Hanni Nura’s “Fullmoonchallenges” zijn altijd apart. Deze keer stelde ze voor om een zendala te maken in 3 kleuren met een combinatie van haar twee nieuwste tangles: Ypsmi en Oopsmi. Ik heb er Fescu bijgetekend om een speelse toets aan mijn tile geven.

Hanni Nura’s “Fullmoonchallenges” are always special. This time, she suggested to create a zendala in 3 colours with a combination of her two latest tangles: Ypsmi and Oopsmi. I have added Fescu to give my tile a pleasant touch.

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    Tina says:

    I really like how you have the moon within the moon, that sets it up nicely.
    I don’t know those 2 tangles, I’m going to look them up. This is inspiring.

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      Ria says:

      Thank you very much for this comment Tina.
      Every month Hanny Nura puts a Fullmoonchallenge on Facebook and on Instagram. These challenges are not so easy but always beautiful and many tanglers from all over the world join them. Ypsmi and Oopsmi are Hanni’s two latest tangles. You cannot find them already on a databank only at her instagrampage. She is very talented and I am a big fan of her work.
      I have made a new tangle that is appeared yesterday on tanglespatterns.com: Wooti a very easy and pleasant tangle to draw.

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        Tina says:

        I will go look, I keep a tab on my phone open to tangelpatterns.com, I love finding ones that speak to me like C-view… I love that pattern.
        The only social media I have is Instagram, I follow you and Zenjoy, she’s another artist I love. You are the creator of Kadibra right?
        That pattern is in my top favorites, I love drawing it. Certain artist styles seem to work with my self. I mean, the flow of them or the step out, it clicks with my brain and hands. Your style is one of them.
        I’m sorry for talking a lot. I’m going to look up Wooti now. Thank you.

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          Ria says:

          I’m always glad to receive feedback Tina and I’m glad you like C-View and Kadibra. Everyone has his own favorites, also me and they are different for each person.It is a bit sad that Linda Former gets few comments. I like patterns.com very much and discovered many tangles on Linda’s site.
          I’m already 65 and don’t have a smartphone at the moment. I like to “work” on a computer, but I discovered a whole (for me unknown) Zentangleworld on Instagram. That is why I also made an account, not so long ago. I am intenting to put more tiles on that page…
          Kind regards from Belgium.

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            Tina says:

            What are your favorite patterns? I’d like to know if you don’t mind me asking.
            Is Linda only on tangle patters or does she have her own website?
            I actually found Mollu on Muesterquelle and have been drawing it these past couple days, I’m really like it.
            Based on the first line flow or shape, it turns into many things… a dragon, a seahourse, a plant, other sea creature. I love these type patterns.
            But I’m very fond of Lindas grid ones. I have great fun doing grid.
            I’m from USA California, it’s not my home state, which I miss deep in my being.
            I’m from Michigan, it’s the midwest of the US and such a beautiful place. I lived most my 54 years there by Lake Michigan.

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            Ria says:

            In many tiles I use Tipple,Printemps, Hollibaugh and Crescent Moon. So I think those are my first faves. But there are many others as: Zander, Pokeleaf, Flux, Diva Dance, Dewd, Adalfa, ‘N Zeppel, Verve, Henna Drum, my own Mazorito, Edie, Jetties, Stircles, Fassett, Mooka, Tripoli, CO2, Beadlines,Copada, Cogwheel and many others… I didn’t like them all immediately but after some exercise, some became really favorites.
            I know Linda only from tanglepatterns.com, her database of patterns. Mollu is not yet on tanglepatterns. Sometimes patterns appear immediately after sending, sometimes it takes longer and sometimes they don’t appear at all..but I’m glad you have found it on Elatorium. They also have a lot of my patterns on their site.
            I don’t know all the patterns, every day new ones are popping up. I have my own database where I put in tangles I like and I find them on those both databases.
            I wish you pleasure by exploring step by step new tangles and I’m grateful you like already of few of mine.
            I join almost every week Today’s tangles. An American facebookgroupe who use only official tangles (created by Zentangle.com) and where only black/white is aloud. It is a wonderful exercise to play with the original tangles.
            I have never been in the part of the States where you are living but I know these States from the Internet and I think both have their own nice places. Belgium is such a tiny country where 3 languages are spoken: Dutch, French and German. I am from the Dutch part but the South still has more nature and forests which I like.
            Kind regards,

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