On november the 7 th,  Annette Plaga published her  fifth mosaic project. I am very  impressed that  each time again, she can create  a wonderful result.  That is why I like to present a small mosaic of my own contribution and one of the larger ones, made by  25 people from different corners of the world. The next project will start on  January the 10 th. and everyone can participate. It gives a nice feeling to be a small part  of such a beautiful project. Thank you so much dear Annette for your great commitment and creativity.




Occasionally I see also tiles appearing on which my own tangles are used. That makes me very happy.  Below , you can see an example of a  nice and special tile, created by the talented Jules Bazuzi from Canada. She has drawn  L’Eaura in combination with Eaxy for the Diva’s challenge numer 292. Julie has an interesting blog with lots of useful information and beautiful examples, definitely worth to follow!


Meanwhile, I started again with three workshops. 12 enthusiastic people have taken part. As a teacher, it is very pleasant and fascinating to see how the participants  discover carefully this beautiful drawingart.  After the first lesson, everyone could deliver a  wonderful result.. By this way, I would like to thank all participants for their interest and commitment and I see forward to our next lesson on the 9 th. of december. We will learn to use different kinds of strings  and make more variations on the tangles.. Everyone will leave again with a unique self-designed tile, composed of new learned tangles and new techniques.

How nice, to see, immediately after only one  lesson,  so many different interpretations: different frameworks, different shades, different compositions, different “highlights”, different sizes, different contrasts … congratulations for all of you


Participate in challenges is always great.  You ‘ll enjoy, you give and get comments  and every time you ‘ll learn something more!!! Recently I’ve read on the site of Joey that she asked someone for swapping. In the past, I’ve made a few travelingtiles  and I’ve had only positive experiences. Therefore, I’ ve sent a mail and a week later, there was already  a beautiful envelop from Vancouver. After opening I ‘ve started immediately to draw  and below you can see the results of our collaboration. Many thanks Joey for this lovely starters, the pleasant experience and especially for your educational challenges, that you put online every week.

The starters from Joey:


I have the first tile finished with Nymph, Fife, Hollibaugh, Ruutz, Printemps, Basket wave and Fescu. For the colors I have once again taken the color pencils Caran d’Ache and a white gellypen.



On the second tile, I have drawn Winkbee over the whole width. After that, I continued with the leaf motif and let the cheerful Winflo pop up here and there. The spiral is filled with a variation on Jetties. Again I took  color pencils but also a white and a gold gellypen.



At this time of the year,  pumpkins are gone and soon  the first Christmas markets will open. I like to put a few decorations and lights in and around our little cottage in these darkest days of the year. A small original and artisanal present can be such a pleasure, both for the giver and the taker. Anyone can’t make me  happy with a artificiël  expensive perfume or a “beautiful” leather handbag whose origin is unknown … I prefer things, made with love and honest materials. I’m very happy to discover more and more Fair Trade Stuff.  In almost every town in Belgium you will find a shop of Oxfam where you can buy lovely presents:


A very nice box for all your Zentanglestuff




Or a gorgeous silk scarf with the pattern Tipple!


Or what do you think of these funny tangled mugs?

You cannot only create unique cards with tangles but also small touches with tangles can beautify your presents:

One single tangle on a little brown bag where you can put in a small surprise or a candy  for your guests, decorated with some green and a gold ribbon:



When they say chocolate, I think only of 2 countries: Switzerland and especially Belgium. Delicious artisan chocolate remains a beautiful gift. This small pack for 6 chocolates is decorated with tangles and they make the box instantly more special. The chocolates are shaped like a beguine and are the specialty of Hoogstraten, where we have lived for a long time. Beguinages are typical for Belgium and the Netherlands  and they are definitely worth a visit. I am thinking about Leuven, Bruges, Hoogstraten, Lier, Turnhout, Diest, Tongeren … and there are even more…


A bottle of good organic wine will  also be appreciated and certainly if you have decorated the bag with a few tangles.


To use real napkins on the Christmas table can be so beautiful. You can make them even more valuable  by making a little drawing and put it in a special ring around the napkin.

I have bought the rings in a shop of paper articles.


