I would like to open this post with my contribution to Hanny Nura’s unique Fullmoon Challenge. This time we were asked to draw 3 parts of circles and use the tangle 4 Corner. If you make 4 tiles and put them together, you ‘ll get a nice little mosaic with 3 rings. Everyone could add tangles of your choice and I did so with my Kadibra, Hollis, Printemps, Tipple, Q-belle and Bouclé. This time, only blue and black pens were allowed and to colour, we had to use only ordinary colourpencils:

Lisette Hofer and Karima Christine integrated Mazorito into their work. It’s nice to see how others draw my patterns and especially when the results are as beautiful as with these two ladies:

Nubia is a new beautiful tangle of The Spanish tangler Oswaldo Burbano. I incorporated his pattern into the tile below along with Nipa, Tipple, Bubbles and Fassett and glued the tile on an origial Zentangle card:

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is kaart_vlecht400-394x400.jpg

The tangle Wooti I presented in the previous blog post and based on a wooden tile is also widely used in the “patchwork world”:

When I found out, I looked for more inspiration there. My attention was drawn by this beautiful piece of quilting on which I discovered a new pattern:

In the picture, you recognize the pattern as “border” but I also added a “filling” that is also a variation on the example. Of course, there are several options possible. The ends of the “arrowhead shapes” can touch each other, but it is not necessary. You can draw the tangle in perspective or just straight and also in a circle it comes out nicely. You can already find this tangle on www.tanglepatterns.com:

In the simple zendala you also recognize Ypsmi and Stircles, pleasant and relaxing to draw, which remains important.

My favorite tiles are zendala’s and therefore I’ve made another one with the fragments L12, D4, the wonderful Verve and my new tangle Quilta (I’ve replaced the “arrowhead shapes” by hearts)

Working with beeswax also remains a challenge. It’s not hard to get surprisingly beautiful colour combinations, but I do admit that ‘drawing’ with that iron is not easy. I realize that I have to practice more to get what I want! In the work below I have tried to bring a little spring feeling by using a light fresh colour palette.

In our garden, the first snowdrops are popping up and soon the crocuses will follow…

I always like to tangle, no matter what time of the year it is. Each season has its own charm and there will come always beautiful and less beautiful days. You can choose which ones you want to remember!

Translation: don’t wait for a good day, make one by yourself!

I don’t have a special studio but just sit at the kitchen table near the window overlooking the garden. There, in that corner I have the best daylight and I like to look at the birds that are never far away. I’m always grateful when I can draw in peace, there in that cozy corner.

At first I was not a fan of social media but I have to review my opinion. I find out how easy it is to post a tile, make contacts with other tanglers, give and receive comments. That’s why I chosed a different path.

My work will now only be posted on Instagram:


I would like to thank all the followers and visitors of the past few years along this way. (Happy and AHH)

For the last time a musical ending: El condor Pasa, brought by Simon and Garfunkel, mounted on beautiful images of a unique but unfortunately vulnerable country. Visiting Peru was a dream come true. I was younger, there was no mention of climate problems and I wanted to go to the land of the Incas and the condor… The Macchu Pichu, the Nasca lines, Lake Titicaca and especially the friendly people made this trip unforgettable!

The cheerful colours in the fabrics of the Andes inspired me for the tile below with Hibred, Zinger en Onomato:

Within two weeks, the eighth Project Pack will appear online. It’s definitely going to be fun again!

I wish everyone a lot of tangle fun and maybe we’ll meet on Instagram!


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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. 5

    Liebe Ria, wieder teilst du hier einen wunderbaren, unterhaltsamen und inspirierenden Beitrag.
    Da ich selbst einen Blog habe, weiß ich wieviel Arbeit und Zeit in einen Blogbeitrag stecken.
    Ich kann deinen Weg zu Instagram (ich habe dich auch schon gefunden!) gut verstehen. Ich bin ihn schon vor 2 Jahren gegangen. Wir sehen uns auf Instagram!
    Dein neues Muster “Quilta” möchte ich auch gern in die Musterquelle aufnehmen … es ist einfach wunderschön!
    Herzlichen Grüße,

    • 6
      Ria says:

      Vielen Dank für ihre liebe Wörter. Ich wollte zuerst nicht auf Instagram sein, hatte Angst, davon abhängig zu werden, aber es ist einfach und angenehm. Ich war viel zu viel vor meinem Computer in Vergangenheit…Jetzt gehe ich wieder mehr wandern und habe ich mehr Zeit zum zeignen.
      Ich bin froh dass Quilta dich gefällt und das du es in die Musterquelle aufnehmen willst. Vielen Dank dafür und herzliche Grüsse aus Belgien.

  2. 2
    Joyce Bruns says:

    I will miss your blog, Ria. It has been such a pleasure to come here and see all your beautiful tangling, and listen to the music you post. If I can open an account with IG I will visit you there. Sadly, the last time I tried to open an account, IG kept refusing me, so, we’ll see how it goes.


    • 4
      Ria says:

      Thank you very much dear Joyce. You know I’m not really good with informatics and it is my husband who opened an account for me. He said it was easy to do. So I really hope you ‘ll succeed, maybe with a little help of Tamila? Anyway, we ‘ll keep in touch and I wish you all the best!

  3. 1
    Judy Wanner says:

    Congrats Ria on your new Instagram path! I so understand but will miss your wonderful blog, always so full of beautiful tangling, stories, creative ideas, videos and music. I am an avid follower and will see you on Instagram. Please tell me your blog archive will be accessible. I wish you only the best. Thank you for so many relaxing moments. You are a breath of fresh air!
    Judy Wanner, CZT 16

    • 3
      Ria says:

      Thank you very much for these kind words dear Judy. I’m glad to hear you have enjoyed my blogposts. Until the end of September Tangledreams will stay on-line.
      Wish you all the best and hope to meet you on Instagram!

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