A new season has begun  and you can also notice that on the new tiles, appearing on the Internet…

In the Zendala below I have tried to bring in a little bit of that spring feeling. This work is made on a background of light watercolors and Bister powder. That is why you see, if you look very closely, here and there another tiny spot, created by the Bister powder. Furthermore, you will discover also Courant, Finery, Peeks, Buttercup en Cross-ur-heart.

In some parts of the world, springtime is simply spectacular. Have a look on  the immense blossoms in this time of the year in southern China.

Also in our small densely populated country the period of the blossoms on the countryside is beautiful. In the fruit region around Sint Truiden, many “blossomroutes” are organized. You can choose:  on foot, by bicycle or by car. It might be less spectacular than in China but definitely worth a visit. Afterwards, enjoying of an artisanal beer and  a little snack on a terrace, all Belgians love that! Especially when the sun is back after a long winter.

I love the changing of the seasons and every year again, I am impressed by the nature that wakes up  .. I never get bored of this spectacle and that is the same for Zentangleart. That was love at first sight and still is.  I draw almost every day and with each drawing I learn something.

Meanwhile with Tupuk and Tupi I have made ten tangles. But what does that mean , a real tangle?

Doodling and tangling are often compared with each other, but there is  a big difference. Doodling means drawing thoughtless and you do not form regularly recurring patterns. Tangling on the other side, means you have to  draw patterns  (tangles) and it’s important to focus well. That’s why this activity is a real mindfulness exercise: you  have to keep your thoughts on your work that you are doing at that moment. It was never easy for me to concentrate  and my thoughts ‘wander’ easily but during Zentangledrawing, I succeed and the hours just fly away … Because you have to be so focused on what you are doing , the founders added  the word zen on tangle.

In their view, a tangle must be abstract, there is no top or bottom,  the pattern must be simple and elegant, available for everyone and made without a spirit of competition as a target. Just enjoying of what you are doing is important!

Below I have put Tupuk and Tupi in the spotlights: Why I have chosen these names, you can discover on www.tanglepatterns.com


Very recently after the appearance of Tupuk I saw the pattern popping up in a beautiful, original composition of the four elements made by Lisa  She chose the following tangles to create her tile: Fire (Sunspots and  Inapod), Air (Sandswirl), Water (Crest V2) and Earth (Tupuk). It  made me glad because it is a wonderful work and the patterns are  drawn in a gorgeous way. Thank you very much Lisa!


On this tile,  Susie  shows Tupi, drawn as a monotangle on a fresh  green background, I’m absolutely crazy about it … thank you Susie!


There is always movement and that is good. Even in the Zentangleworld, interesting news constantly pops up, but it is impossible to follow everything and know every tangle. As I wrote earlier, I am  not active on any social media. I can not and will not spend more time in front of the computer. Changing habits and moving is very important for me to stay in a better condition.

Zentangleart is my hobby, not my work and there are no obligations. I’m drawing because I’m fond of it and don’t see it as a competition. When I start a tile, I use my personal legend with favorite tangles  and make choices. That legend grows weekly by adding new patterns that I discover on challenges, in the various databases, on blog posts and newsletters … Everywhere in the world, people are busy to create new tangles to bring more variety  in this fun drawing … It continues to fascinate me and making new tangles has become a new challenge.

Quite unexpectedly, a few weeks ago, I saw a movie popping up, in which  was shown how to draw C-view. on a coloured background. I like it very much and  thank Alexandra Diaz again for this  pleasant surprise!

You can still discover many ‘traveling tiles’ popping up at different sites. I wrote about it in previous posts. Again I have made a swap with Francine Huygens. She also attended a seminar in Providence and she too is bitten by the ‘Zentanglemicrobe’. Unfortunately she recently broke her ankle and had to take it easy for a long time but today she is completely recovered. Below you can see my 2 starters,  finished by Francine. I started Well on the first tile. Francine finished the tile with a nice frame on which she attached Pokeleaf and Msst, you can see also Stringrose, Cruffle, Festune, and even Bijou is there..

On the black tile I started with the simple Stircles in which Francine introduced a nice variation of Cyme.

Below you see the 2 starters of Francine. On the first tile she started with Diva Dance and Antidots and I complemented with more Diva Dance, Bubbles, Tipple, Curly Bracket Feather, Field of Flowers, Mosi and a variation on O.


On this black tile Francine started with Sandswirl and I finished the tile with a variation on Cogwheel, Pozer, Tipple and Featering S Curve.

I  always like traveling tiles and I will probably make them more in the future … Thank you very much Francine for this pleasant collaboration. She has a facebook and twitteraccount where you can find more of her work.

