Soon after the first encounter, I bought a Zentanglekit. designed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and includes an instruction booklet (English-language) with images of tangles and strings. There are paper tiles, pens,pencils, a Pencil Sharpener, and a stump in it. A didactic DVD is included and finally a small legend (with 20 named and numbered tangles) and a “regular icosahedron (a special dice with 20 digits). I couldn’t wait to start and very excited I drew almost every day.

Zentangle_Kit  teerling


Using the DVD, the instruction booklet, the legend and the special “dice you’ll soon know 20 tangles and together with the strings, pictured in the booklet, you can make already beautiful drawings made with lots of variation. By consulting the Internet or buying a book, you really want to try out more tangles , one will work out better than the other. Practice, practice and keep practicing. It gives lots of fun.

Many times, I look on the Internet, there you can find different “tutorials(manuals) that can help you in learning new skills. Below I have posted a link to such a “tutorial”. People from all over the world like to share their knowledge with you. That aspect of Zentangleart pleases me very much.  I have learned a lot by using these manuals. They are available for everyone.Just click and watch:

How to draw tangle pattern phicops in a circle van Ellen Wolters

Some books may not be missing. The Book of Zentangle by Rick and Mary was the very first one that I purchased. Here you can find in addition to the wonderful drawing of the founders, also more about their philosophy and method. In the second book the Primer, you can find more new information and techniques, I just love the book. It is recommended for everyone (starters and more advanced tanglers!) You can find a lot of information about  Reticula and Fragments. This technique looks difficult at first sight, but it isn’t and by using this technique, many possibilities will come  to create a beautiful tile.



An example of Reticula with Fragments


Then I bought Das große Zentangle-Buch by Beate Winkler. Along with 56 CZT from all over the world she introduces you to 101 tangles, explained step by step and illustrated with original drawings. I have learned a lot from this book. It is a German edition but very easy to follow.

Time to tangle with colors by Marie Browning is a great help to know more about  coloring. By reading this book, I  experimented with different ways to colour my Zentangleart and I really liked it.

Finally, bought “Basisboek Zentangle” (in Dutch) written by three experienced CZT(Suzanne Mc Neill, Sandy Stone Bartholomew and Marie Browning); definitely well worth it.


Below you can see some pictures, made after 2 workshops. I find them already a little bit different than my very first works.






h_left h_up h_right
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