On the 7 th. September, Annette Plaga published her fourth mosaic project: the river. This is a beautiful, original and sympathetic initiative that everyone can join. Below I have posted a picture of my 3 contributions and one of the small mosaics she  has made  for each participant.



On her site  you can see the work of  all artists and the various mosaics that Annette has created. As a surprising extra, she  added a  small video film.

The fifth mosaic project starts on October the 10  th.  I can certainly recommend  this wonderful experience. Of course, all information can be found on her website.

While drawing my contribution, I wanted to use the pattern Nipa to fill “the river”. I did it all wrong by not stopping the lines  behind the tipple. I have just drawn them around.  Unexpected, I saw all of a sudden a  new  pattern: l’Eaura. Water is translated into French as l’eau. I’ve added a r from Ria  and a a of Annette. This pattern is not (yet) officially approved by Linda Farms but for me it’s a real tangle and a nice reminder of the cooperation with Annette.


Along with her friend Ela Rieger, Annette is  working to create a large database of patterns:  Elatorium.  Soon, you will  find there my 2 tangles Paravan and L’Eaura, and of course lots of other  unique (and maybe unknown) patterns are still there.

Black/White is classical, sober and always beautiful but I like  colors too.  Each one is giving  a different feeling:

Purple is usually associated with spirituality and mysticism. Blue exudes calm, sobriety and fidelity. At green I think directly on nature, growth, peace and freshness. Yellow reminds us of the sun and  the light.  Orange evokes warm feelings  and we can see the glow of the evening sun in it.  On the other hand, red is the colour of love, of energy and power but also of anger. Brown is a real earth color and stands for simplicity. White means innocence, cleanliness and wisdom. Grey is an inconspicuous color and is often linked to old age. However, I find, it can be sometimes very elegant too. Black is “cool”, it can be very erotic but is also  associated with mystery, grief and mourning.

There are 4 colour types: spring, summer, autumn and winter type.  A summer type has very different colors than f.e.  a winter type. Everyone belongs to a greater or lesser degree to one of these four groups. It’s great to know your type. Wearing ” your” colors,  you,  you will get a stronger and better look. There are many books, written on this subject but also via this link you can easily figure out to which group you belong. You can  click on your color type and  you will discover which colors flatter you the most.


I  have become a light and sensitive skin and my hair is gray , so I am a pronounced summer type. Fresh, cool tones are now my favorites. However I also love  warm autumn colors and have  chosen them to decorate  our interior. Here and there, I have met an orange accent to create a cheerful sunny touch, even in the cold wintertime. Also in my drawings I like to use regulary a little bit of  orange..

For me,  this period of the year is the most beautiful. The temperatures are still delicious and the fragrant forests invite us to take long walks. We don’t really have a red indian summer as for example in Eastern Canada and the United States but our autumn can also be very surprising.



Krans met herfstkleuren


Do you recognize this tangle?


Or this one?








A colorful tile, typical for this time of the year, found on the Internet

Again, I have enjoyed  intense drawing  moments, thanks to the” traveling tiles”.  The first pictures are the results of the collaboration with Annette. She sent me a white zendalatile on which  she has started with a little blue waterpaint  and her own beautiful pattern Kiasom. I filled the tile with “my typical fresh summer colors” (pencils) and have used different patterns to decorate: Rick’s Paradox, Quandary, Popsicles, Zenbud, Tipple, Carpet Daisy, N’Zepple, Mooka  and Printemps.  I am  satisfied about the result.


For the first time I’ve sent a black tile, sprinkled with bleach and waterpaint on.  I’ve  began whith the  pattern  Cogwheel. ( white gelpen and colored pencils). Annette went on with this pattern and she added Tipple, Hollibaugh, Sand Swirl and Zinger. I see  brilliant color accents and  a special magic shine. (Zenstone?) The heart down became a true 3D effect., thanks to the colors and the shading. This tile  is a wonderful, fairy-like design and  by this way, I would like to say again thank you Annette  for this unique masterpiece.


My next partner was Jan Brandt, CZT from Reno (U.S.A.) She gave a nice comment on the pattern Paravan. I thanked her for that, a few mails followed and we stayed in touch.  Jan suggested to make a travelingtile in black/white. I was very happy with her question  and  I accepted  this invitation. Again, this was a real challenge for me because mostly I use to work with colors.