About a year ago, I have written a first blog post. At this moment, I want to thank all followers and visitors and I’m really happy with all the comments I ‘ve received.

But, unfortunately there is another story: 25 years ago I had an accident  during my work with disabled people. I needed surgery and a long rehabilitation  but after a few operations and a year of intensiv revalidation  the complaints became less and less.. I went back to school to become a teacher and could work again for many years. Now, I am over 60 and  a combination of different factors make my complaints again stronger. In the recent weeks, I have become more  pain and drawing or sitting behind a computer was  no longer evident. Take good care, physiotherapy, and further investigations are absolutely necessary. That is why I’m going to stop a while and look for  the best solution.  I hope to be back soon after the holidays  with new messages…

I’m not a pessimist and now there will be coming  more time to read. A few years ago I ‘ve read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, just in one strech. David Lagercrantz has written a sequel that is laying on the table for  more than a year.  I would like to discover it. Look at that beautiful tangled dragon…


As a tangleaddict I see tangles everywhere, even on this delicious dessert. The “Omelette Siberienne” also called “Alaska bombe”  looks great and is so easy to make. It’s a surprising combination of hot and cold and can be made in small or larger portions. You can bake the cake layer yourself or you can choose for a prepackaged cake shape. Very important  is that the coat is covering very well  the underlying stuff  so that the ice cannot melt in the oven. With a few candles this can be a very nice ending of the Christmas meal.


What a picture!



Chocolate cake  was taken here with fresh fruit, ice cream and abough  the meringue.

I wish everyone a nice Christmas and a happy but especially healthy 2017 with lots of tangle pleasure and inner satisfaction.

This picture was taken in Finland in 2004 when I was looking for the midnight sun. On my  way in Rovaniemi, I’ve met the “real” Santa Claus  who always lives there, even in the summer. They call him there Joulupukki. I found that he looked very young. Take a look on his hands…




To finish, I have drawn a simple but nice wintertile and have used  typical “Christmas colors” on a black pre- printed zandalatile.
I hope you will enjoy the special sound of Omnia,  playing a  wonderful Swedish traditional,
Warm regards and see you soon,



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  1. 5
    JulesB says:

    Happy blog anniversary, dear Ria! That is quite a wonderful accomplishment. Your mosaic is beautiful and it’s a treat to see how you have personalized your holiday preparations with tangled accessories and wrappings. It’s wonderful to see your students’ tiles. I’m guessing it feels joyful to share Zentangle with them. Thank you for your kind and gracious mention of me and my blog. I feel sad to hear that you are having pain that will keep you from spending as much time drawing and blogging, but I wish you all the gentleness and healing you need. Your optimism is inspiring and you will be missed! Happy holidays to you and all your loved ones.

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thanks for your kind words Julie. I like to make little personal gifts and cards, it is nice to make but also to give. Having a blog is wonderful too but it asks a lot of work and therefore I have to slowdown a bit. In the past year, I’ve learned so much more about Zentangle and was inspired also by the work of others. It was an honour “to meet” you and other artists on the Diva’s site. I’m grateful for all these comments and contacts and I’m glad you like my mention to you.
      We have good medical care in Belgium; next week, I can already see a neurosurgent, I think a third operation will be necessary (had 2 already more than 20 years ago) but I hope to be better soon…
      To you and your family and friends I wish a merry Christmas, a happy new Year and lots of tanglepleasure!

  2. 2
    Marianne says:

    Dankjewel voor de heerlijke Zentangle les vorige vrijdag lieve Ria, ik kijk al uit naar de volgende. Intussen van harte beterschap en tot over enkele weekjes!

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Ik vind Zentangletekenen zo leuk en ontspannend dat ik deze kennis graag wil doorgeven. Als ik dan daarop mooie feedback krijg, maakt me dat heel blij.
      Hartelijk dank voor je vriendelijke woorden. Ik wens je veel plezier tijdens het tekenen en tot binnenkort.

  3. 1
    Lori says:

    What a lovely collection of art work. Thanks for sharing all the amazing photos.

    • 3
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Lori, I’m fond of Zentangle and I love to share and inspire others, I’m very glad with your feedback!

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