Een mooie string van Annette Plaga die gevuld werd met Finery, She-leaf en Hollibaugh. Voor de afwerking werden gewone kleurpotloden en een witte gelpen gebruikt.

A lovely string, created by Annette Plaga that I filled with Finery, She-leaf and Hollibaugh. To finish I used ordinary colorpencils and a white gelly-pen.

11. April 2020 · 8 comments · Categories: Blog en

There is nothing more beautiful for yourself than to prove how strong you are and that is very important under these exceptional circumstances! This period will pass, there will be found a vaccine but unfortunately it will not be for tomorrow… In the meantime, we need to go further and enjoy the little things we find ‘ordinary’. In fact they are extraordinary and now we have time enough to think about this.

Rob and I read a lot, we watch more TV. Nice quiet music is always on, new dishes are tried out, we make many small walks and I do every day my stretch exercises. On Sunday we skype with the boys and we play the cards online. It’s all not that spectacular but I don’t want to complain. Belgium is doing its best and I am grateful to live here. It hurts to see how much grief and misery the Coronavirus brings for so many families around the world…

On the other side, it is heartwarming to see that the people who work in healthcare and services finally get the well deserved respect! Wonderful initiatives are being taken to help and support each other… On Instagram, many CZT give free lessons on Zoom. It’s better to stay busy than to wait passively. Even now, the days are always too short for me. I enjoy the unusual quietness and I draw a lot.

I like to sit in my little corner, on my special ergonomic seat next to the window with view on the garden.

My new tangles will always be published first on this website and I like to present you Pandai and Cadooh:

Pandai will seem very familiar and looks a bit like Hollibaugh. However, I have not yet seen this particular pattern in Zentangle drawings and that’s why I made a little tangle of it. I chose this name because pandas like to eat bamboo and the only place in Belgium where you can see these cute animals is in Pari Daiza.

Cadooh is family of Ratoon and Hollis but is still different and just like Pandai it is easy to draw and gives many possibilities. I chose this name because I see it as a present in this lesser period. The Belgium word for present is “cadeau”.

I wish you a lot of tanglefun and hope that this special Easter Sunday can also become a beautiful day!