A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.(Lao-Tse)

Welcome on Tangledreams. In the following 10 points, you’ll discover, step by step, the unique drawing style of Zentangle:

  1. The beginning
  2. Start resources
  3. Edit tangles
  4. Different Strings
  5. Drawing on pre-printed tiles
  6. Tangle together
  7. Black and Tan tiles
  8. Card making
  9. Watercolor and Bistre
  10. Zia

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I also like joining the original mosaic project of Annette Plaga. Click below and read all about it.

aka_lonettaAnd here is another interesting weekly challenge:


Originaly I write in Dutch and later on I translate the articles. English is not my native tongue. Therefore, there might be errors or inaccuracies in the translation. If you notice this, feel free to send a message with an improvement. I really would appreciate it. Thank you very much.