Mel Mel van Adele Bruno vormt hier de string en werd opgevuld met Buddy. Daartussen kan je Rain ontdekken en een kleinere versie van Mel Mel. De open vlakken werden bijgekleurd in verschillende grijstinten. Om te eindigen tekende ik Msst in de laatste open ruimte.

The string of this challenge is formed by Adele Bruno’s Mel Mel. I filled her pattern with Buddy and used also Rain and a smaller version of Mel Mel. The open spaces were coloured in differents greytints. In the last open space I have drawn Msst.

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    With the different greys this is a very elegant composition for Adeles Challenge, dear Ria! I like your idea of using Mel Mel as String and also as a pattern. Buddy let the big Mel Mel look like rose buds. And no rose is without thorns, so Rain fits perfectly in this picture.

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      Ria says:

      Thank you dear Margarete for your kind comment and especially for that last sentence.
      It is not the first time that I used a tangle as a string but it is not always possible. When I saw a big Mel Mel on Adele’s tile, I thought immediately to fill the leaves with another tangle. I searched and found Buddy, an easy tangle that I like. Together with Rain and Msst I finished the challenge that I enjoyed very much. Sometimes, it is a struggle, sometimes it is pure fun and so it was this time!

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