In het begin leek deze challenge niet gemakkelijk voor mij, vooral de combinatie van Mr.E en Tunnelvizion vond ik niet vanzelfsprekend maar uiteindelijk kwam ik samen met Scape tot dit resultaat en na wat bijkleuren is het voor mij helemaal in orde!

At first instance, this challenge seemed not to be an easy one, especially the combination of Mr.E and Tunnelvizion in this string was difficult but finally I have found a solution, thanks to Scape and after colouring a bit, it is okay for me!

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    A really nice implementation of this somewhat strange pattern combination, dear Ria! With the color scheme, the whole thing has something dramatic and so it looks very interesting. I especially like the purple balls in the upper pattern and the little yellow and turquoise highligts in this elegant gray tile.

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      Ria says:

      Indeed, this was not an easy challenge but I’m glad I’ ve tried this combination and discovered also interesting tangles that I would never chosen on my own.
      It is pleasant to give and receive feedback, thank you very much Margarete, let’s see what this week will bring!

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