Een leuke string en twee mooie patronen vormden de start van deze challenge. Ik heb mijn tile afgewerkt met een zwarte pen, grijze, groene en blauwe kleurpotloden, een wit krijtpotlood en een witte gelpen. De combinatie van Inapod en Roloflex vind ik heel geslaagd. Ik bedank Adele voor deze uitdaging waar ik veel plezier aan heb beleefd.

A funny string together with two beautiful patterns gave a nice start for this challenge. I have worked with a black pen, grey, green and blue colourpencils, a white charcoal and a white gellypen. I like the combination of Inapod and Roloflex very much. Thank you Adele for this challenge which I enjoyed very much.

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    The grey and white work beautifully next to the mysterious inapods!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Jennifer, it is nice to experiment with different techniques and this 14 shades of grey of Sonya Yencer is very pleasant to do and possible with many tangles. I’m glad you like this result.

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    Good morning, Ria. In am happy to be the first to congratulate you to this wonderful tile, Ria. Fantastic idea to expand Roloflex from dark to light…could have been one of MY genius ideas! LOL!!!! Just kidding!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Susie for your nice comment. Me too like the 14 shades of grey, (not the 5O ones, LOL) invented by Sonya Yencer and I use this technique regulary. I’m glad you like this result. Have a nice week, with many tangleadventures!

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