On August, the 25th., Annette Plaga will publish her ninth Mosaic project with participants from different countries (including me). You can see all the individual entries and the beautiful finished mosaics on her site.

For this mosaic, Annette asked to draw a part on a white, a grey and a black space. A nice, pleasant base to start. That is why I have done the same for myself once again and made a small personal mosaic of this tile.


The drawn tangles are: on the black part: C-View ( you can make a lot of variations on this pattern), Tipple  and Antidots, on the grey part: Joki, Tipple, Patience, Antidots and Windfarm, on the white part: Windfarm, Tipple, and Patience.



I like to draw in black and white but also in colours. It is often a difficult choice. Sometimes I ‘m in love with black/white and all the grey tones, but at the moment, I noticed that I am unconscious mostly in for more color pick.

Last year, I learned how to use  Ecoline. This kind of paint gives very intense colours and it was time to experiment with it once again. In addition to a regular brush, I also drew lines with a pointed bamboo stick and for more contrast, black Chinese ink was also used.  A small frame around your drawing, gives a better look to your work.. Here you can see a few results. Thank you Jacqueline for your advise!

On the drawing above, the following tangles were drawn: L’Eaura, Scallamps and NKD . Beneath, I have chosen for Borbz, Beadlines, Trumpets, Gravee and Fission.


The picture below is taken about 25 years ago in Nepal in front of one of  the numerous Buddhist temples.  Making a trekking in the highest mountains in the world was a long-awaited dream that came true.At that time, I was already impressed by the calmness, the cheerfulness and the inner peace of  the monks. I was  surprised when this man agreed to go with me on the picture. Selfies didn’t exist.  Going to Nepal is going to another era. This country is very special and  colourful  with great contradictions: intense beauty and spectacular nature, but also a lot of injustice and great poverty. For many, especially women, life is very hard. However, I have seen so many  smiling faces. It was a learning journey that made a deep, lasting impression on me.

Now, I know why these monks are so calm, meditation is their secret. People who are unhappy and feel depressed, have little activity in their left frontal cortrex. After only one month of daily meditating, the activity can already rise slightly.. This has been measured scientifically. In other words, by meditating about 20 minutes daily, you can change your brain activity. That is great news and therefore now even the medical world encourages people to meditate. It is certainly not meant for “trippy” types, on the contrary it is worth trying for everyone. Mindfulness, meditation and Zentangleart have  a lot in common: you have to concentrate on what that you are dealing with and that can give you many benefits in the long term.

To meditate,  sitting is preferred but you can also meditate while lying and even stepping. Find a posture in which you feel good and don’t force anything. Take a timer and set it to 20 minutes, a perfect time. Even though you find yourself that you are doing it wrong, just keep on trying every day 20 minutes. Focus your attention on your breathing.  A good tool is to imagine a blue sky in which you transit thoughts in clouds. Do not pay attention to the clouds, let them come and disappear again…and go back to your breathing, again and again. The “training” of your mind is not easy and requires dedication and exercise. Constantly there are flying other thoughts through your head. Do not push them away, but do not give attention to them.  If this seems too difficult, you can possibly choose to start with one action a day to perform with full attention, just as you should do during your Zentangledrawing. Do not plan other activities but focus on that one activity you do. These “Mindfull” actions, can gradually come into your life and can grow into a new attitude towards your life.  As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I followed a course of Mindfulness where I learned this knowledge.

Below you can see a drawing of a kind of image you could put in your mind during your meditation session. I have not used real tangles, but have drawn clouds on a blue background of watercolor paint.


Through meditation, you can’t change things you’d rather would seen otherwise, but you’ll learn to deal with them better. In October, a European CZT meeting will taken place in Germany and I liked to go.  Unfortunately, due to a combination of  circumstances, it is not possible anymore for me but who knows, maybe I can join next time…

This picture is taken on Madalena (Pico-Azores) with the mountain Pico on the background surrounded by a very special cloud we used to call the Ufo. When we saw this Ufo, we knew, rain would come.

Just for those spectacular clouds, a visit to Pico is worthwhile. (for the whales and dolphins of course too). Never I have seen so many spectacular cloudy skies  as on that island.  Did you know that there is even a cloud club? cloudaprreciationsociety.org . Members get an email every day with the “cloud of the day” and a tool to recognize cloud formations.

To finish this post, I have made another drawing on my favorite background: fresh watercolors  in  aqua tones. Next blogpost will arrive in another season with other colours, for me the most beautiful time of the year. Tangles I have used are: Abukas, Min-line, CO2, Battlo, Zander, Ovolution and Pokeleaf.

Please enjoy the beautiful voice of Sophie Hunger, assembled by my husband on spectacular skies. Thank you Rob.

Le vent nous portera:

music : Noir Désir (2001)

singer : Sophie Hunger

images : Astonishing Sky 4K UHD Timelapse   (Race the world)   HDR Time-laps



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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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    As usual, Ria, all your tiles in this post are just brilliant!! I had to smile when I looked at your mosaic composition. Of course, you can do your own and yours looks really great! As a single tile as well as a mosaic. It is nice to see one of your ‘younger’ images, but honestly, there is almost no difference to today’s images. You haven’t changed a bit. ? I read all about your meditation and you twisted my arm. I always wanted to try, but there just weren’t enough free minutes in my days. But after reading your post, I committed myself to starting on Monday. Why do we always push new starts to Mondays? Anyway, I keep you posted.

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Susie for your nice comment, I do appreciate it very much and I’m always glad to receive one from you. You know, my husband is the computerman and it was his idea to make a mosaïc. I will give him a compliment from you.
      Yes Susie, the picture is taken 25 years ago already, my first big trip on my own out of Europe when I had found a new job after staying at home for about 10 years to educate the children. I was very impressed of this complete different world… Thank you for giving me a compliment about the outside, on the inside I became a lot older…but nevertheless, let’s go for meditation. In your country, I think a lot of people do that and here, in the west, they finally have proven the benefits of meditation in our brain. I wish you good luck and don’t expect too much, just one stroke at a time, exactly the same as Zentangleart!

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