A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.(Lao-Tse)

Welcome on Tangledreams. In the following 10 points, you’ll discover, step by step, the unique drawing style of Zentangle:

  1. The beginning
  2. Start resources
  3. Edit tangles
  4. Different Strings
  5. Drawing on pre-printed tiles
  6. Tangle together
  7. Different kinds of tiles
  8. Card making
  9. Using colors
  10. Zia

I used to participate regularly in various online challenges. That’s what taught me a lot. For more information, click on the photo below and/or view the results under the heading “challenges”


You can find all recent work on Instagram: riamatheussen3621


If drawing certain tangles doesn’t work so smoothly, you can find many tutorials on the Internet. Beneath you can see such  tutorials by  Melinda Barlow.

All tangles and strings are described in  different databases. You can find them under the Item” usefull links” in the menu.

Zentangleart is available for everyone. It is definitely not a competiton, on the contrary. The real Zentanglespirit will give you nice, relaxing moments.

Have Fun with every step, while drawing and not only with the final result!

Enjoy creating Zentangleart, on every place, on every time, in every season:

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