On the tile I got from Jan, she began with a very nice Mooka and 2 flowers of the lovely Blooming Butter. I finished her tile by a third flower on Blooming Butter. Then I have “woven” a framework of tangles on  Mooka: Tipple, Tamisolo, Groovy, Loops, Stone Story, Kensington (the new tangle of Anoeska Waardenburg from the Netherlands) Sand Swirl and Flooka. The inside of the framework is partly black colored. With a white gelpen, I’ve put  the funny pattern Raindotty. Very different from my previous tile but equally beautiful and valuable to me.


On my turn I’ve sent a tile to Jan. I ‘ve began with, a  “string” consisting of Tipple and Molygon. Ingeniously  Jan signed Diva’s Dance in addition to these “string”.  She finished the tile with Opus, Tipple, Indy Rella and different variations on AHH. By her beautiful shadowtechnique, she created  striking contrasts between black, grey and white. Thank you Jan for this great challenge and this gorgeous tile.

Ria Matheussen to JBrand2016

I’m very proud that, thanks to both ladies, such  beautiful results were created. Travelingtiles are not  simple at first glance. You really need  to finish the work of  someone else. But once you start, it is very exciting to see unexpected results that you would  never make by yourself. It is amazing and inspirating…


As a “tangleaddict”, I see patterns everywhere, do you see them also in this magical French song?


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  1. 9
    Caroline mistral says:

    Coucou Ria. J’espère que vous allez bien !
    Quelle merveilleuse idée d’assembler tous ces carrés dans le cadre d’un challenge !
    Le rendu est magnifique !
    A tres bientot Ria…

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Merçi Caroline, c’est très agréable de lire que tu aime les résultats de mon blog. J’ai eu des expériences amusantes avec “traveling tiles”. C”est toujours une surprise. J’ai dessiné beaucoup pendant l’été parce que ça me donne de bonnes moments. J’espère vraiment que tout va bien avec toi et de te rencontrer bientot chez Joey ou chez le DIva?

  2. 7

    Vraiment toutes vos créations sont merveilleuses!quel bonheur de les contempler !elles sont toutes composées dans la légèreté et l!harmonie!je suis ravie d’être arrivée par hasard sur votre blog! bravo

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Merçi Marie Jo vous vos mots agréables. J’ai decouvert Zentangle il y a deux ans et ce style de dessiner m’a donné beaucoup de moments heureux. J’ai 62 ans et je ne travaille plus, donc j’ai beaucoup de temps. Alors j’ai decidé de faire un website (mon mari m’a aidé beaucoup) ou j’écris 2 fois par mois un article. J’espère de donner plus d’information de ce sujet qui peut être intéressant pour des autres qui aiment être créatif. Ci vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas de me contacter.

  3. 5
    Jan Brandt says:

    Ria, it was a delight and an honor to tangle with you! Thank you for the experience and your kinds words. 🙂 What a wonderful post this is! I followed the link to Annette’s site and marveled at her creativity and patience in combining all those beautiful river tiles into many different configurations … just fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us all!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Jan for this compliment.
      I really can recomment doing travelingtiles but I also like to join a few challenges. It brings always unexpected results. Learning every time a bit more and connecting with people from all over the world is so nice. Until now I have had only good experiences. I think I’m gonna draw also more, just in black and white, back to basics but wonderful, we have become nice results of our collaboration and I am grateful for that.
      Today, Joey and Laura are going to propose a new challenge, so I will start the new week with two zentangletiles, it is always fun to be a little part of this great Zentanglefamily. Have a nice week!!!

  4. 3
    Annette P. says:

    Wieder ein sehr schöner und unterhaltsamer Post, liebe Ria! Auch bin ich sehr froh, dass du beim Tangle-Mosaik wieder mitgemacht hast. Ebenso hat mir unser Travelling-Tile Projekt sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Für beides danke auch ich dir sehr herzlich!
    l´Eaura ist wunderbar und ich fühle mich sehr geehrt. Es wird mich immer an unsere Zusammenarbeit erinnern.
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

    P.S.: ich benutzte einen weißen Buntstift (Prismacolor) für die Glanzlichter.

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Danke schön für ihre liebe Wörter. Für mich war unsere Zusammenarbeit auch sehr besonder und ich bin bestimmt wieder da am 10. Oktober.

  5. 1
    Thomas Frederick says:

    Hi Ria,
    I love to read your posts and to see the results of your collaboration with other tanglers. I like the different approaches : the mosaic , the bleach and color and the black and white – it’s difficult to decide what I like the most.I love them all.


    P.S. love the music of Cecile Corbel too 🙂

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Thomas, I’m so glad to have met you and that you are following my blog. Indeed, all these tiles are precious to me and I like them all too.

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