As promised, first a bit more about the unique train routes in Switzerland. For a long time I wanted to do that, but it was always postponed… And then it was finally so far…

The Bernina Express  is classified by Unesco as a World Heritage  and shows you in a very comfortable way the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. I started this experience in the small authentic village of Bergün (Graubünden).

Aaaaah! Oooooh!

A smile, a wink, a conversation… If you want to do that when  you are travelling alone, you can meet many people and have a lot of fun.  Everyone enjoyed the fantastic train ride that brought us through spectacular views to  Italy (Tirano).  After a break of a few hours we drove back towards Switzerland. Due to the long, severe winter there was still a lot of snow on the tops, but the alpine pastures were already flourishing under a radiant spring sunshine.

During my stay, both in Graubünden and in Wallis, I discovered many well-known “tangles ” on the facades of the houses. With some lookup work you can certainly nominate them:



After a few quiet days in that tiny little village I left with the Glacierexpress  to Zermatt.  This route also offers breathtaking views  in a pleasant atmosphere. This calmer period lies between the much busier winter and summer seasons and the prices are lower. The trains are not yet fully occupied, there is a lot of space to move around and I like to make a chat with fellow travellers coming from all parts of the world.



If you are in Zermatt, it is absolutely a must to book a ride on the steepest train in the world that takes you to Gornergrat , located at 3089 meters altitude.  As a reward you will get a fantastic view of the Matterhorn and the surrounding massif. This was the absolute highlight and purpose of the trip.

On the picture below the top of the Matterhorn is just hiding behind the clouds but that was only a very short time. I recognize this particular mountain from thousands and I am glad and gratefull I finally saw this beautifull giant in reality. He surpassed all my expectations!!!

It was possible to travel from Liège in one trek to Bergün but this seemed too heavy for me (because of the long sitting). That’s why I chose   for an extra night in Freiburg , the capital of the “Black Forest” with a very attractive “Altstadt ” and certainly worth a visit.

10 minutes before the return journey, there was an unexpected obstacle on the rails in  Freiburg, which caused that all trains got delay. Directly long queues of nervous people appeared in front of the information counters. The tracks and seals constantly changed.We all had to keep attention  to become on the right train and the right track on time. You felt the tension rising everywhere.  I don’t like busy places anyway… and the temperatures literally ran very high that day.  Coming back home safely gave a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. After an extensive story and a long night’s rest I started the next day full of new energy to the familiar life of every day, in which drawing plays an important role…

My first work was a contribution for Annette’s 13 th Mosaïcproject. When merging some tiles I discovered a nice surprise: unexpectedly, one of my own patterns Tupi appeared.  Below a copy that Annette sent me. If you would like to see more results with all participants, please click on this link:

Later, entries for Joey, Adele and Laura followed. As I wrote before, I regularly follow them.  By joining, you continually learn  new patterns, create new combinations and compositions,… Your technique concernning connecting tangles, making shadows and using colors improves. The drawings below were both drawn using the same template. The first drawing was made in the period when I  started to tangle. The second tile has been created very recently.  If I will  do this challenge again next year, my drawing would look completely different. I like that, there’s always movement.



If you  have difficulties to choose your tangles, please surf to or Elatorium  . These sites have great databases and also offer different challenges.  Also on facebook you can find challenges but it is impossible to make them all, and that is not necessary. You have to make choices. Just choose which challenge you like and then go for it, even if it’s just for yourself.

With regard to the colours, I occasionally browse through a magazine and/or take a look at the Internet for new clothing collections. Most certainly you will find inspiration to compose a nice colour palette.

Below I posted a  contribution from Margarete Gilge  which she made for one of Ela’s daily challenges.  It’s a lovely composition with beautiful variations on Ilac, Egyp and Bunny Border, made on a gorgeous pastel coloured watercolor background.

Occasionally I also look  on Pinterest where I have found  this unique work of a (for me) unknown artist. It reminds me very much of one of my own patterns on which a variation is made. Do you recognize this tangle in the middle of the tile?

More and more people love tangling and every day you see new patterns popping up.  I like to admit that I’m also regularly “on the hunt”.  In the Art Nouveau and Art Deco  I have already found inspiration.   Also now I have formed a new tangle, based on the picture below.

Immediately, my eye felt on the Hexagon, hence the name and after some drawing I came to the following motif. It has become completely different than on the original image. It is very important to draw the small hexagons as similar as possible to the same height. Then you can easily connect them and it becomes very simple to form the (double) squares that you can fill up. Below you see 3 variations. Another option is to leave Hexa transparent and to draw a different tangle behind it. That way gives more depth and that’s what I did it in a composition of Hexa, Safflower, Dewd, Msst en Nik.

