Christmas and New Year are already far behind us and now we long for a new spring. I am always looking forward to that first terrace, the first warm sun rays, the first fresh green… and then (usually too early) putting the thick winter clothes away… Just a little bit of patience. Meanwhile, it is important to keep moving. Every day a portion of gymnastics and a small walk provide a better mood and a better condition. Afterwards, a nice hot cup of herbal tea gives an extra boost. “Winterblues”  often have to do with too little movement and too little (sun) light.

It is always easier when you have a partner than doing exercises on your own:

By hanging crystal (s) in front of the window, you can bring more light and colour into your house. The facet cut rainbow crystals allow the sunlight to be broken and produces a beautiful colour spectrum. That affects our emotions and feeling of well-being… A smile is always appearing  on my face when I see the beautiful, pure colors around me, caused by the natural sunlight.

A spectacular natural phenomenon with the lovely prismacolours: rainbow-cloud

A less spectacular but cheerful tile that gave me  fun while drawing:

Spoken, Courant, Printemps, Crazy Huggings, Tipple and Mashed

January has passed so quickly. It was pleasant to revisit the  videos of the 12 day Christmaschallenge and to try out the new tangles and techniques.

The tile below is based on the  example of Rick and Maria that was shown at the end of this video, on the seventh day:

As I have written several times, I enjoy  drawing on Prestrungtiles and especially the tancoloured ones are my favorites. Betweed, as Maria said in the accompanying video,  seems complicated at first sight but works in fact very relaxing when you understand  the tangle  and focus well. Always another stroke and rotate your tile continuously in a different direction… The “interwoven” pattern (Cogin) makes it a bit more special and to finish, I have  chosen Bubbles. The tile seems to have been drawn  in 3 layers, which is always beautiful. There are so many tangles that you can “interweave”, consult a database or your personal legend and you can create a beautiful tile.

Thanks to Rob, I can show you the same tile in other colors. Simply pushing the right button with Photoshop (Highlightfilter) and a completely different drawing emerges. For me that is like talking Chinese but he can “play” with it!

Also Paradox lends itself well to weave other patterns through. That was previously demonstrated “on-line” by Rick. In the “kitchen table tangles” he  showed how you can “weave” Diva Dance through Rick’s Paradox. I have created a tile below with Pokeroot through Rick’s Paradox and also here, there are many options to get a unique result. Only by drawing Rick’s Paradox in another direction, you already have a completely different view. I first started drawing six triangles. They form together  a nice hexagon in which I have woven Pokeroot trough  Rick’s Paradox and coloured with colourpencils.  I cut out the drawing, pasted on black paper and added some white accents. Actually very simple!

Next April it will be 40 years ago, since I met Rob. Both of us were invited to an opening of a new café by a common friend. Unfortunately, we missed the opening because both of us had a wrong date in the head and therefore we arrived a day later.  It was too early in the evening,  the café was abandoned, only Rob and I sat at the bar. I “had to talk” with that man. Immediately, there was a sparkle and now, forty years and some kilos later, we are still happy with each other…


Chocolate just belongs to Valentine, and not only on that day, it’s (one of) our little “quilty pleasures”,  from Rob and me.

 What do you think of this particularly apple pastry? Just like the Christmas tree of December, it is based on puff pastry, ready in an instant, very tasty as dessert and it looks beautiful and romantic. It even resembles Helen Williams new lovely tangle:: Wrapped Rose   also published on .

Traditionally, the Romans celebrated the fertility Feast (Lupercalia) on the 15 th. February. According to the story, the names of young unmarried women were thrown into a bowl. Unmarried men were allowed to draw a name and thereby became each other’s partner. In 496, the pope forbade this pagan feast and carried out a new Christian feast around that date. February the 14 th. became the day of the “Holy” Valentine. There are several stories circulating about the life and death of this man. It is historically not proven which story is right. The most well-known is that he would have been a Roman priest who did not want to give up his faith. Shortly before his execution he would have cured the blind daughter of his warden…

In honor of Valentines Day, which is now seen as the days of the lovers, I made these drawings. You’ll recognize the following tangles: Membranart, Diva Dance, Borbz and Popsicles. The finish was done with colourpencils and a white gellypen.

For the following example, I  chose also a grey tile and started with a very nice pattern that I found recently: Hearts ‘ n Half. Then came Echoswirl, then Barberpole, Beebug, Spoolies and Shattuck. The two open corners are simply made black and filled with tiny white dots. In addition to pencils I have used my white chalk pencil and white gellypen for the “highlights”.

If I have less inspiration, I usually look to my older tiles. Of course I don’t find everything  amazing but I always find a favorite. I take that “old” tile and draw about the same composition but choose other patterns. That was the case for the drawing above. Below you’ll see my former (white) tile on which I rebased myself.

