In the heart of every winter is a vibrating spring, and behind the veil of every night sits a smiling Dawn. Kahill Gibran

January was a dark month with little sunshine, but nice to tangle during the long winter evenings…

Just after the appearance of Zeppo on, Adele proposed to use my pattern in her 275 th challenge together with Pots ‘ n Pans and CO2. The first work I saw, was a tile of Lori Byerly on her blogpost. I liked it and therefore I have placed her tile below:

If you want to see the other contributions, please click on this link.

Thank you Adele for all the work you do for showing a wonderful presentation of each tile.

As you have seen several times, I like to draw on round tiles. I find that soothing and that’s why I’m trying to join the new project of Annette Plaga every month. Every 15th , Annette will give a new assignment. Below you see my tile for the first “Zendalamoments “. The following tangles were used: CO2, Nipa, Botania fragment K14, a variation on Copada, Cross-ur-Hearts and auras. For the colors I took different shades of blue, turquoize and green.

Also Annette’s mosaics remain a real challenge. From now on, Lisette Hofer will assist to compose the strings. You have always enough time to send a submission. There is no stress involved and it is, always a joy to see your own work afterwards, integrated into the large mosaics with all the different participants.

Here is already my contribution: River, Adalfa, Sandswirl, ‘N Zeppel en Henna Drum

And my own little mosaic:

During our move, my husband and a friend did most of the work. I picked up as much as possible and they drove up and down to the new address where everything was extracted. During the last weeks in the Ardennes, I could still enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes and in between there was still time to tangle…

When we just married and rented a small apartment, there was really too much stuff in our place. Now that’s different. While aging, I like more and more sobriety. A tidy house gives rest and less work. I don’t have a separate room to draw, but I like to sit in “the living”, a place with little maintenance, lots of daylight, soft colours, some plants and not too much trash. This also applies to the bedroom, which I want as little electronics as possible and I like it to be quiet and dark. Feeling secure in your small, private place gives you a pleasant, relaxed feeling of wellbeing in this busy, chaotic world. Feng Sui can give you tips to bring more balance, positive energy and rest in your living space. I tried to keep that in mind as good as possible… If you have less time to put in cleaning, you ‘ll have more time for your hobbies!!!

We have great memories of the Azores and the Ardennes, but now, we want to start a new chapter in our lives. It feels good to return to a place we know through and through and where both Rob and I grew up: Flanders.

Flow is my new pattern, accidentally created between the in and unpacking, after seeing the picture below:

I had to do “something “with this picture and I began to draw… There are many possibilities that you can make. After drawing Step 2, I turn my tile, I find it easier to draw than step 3. Flow also fits nicely in a grid and can even be drawn on his own, as you can see in the grid-string of Helen Williams. My preference is the “Hybrid-Flow ” with Delys. Maybe you can also create a hybrid with another pattern. Actually, the basic-Flow is also a hybrid with Fescu. For Valentine the “Valentine’s Flow” might come in handy. If you don’t get a pretty similar shape for the hearts, you can correct that simple with a little black ink… Good luck!

Flow together with Pozer en Tipple on a black tile:

And a white one with in the middle a variation on Valentine’s flow and further supplemented with Alabastro, hearts, lines, dots… and ended with the cheerful new pattern Mintea:

Not so long ago, Maria Thomas taught us to decorate letters. I’ve tried it and it is not so difficult as it looks. Melinda Barlow gives a nice demonstration that you can follow well. For the occasion of Valentine, I also made a tile for my husband Rob with his name. It’s simple but you can make the letters as exuberant as you want. I’m definitely going to do some more!

I have drawn a circle on grey paper, worked with a black pen, a white gellypen and a white chalk pencil. The frame araound is La Bel by Sue Jacobs:

On the 16th of February Carnaval will start in Venice and lasts until the 5th of March. Just like in Brazil, there are also many tourists. They all want to admire the magical atmosphere and the most spectacular costumes in this romantic Italian city that speaks to everyone’s imagination!

Although I am not wild of Carnaval, I still liked to tangle this mask. This was the first time I have drawn on other material than on paper (Zia) and I found it difficult. That’s why I opted for easy tangles: Hybrid, Crescent Moon, Sparkle, Mooka, Tipple, Sand swirl en Flukes.

Next post will appear in March and then spring will be very close. Below I placed a beautiful pullover of Dunque, from the new spring collection, available at Waschbaer. It is made of bio-cotton. and “Fair Trade”. I couldn’t resist because I’m possessed of tangles and I see different ones in this sweater, you guys too?

