A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.(Lao-Tse)

Welcome on Tangledreams. In the following 10 points, you’ll discover, step by step, the unique drawing style of Zentangle:

  1. The beginning
  2. Start resources
  3. Edit tangles
  4. Different Strings
  5. Drawing on pre-printed tiles
  6. Tangle together
  7. Different kinds of tiles
  8. Card making
  9. Using colors
  10. Zia

On the Internet you can find various “challenges”. I have selected two  where I regularly participate. With a click on one of the buttons below, go to their blog and find out the weekly challenges. Everyone can participate, you too! It is certainly no competition, each design is unique and worth, including yours !


I also like to participate to the original mosaic projects of Annette Plaga. Click below and read all about it.


If drawing certain tangles doesn’t work so smoothly; take a look how   Ellen Wolters demonstrates it in her movies. Important is to scroll down

A great collection of patterns and tutorials can be found on www.tanglepatterns.com 

but also in German on Elatorium.