Recently Annette Plaga’s  12th mosaic appeared and here, I also chose fresh spring colors and uncomplicated tangles: Blooming Butter, Cogwheel, and a mix of Meer and Beebug. I gave  Blooming Butter a sunny yellow colour and  made a small mosaic of my contribution. You can still participate until the 4 th of April and mid-April you can admire the different results that Annette will publish on her site with employees from all over the world! Every time again, I am amazed how everyone  draws different tangles and how beautiful these pieces  fit together in a large mosaic, designed by Annette. Thank you Annette for this cool and beautiful project!


Finally it is time  to change the winter clothes for something more airy. I have been a fan of Ivko for many years. This clothing is originally from Serbia where a grandson sold grandma’s jackets on the local market. They people loved them and soon  a first store was opened.  Ivko became increasingly popular and at the moment, there are more than 500 stores all over the world. The typical Ivko motifs often remind me of Zentangle patterns. Some are (for me) a bit too exuberant but usually I find every year a little “tresor” that I can not resist … A jeans, a t-shirt and an Ivko cardigan form together my favorite outfit. Ivko has a Fair trade and Eco label. The jackets  are not really cheap but even after years, they remain unique and during the sales,  great discounts are given. The sizes are slightly smaller than with other brands.Zalando and Amazon also have a big choice of these clothings.

To finish, this time no music video but a glimpse into the colorful, magical world of Ivko:

The next blog post will appear in May. Stay tuned, keep on tangling and enjoy the springtime!



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  1. 9

    I have duly noted the quote about change! Thank you for sharing the magical video of China. What a wonderful world. I would love to be biking along a blossom path. Here, too, the town is all abloom, and there are clouds of yellow green pollen everywhere. My favorite tile is the black Sandswirl. I wasn’t familiar with Ivko. I think I would feel like a queen in such a beautiful coat!

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Yes,I agree, on some places on earth, springtime is really wonderful and me too like blossoms very much. Many people visit the fruitregion in Belgium in this time of the year. Unfortunately, it takes just a few weeks, than the blossoms dissappear… Nevertheless, we can draw them on our tiles, there are so many beautiful organic tangles to make compositions with.
      I loved Ivko at first sight,even older cardigans are still beautiful to wear after different seasons. Sizes are smal, so it is important when you would like to buy one, to choose one size larger. I’m glad Ivko has a fair trade and transparant label. In the United States you can purchase them at Amazon.
      Thank you very much for this comment Jennifer and I wish you a wonderful and happy Springtime!

  2. 5
    Karen Rushton says:

    Enjoyed. Even better, tangles I want to try.

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Karen for your kind comment.
      Learning new tangles is always a nice challenge and I wish you succes.
      I’m very glad you enjoyed this post.
      Warm regards from Belgium

  3. 3
    Joyce says:

    Ria, beautiful videos, so happy that you posted the one of springtime in your country. You live in a gorgeous place. Love the tiles, love the clothes, love your blog!! Already impatient to see what you do for May, lol!!

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      It feels good, real springtime has finally arrived and that nature is changing again. I wanted to show that even in our small crowded country are still lovely, quiet places to visit. I’m always looking to find nice video’s, pictures, drawings and quotes to publish on my blogposts and it makes me happy that you enjoyed them. Thank you for your kind comment and wish you all the best!

  4. 1

    Ria, you did it again!!!! A most wonderful post with gorgeous tiles. That first spring tile of yours is simply to die for!! Yes, indeed, it represents the birth of garden bloom so precisely. For some strange reason Finery with the curly ends in the 2nd tile reminds me of a half moon fish, a fish with flowy fins, with just a bit of a strange flowery head. Love the combo Meer/Beebug with blooming butter (what better tangle for spring??!!) you did for Annette. And I am really happy you like my tiny monotile version of your wonderful Tupi tangle. Thanks so much for including it in your post. I wish you a wonderfully warm and sunny bright springtime in Belgium.

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      I’m sitting in front of my PC, looking for Joey’s challenge and I saw popping up your e-mail. Thank you very much Susie for your wonderful comment. I am in a good mood today, the sun is shining and finally Spring arrived in Belgium.For the first time, we have eaten outside and I enjoyed it very much. We take juice from the birchtree day and drink every day of this healthy gift of nature.
      I have tried to express the changing of the seasons and I’m glad you like them. I like all your tiles but I had to choose a favorite and that was the monotile.
      Wish you too a nice week with a lot of new challenges, keeps us young and busy (LOL)
      P.S. Sagan didn’t win the most famous bicyclerace of Belgium. The winner was Nicky Terpstra from the Netherlands.

      • 7

        Thanks for the update on PS, Ria. He is my favorite ‘clown on a bike’, maybe not so much ON the bike, but off. I am already waiting for the Tour de France 2018 and will cross all my fingers for my little Colombian to get lucky THIS year!

        • 8
          Ria Matheussen says:

          The “tour the France” will start this year in Belgium because of the great winner of the past Eddy Merckx will be there.
          Of course, we hope that anoter Belgian will winn. Bicycles are very, very popular in our country.

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