Then I chose Twile, Pearly, Fandance, Shattuck, Bamboo, Naaki, Coil and Cogwheel. It was mainly drawn with white and black, a small touch of blue and some accents  with a golden gellypen.

Even without “hearts” or “flowers”, beautiful drawings can be made for special occasions. A very nice example is this work of Jennifer Sparrow. For their twentieth wedding anniversary, she made this beautiful Opustile in pastel colours using the putty-knife method for her husband.


A long time ago I asked my husband: “Which Totem would you give me if you had to do that?” He said that he immediately thought of an otter: friendly, curious and always busy. I found that  a nice compliment, that I did  appreciate, hence this picture.

All followers know that I love to use  colours. However, black and white can be very special too and I would like to end this post with such an example. On the tile below, the original pattern Lee-Bee was not used as a tangle, but as a frame. To fill Lee-Bee, I chose the following tangles: Lenche, Bubbles, Fragment K14, Footlikes, Hollibaugh and Batumber.

And we finish with beautiful Irish voices.

Here is “I will find You”, brought by Clannad. (Love Theme from the last Der Mohicans)

Hang on: it’s always the darkest, just before the sunrise!

“Keep on tangling” and until next time!


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  1. 11

    Woooow. Your posts are always full of sensual treats for the eyes, ears and heart, and this is no exception! Your black tile celebrating the color spectrum makes me want to try adding color to my black tiles. I want to try the apple pastry, too. (You always inspire me, and I am grateful!) I absolutely love your juicy red hearts. Such a surprise to see my work here–you are too kind. Thank you for the “shout out”!

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Jennifer for this nice comment that makes me very glad. It is such a nice aspect of Zentangleart that we can inspire each other.
      Your work is gorgeous, especially in combination with the “Kalligrafie”. I was happy to see how beautiful your result was with the “Puty-knife technique.”
      Have a nice week and a wonderful “Valentine’s day”.
      Warm regards from snowy Belgium.

  2. 8

    I totally agree with Anita, dear Ria! A fantastic post full of treasures! I enjoy eyerything you show here. Thanks for the inspirations!
    “Zen”hugs, Annette

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Zentangleart has given us the opportunity to enjoy, to have fun, to be surprised, to explore, to get in contact with people, all over the world and to learn from each other, every day again, that is really cool and makes me glad. I can’t imagine a life without drawing anymore.
      Thank you very much for this kind words dear Annette, have a nice week (I am very curious to discover the results of the 11 th. challenge)
      Warm regards from the freezy Ardennen.

  3. 7
    B Cleo Thompson says:

    Thank you for you. I feel very calm when I sit with your site and some tea! Whew!, I need that!

    • 9
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Wow, reading your comment was a pleasant surprise to start the new week, thank you very much for your wonderful support.
      I wish you a fine and peacefull week with many moments to enjoy.

  4. 5
    Bette says:

    This is a bookmark post for me. So packed full of goodies. Thank you!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much Bette for this kind comment. I’m glad you like this blogpost and I hope to have given a few new ideas to explore.
      Have a wonderful sunday and keep on tangling!

  5. 3

    Ria, I was so glad I had eaten before reading your post. Am not much of a chocolate person, but those wrapped rose apples….For me, a non-cook, just a dream!!!!
    And the doggy yoga! You know I love all Animal Happy Day stuff.
    However, the best are your magnificent tiles, Ria! Lee-Bee used as a frame is ingenious. Photoshop enhancement with the Shadow/Highlights filter…well, Ria, welcome to using PS. I am sure you sat next to Rob giving him all kinds of instructions such as more of that, less of this… It’s fun seeing your tile change in front of you.
    All in all another interesting and fun post. Thanks, Ria.

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      This little pastry and the “wrapped roses” of Helen are equal. I like both versions.
      Our dogs just can give a paw, that’s all, but thanks to them, I make a daily walk, that is necessary for me and we have a lot of fun whith them.
      Sometimes a tile needs a lot of time but when I saw Lee-Bee I knew immediately what I would do and I finished the tile in very few time but I like the result too. P.S. is real magic, you know that and I’m grateful that Rob can help me. You are right, when I need him, I’m sitting next to him and giving instructions…
      I’m always glad to receive your feedback. Thank you very much Susie.

  6. 1

    Whow Ria! Great post full of surprises! Love both videos and ofcourse to look at your beautiful tangles!

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Anita for your kind words.
      Thanks to the Zentangleart, we can always have fun.There are so many new idea’s, so many new tangles to explore, every day again. I’m glad you like this blogpost and especially the video’s!

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