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy 2020!

Voor deze opdracht werd een compositie gevraagd met de tangle Taïga. Ik heb dit patroontje gebruikt om een winters landschap te creëren met de hulp van Buddea, Cat-kin, Mosi, Fescu, Hollis en Sprangle!

For this challenge, Square One asked to draw a composition with Taïga. I have used this pattern to create a wintery landscape with the help of Buddea, Cat-kin, Mosi, Fescu, Hollis and Sprangle!

A few weeks ago, everyone who would come to the CZT reunion, received a pre-printed tile that should be tangled. I chose to fill with Adalfa, Shattuck, Crescent Moon, AHH , Barberpole and Dooh Dah and colored the asterisk with a golden gel pen:

With all these tiles the organisators made a festive mosaic . Unfortunately, I didn’t judge the distance correctly while shooting, but you still get a good impression of this magical result:

When I opened the door of the cosy hotel, I got a warm welcome by Ela Rieger. Immediately I felt the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere!

For each participant, an original recognition badge was created. We could quickly address each other by the first name:

It was a nice surprise to meet so many motivated tanglers, whom I already knew virtually. I met two Belgian ladies, Els Bruelemans from the Flemish part and Françoise Drouven from the French part. I had a nice chat with both of them. I would have liked to have taken more pictures but didn’t have my camera with me all the time… I am already looking forward to a report (including a group photo) in the newsletters of en Conzentric! Below I posted a few pictures of pleasant moments!

with Lisette Hofer from Switzerland:

with Tomàs Padros from Spain:

with Anoeska Waardenburg from the Netherlands:

With Anika Gabrovec from Croatia and Ela Rieger from Germany, (I look a little concerned because the previous pictures didn’t want to succeed and Anika just knocks her eyes down, but Ela, on the other hand, looks radiant!!!)

Of course, we had a lot of time to meet each other but we also “had” to tangle! Together, both newcomers and “elderly,” we have drawn that Sunday in harmony with each other, accompanied by a great American/German team. Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha had come across to accompany the attendees together with Ela, Jennifer and Katharina! A sense of connectedness gave us all an energy boost and beautiful work was delivered.

Almost every chair was occupied when I walked in. However, I found another place next to this friendly lady from Marburg: Nicole Lehmann:

Step by step we made a nice composition. We started together with the favorite of Maria: Mooka. The first four points were filled with Zander and Pokeleaf. Then the four points behind followed with Jonqual. In other areas you can recognize Diva Dance, a stretched Printemps and Shattuck. I tangled in deep concentration and had actually already drew two areas too much, so there was no room for Ela’s last tangle anymore. That was a pity! I’m so sorry. Than the letter Z would come on top of the composition, but I have put these Z in a “wrong” direction. You know mistakes don’t exist in Zentangle art and each “error”can be adjusted. My Z became an N, followed by the other letters of the four wind directions.(in Dutch) Afterwards these letters were embedded. Here too you can see a little misunderstanding. Molly assured me, that this result was unexpected but nice too. The intention was to decorate outwards and I did it just in the opposite way on the inside. At home I worked further on the shading and filled the circle a little more with CO2, Quandary, AHH en Raindotty’s :

During the session, everyone had received a “Bijou” on which we only had to fill half a part. Later they were picked up and redistributed. In this way, everyone got a mini tile that had started by a fellow student. The intention was to complete and to send a mail to the starter. Below you can see the first half, made by Gabriele Joppien and the finished tile that was supplemented with Ovolution and a few Tipples:

I hope to get also soon an e-mail too from someone who has received my half-tangled bijou!

Tired, but satisfied I returned home monday after breakfast. Rob waited for me. After a small walk with the doggies it felt good to be back home. With a warm herbal tea I told Rob my experiences and let the beautiful memories come back… A quiet evening followed. Tomorrow there would be again time for tangling…

By this way, I wanna thank everyone who was involved in this beautiful experience!!!

As I wrote earlier, both of them “Square One purely Zentangle” and “Today’s tangles, keeping it classic,”ask to use only black and white on their challenges. That’s why I put a few drawings below that I have already submitted but gave a little color:

Morf, Bluebonnets, Field of Flowers, Gingo, CO2 en Pozer:

Static, Tipple, Tripoli en ‘N Zeppel:

My search for new tangles continues. In the picture below you can see an Italian floor from an old wine cellar. I don’t know the exact period but I liked it and I immediately saw a nice pattern in it:

Montepulciano is an excellent Italian wine. Some letters before and back were deleted and Ulci appeared. It’s not a difficult pattern, but one that requires concentration. The circles must be drawn nicely and equally large. The same distance between the circles is also important to get the result of the photo. In step 4, make sure that you don’t draw the dashes too long and that the bottom starts at the tip (see step 3) The other line runs parallel. In step 5, you realize that everything comes together nicely. Many variations are possible, both in the strokes and in the circles…

With the coming end of the year, this video may help you to make your table even more beautiful with these original ideas of folding napkins:

And one more small video that show some nice things to create a festive dessert with chocolate:

Maybe a little bit too early, but with all my heart I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. A year where satisfaction plays a great role!!! Not everything always goes the way we would like it, but if you take a break for a moment, you realize that there is really so much to be satisfied…

In addition to the beautiful mosaics of Annette Plaga , I find the monthly Zendalamoments a pleasant challenge. This time I chose my own tangle Ibiscu, a part of Trinity, Facet and Stircles, I finished with a white gelly pen and colored pencils:

In another version with Taiga of Tomàs Padros :

And now, I’m looking forward to the seventh project pack that will arrive soon and it really looks great!

Years ago, For the first time at a Christmas market in the small German Monschau, I heard the beautiful sounds of a hang. Coincidentally, I talked with Ela about this kind of music at dinner. I thougt why not showing in this post a nice piece of hanging music: “Carol of the Bells”, brought by Vasilis Vasiliou:

Wish you all the best and untill next year!