Hexa can also be drawn as a kind of framework that can be filled with different tangles and/or fragments. Just like on the  Zendalatile, I have drawn on grey paper with a black pen and finished with a touch of colour (pencils) and the inseparable white (gellypen and charcoal). On my tile I used the following patterns: Cheers, Olin, 2c Ribbon and the new pattern LZ by Anita Westin:

and one more, just for fun to finish with a composition of Tripple Tipple, Adalfa, Ditto, Blooming Butter, Msst, Golven, CO2 and Hexa.

To get in touch with other cultures can sometimes be very enriching. Some people have more talent than others to be happy, they are not perfect but honest and don’t want to harm or dominate others.  I sincerely admire those attitudes.

Enjoy the  music, the colours  (with even here and there a tangle), the immersive rhythm and the cheerful atmosphere on this joyful video clip of Sona Jobarteh from  Gambia:

I wish everyone wonderfull summerdays, the talent to enjoy the moment and to listen to your heart!




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  1. 9

    Thank´s Ria for using my tangle LZ´s! I am stunned by the photos you have taken on your journey! What a beautiful world this is and with so many places to discover! And tangles all around!
    Warm regards from

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      In may, temperatures were comfortable, there was still a lot of snow on the mountains, much more than in other springs. The trains were not to crowded and it was a pleasant journey. A wonderful surprise was to see popping up tangles everywhere…
      I enjoyed writing this post and using your LZ on one of my tiles.
      Thank you very much for this kind feedback and wish you real quality time while tangling!

  2. 7
    Birgit says:

    Dear Ria,
    The pictures are wonderfull and I’m glad you had a wonderful time in our country.
    Thank you for explaining Zentangle, it looks beautiful and I hope to learn it also.
    I send you nice greetings from Switserland and hope you will come back soon!

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      It is a nice surprise for me to find your comment, thank you very much Birgit.
      Es macht mich froh dass diese Blogpost Sie gefällen aber ich have so eine schöne Zeit gehabt in ihre Land, ich wollte gerne einige Bilder publizieren.
      Hoffentlich werden Sie Zeit finden zu “tanglen”, es wird Sie entspannende und schöne Momenten besorgen.
      Ich wünsche Sie ein herrliche Sommer und viel Erfolg beim Tanglen
      Liebe Grüsse

  3. 5
    Aurelie says:

    Lovely post Ria. Once I’ll visit Switzerland too , I hope. Love the sound of the music !!!
    Looking forward to your next post.

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much for your comment Aurelie.
      Switzerland is beautiful and I was lucky with the weather.
      I really hope you can make this journey also, it is wonderfull, so wonderfull that I haven’t tangled at all, I was always looking to this amazing scenery!

  4. 3

    So glad you had a fabulous holiday in Switzerland! I love the patterns on the houses, and recognize several, even if I can’t remember their names. It’s so nice how train travel makes it easier for people to connect and share with each other. (And it’s so uncommon for Americans to travel by train. Not surprising!) Your work and colors are so soothing and joyful, particularly the Zendalas.

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Jennifer for your nice feedback. Switzerland is not so far away from Belgium but it is completely different and the nature is stunning. This was my first journey I did by trains. Especially the Bernina and Glazier express offer you a very comfortable trip to enjoy the fantastic scenery and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Everyone tried to talk English, we really had fun!
      The Zentanglemethod of Rick and Maria has given me so much pleasure. I have become a real addict and I’m very grateful to receive feedback. Thanks again and wish you also a lot of tanglepleasure and for now a wonderfull sunday (in your beautiful garden?)

  5. 1
    Susie Ngamsuwan says:

    What a wonderful post about my country Switzerland, Ria! You know more about it than I do or remember, but I am glad the Matterhorn has not (yet) been stolen by the Chinese. Just kidding! And what a wonderful Hexa tangle. Thanks so much for sharing! It certainly functions well as a garden fence or maybe just as a filler, too? But I am always surprised how you interpret patterns; a special talent or gift not everybody has – me included! As for your question. Is it C-View? If not it could be, it certainly could be.
    Well done, Ria!

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      This morning, I got a few interesting mails, I would later send an answer. Today will be a very quiet peacefull day. We have high temperatures and it rains very much. It is humid and I am a bit tired…but it was pleasant to find already a nice comment of you on this blogpost. Thank you very much Susie and I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of Switzerland. I just looooove the scenery in this very special (but expensive) country where I met kind people. I also am glad that you mention the name C-view, me too am thinking that the artist has found inspiration in my pattern. I am honoured and I like this beautiful composition very much. Also Hexa offers many possibilities to make variations on. I hope to discover some…

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