To conclude, I still like to stay a few moments more in the winter atmosphere with an adaptation of the Belgian singer: Adamo’s

Tombe la neige:

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. 7

    A wonderful post, dear Ria! A source of inspiration. I especially like your mask … simply magical and such a beautiful idea.
    I also like your new pattern “Flow” very much … so fine and playful!
    Thank you very much for your wonderful contributions to my projects.
    have a wonderful and sunny weekend,
    hugs, Annette

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Annette, I saw such masks in a shop for paper and pens and I thought let’s get it tangled, I’m glad you like the result.
      I have seen there is already a second zendala on your site, a real beauty and next week I will give it a try, I love zendala’s, so it is a pleasure to join. The results of the first zendalamoments were great!
      After a dark January, it is good to enjoy the first sun, it gives a real boost. I wish you also a lovely weekend and until next time…
      Warm regards from Belgium

  2. 5

    A wonderful post, dear Ria! Your pictures of the landscape show us a winterwonderland! I don’t love winter so much, but I like to paint such beautiful views with a dramatic sky and a calm landscape. Your Mosaik for Annette is very elegant and attractive! And your new pattern is so versatile! I shurely will use it soon. My tangle favorite this week is your DIVA-Zendala with your new pattern. The red and blue highlights give this elegant black and white Zendala such a friendly and nearly summerly athmosphere!
    I hope your new home soon is ready to live in and you and your husband are happy to be back in the land of your childhood. I also apprecheate a not so big home with not so many things around me. I am happy, that we have enough place to live in comfort. But we don’t need a big house with a big garden like many of our friends. We have not enough place to store things we don’t need like our friends and I think it ist better so.
    Most people accumulate too much things and cannot separate of them. They often only block their entire lives. With less ballast in the attic and basement, less space to keep clean. you can live much freer. We enjoy it a lot and I think you and your husband will appreciate it too. And you can draw and paint everywhere. You do not need a studio, a nice corner in the living room or in the summer a bench in the park, garden or balcony may even be more inspiring. I wish you a wonderful living in your new home! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Every season has its own charm but at the moment, I had enough from the wintercoldness and I am longing for Springtime. Today, we got a wonderful day with lots of sunshine and we enjoyed it very much by making a long walk with the doggies.
      I’m glad you like Flow, and I think this tangle gives a lot of possibilities to explore…I’m always looking for new patterns and I’m always excited when I have found something that inspires me to make a new pattern.
      It is good to have moved back to Hoogstraten, a little town in the north of Belgium. Our appartment is small but very light, modern and comfortable and we have a nice garden to relax.
      Everything is so familiar here, talking back our own language (Flemisch) is very pleasant after years of Portugese and French…
      I will have, as you wrote, a lot of time to tangle and to draw and my husband likes to play guitar… so we are satisfied to be back home and try to enjoy every day without stressing…
      Have a wonderful weekend dear Margarete!

  3. 3
    Birgit says:

    Flow is such a beautiful tangle with many possibilities, I love your new tangle and love the black tile.
    Always, I find inspiration in your blogposts and the Adamosong is awesome. Thank you Ria for a great post.

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Birgit, I’m very glad you can find some inspiration in my posts and I wish you success by exploring Flow…

  4. 1
    Joyce Bruns says:

    Wow, Rita! So much to take in with this month’s blog…it will take me a few days to really absorb all of it. For now, tho, let me tell you that your own mosaic is spectacular, absolutely spectacular~!!

    I also want to tell you that years and years ago, when I was about 7 or 8, I guess, one of the pieces I had to learn for my piano lessons was “The Carnival of Venice.” It was a very difficult piece for me, but even so, I had to admit that it was also a beautiful one. Also, I put together a lot of online jigsaw puzzles, and have done several puzzles that feature the Carnaval of Venice masks, and people in full costume wearing them. Stunning!!

    Lastly, the video and music, “Tombe la Neige” is wonderful. The music is very haunting, and the video with it is special, with the animals and the scenery. “Falling Snow,” correct?…years and years since I studied French in high school!!

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Yes, Joyce “tombe la neige” means “snow is falling” and it is an old Belgian song from Adamo, one of our famest artists but he is retired and I couldn’t found an original u-tube video of good quality. I like the pictures too, especially the owl but these will be the last pictures of the winter. I’m longing for a bit more sunshine…
      For me, Carnaval in Venice is the most beautiful and magic Carnaval in the world, also because of the architecture of the city. I visited this town as a kid, during a vacation in Italy with my parents but I never saw the Carnaval. About a year ago, I bought a white mask in a shop for painting stuff, so now the time was there to draw tangles on it. It was difficult because the surface was not flat but I was satisfied about the final result. (I chose tangles that I can draw with my eyes closed)
      It really makes me glad that you like my posts (and my little mosaïc) Thank you very much Joyce and I hope you will also try “the embellished letters”. It is not so difficult and you have a wonderful J to start!!!

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