I’m very glad that Adele suggested to use Zeppo in her challenge. Beside my new pattern, you also see Pots ‘n Pans and CO2. I have used a grey tile and have drawn with a black, turquoise and white pen and finished with a lot of white charcoal.

Ik vind het fijn dat Adele voorstelt om Zeppo te gebruiken in deze challenge. Naast mijn nieuwste patroontje, zie je ook Pots ‘n Pans en CO2. Ik tekende op een grijze tile met een zwarte, turquoise en witte pen. In de afwerking gebruikte ik ruimschoots mijn wit krijtpotlood.

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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    A wonderful reduced interpretation of your versatile new pattern Zeppo in a very elegant way! I like the shading and the black zone, which gives the patterns a wonderful depth.
    Best wishes to your move and good luck in your new home, dear Ria!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Adele’s challenges are not always easy but by making them, I have learnt the most. Somethimes I’m very satisfied about the results, somethimes not and I really have to come out of my comfort zone but afterwards I’m glad I did because I learned something more and made combinations I would never chosen. That is why I’m grateful she has suggested already Zeppo as one of the tangles to use. I’m glad you like the result and I thank you by this way for joining this challenge with a lovely tile included Zeppo.
      At the end of the month, we will move definitely. My husband does the most work at the moment: painting, cleaning…I think it will go very smoothly for me.

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