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Today is a typical Belgian summerday; a cloudy sky, a little bit of rain, a little bit of sun , the door is open and I hear the birds whistling… It looks so peaceful but nothing is what it seems. Sometimes, I feel fear of the unknown but also a certain peace …Scientists from all over the world are searching for a vaccine and it will soon be there, but life will never be like before the crisis. I do not mean this entirely negatively, on the contrary. The pandemic teaches us that we can and must learn to live differently, more sustainably and honestly. In addition to selfishness, we see also a lot of creativity, commitment and beautiful initiatives are taken. It’s good to focus on that and, most important, to stay busy with things that give you pleasure. For me, of course, that means drawing and looking for new patterns!

Making a small trip in your own neighbourhood can be very surprising and refreshing. In crowded Belgium there are still nice places to discover. In the province of Limburg you can cycle through the water or through the trees, something I had never done before and yes, they were great experiences!

I’m always looking forward to the “Project Packs” which keeps me learning new things. The tenth edition will be published soon. As for the ninth project, I have seen wonderful results. The “Markus Operandus” is a great attachment and you can see that in the last video of day 7.

Below I have placed two of my drawings, which were made thanks to this project:

Recently, the original Japanese pattern Benio (Yagasuri or Yabane) was added to tanglepatterns.com. Curious for more I searched further among the Japanese motives… until I saw the picture below:

And yes, there I found another pattern that I haven’t seen yet. Finding a name was not difficult this time. In the steps you can see that I have chosen for seven “curls”. On the lovely bag you can see that the pattern has many curls. Of course that is also possible but I found seven just easier.

When I extended the “curls” as a variation to the small inner circle, I saw a very familiar pattern popping up. Indeed it is almost the same as the drawing below of the “sacred geometry”. This form is well known, widely used, centuries old and is sometimes also drawn as the basis for a mandala. The difference in my variation is that it is formed very differently. You start again with a small circle in the middle. The overlapping “circles” are not perfectly round as shown in the drawing below and can be “corrected” with a thicker pen!

In addition to Yaga, I would also like to introduce Viti, my latest pattern that was published on Wednesday on www.tanglepatterns.com . This tangle is based on a picture of a Virginia creeper , a lovely green plant that turns beautiful red during the fall:

In the ninth project pack I especially found the use of the many auras terrific. That’s why I posted a drawing below with the lovely Ayamé, surrounded by multicolored auras in a combination with Tipple and a stretched version of Printemps. I used Sakura’s “moonlightpens” on a black background and I finished it with colored charcoals.

For my last drawing in this post I chose a background, made with watercolor paints. To make the colors more intensly, I used ordinary colorpencils. For more contrast, I chose a white gellypen in addition to a blue one. The deep blue colors of the ocean continue to delight me and give me sweet memories. I tried to show that in this work:

To finish, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful melancholic song of:

Ana Alcaida met En El jardim de la Reina:

It takes a certain darkness to see the stars!

Everything is coming to an end, including this “Coronatime”.

Best regards, enjoy the summer and take care!


De “Fullmoonchallenge” voor Juli sprak mij metéén aan. De “volle maan” in het midden werd gevuld met het patroontje Su-sy. Hanny vroeg om de helft van de “stralen” te vullen met Sez. In de overige ruimten tekende ik Fescu, Carpet Daisy en Yumemi en kreeg daardoor een echt zomer’s boeketje, getangeld op een waterverfachtergrond en bijgewerkt met kleurpotloden.

I liked the “Fullmoonchallenge” of July immediately. The only tangle we had to use was Sez. Besides this one, I choosed for Su-sy, Fescu, Carped Daisy and Yumemi. I wanted to create a summery bouquet of flowers. I tangled on a watercoloured background and finished my tile with ordinary colorpencils.