As a beginner (and also later) it can be nice to draw sometimes on a tile with pre-printed strings.

These tiles exist in different shapes, colors and sizes, (there are also pre-printed tiles that you can put together to form a unit, for example: with 9 pieces you can form one composition). Of cours, you  can choose your favorite patterns to fill up the space between the strings, so your drawing becomes very personal. If you like to work with colors, that can also gives an extra dimension to your work.

My first examples were drawn on white Zendalatiles. They have the form of a circle. I have chosen her for a preprinted mandala.  I like drawing on these tiles ,  it is relaxing and the results are beautiful. In the first example I ‘ve used a black, brown and sepia-coloured pen and coloured a few squares in the middle with a gold gelpen. In the second example, I have only used a black pen , colored with regular colorpencils and  putted here and there a white spot with a white gelpen. I have not used complex patterns , on the contrary, very simple motifs fit here just fine.

There are also blank tiles in this circle shape. (on white, black or tan) With these you can also get very far, using templates, or just putting your imagination at work … and that is what I did on the third tile,  signed a simple pattern using parchment paper and finished with black pen and pencil.

IMG_0766 copy

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