Een intrigerende opdracht van Adèle (I.A.S.T.): een combinatie van Fun-Bea, Pach en Yincut, 3 interessante patronen. Direct zag ik waar ik Yincut zou tekenen en waar Pach zou komen maar die Fun-Bea? Daarom koos ik om van de mooie golvende string in het midden  een lint te maken en  die te laten beginnen en eindigen met Fun-Bea. De grijze tile werd sober gehouden in wit en zwart maar voor het lint en Fun-Bea werden zilveren en gouden gelpennen gebruikt. Enkele accenten met  een witte gelpen maakt de tekening af.

An intrigating challenge of Adele (I.A.S.T.): a combination of Fun-Bea, Pach and Yincut. I like these 3 tangles. Almost immediately I saw where to draw Yincut and Pach but I had some problems with Fun-Bea. That is why I have chosen to make a ribbon of Adèle’s curly string. I started and ended this ribbon with Fun-Bea. This grey tile is an uncomplecated creation in black and white but for the ribbon (and Fun-Bea) I took a silver and a golden gellypen. To finish, I have put some white accents.

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    Love the movement you created in this and the way you striped around and created a scene! Drama and dance is what I think of!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much dear Anita. I have just changed the frontpage of my site and you are the first who gaved me a nice compliment. I do appreciate that very much, especially because I’m a big fan of your personal and original Zentanglestyle. I’m very happy with this comment and I wish you a nice sunday and a wonderful week with new challenges!!!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

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