Voor deze opdracht werd slechts één tangle gegeven: Zig Zag track. Ik heb bovenaan Caviar toegevoegd en onderaan Jetties om wat meer contrast te bekomen. De tekening werd afgewerkt met een rood kleurpotlood.

For this challenge, only Zig Zag track was suggested. I have added Caviar and Jetties to become a bit more contrast. Then I finished my tile by using a red colourpencil.

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    A happy interpretation of Adeles challenge. I particularly like the subtle use of color because red and grey fit perfectly. The falling Jetties and the red give a wonderful flair to the tile.

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      Ria says:

      It is always pleasant to receive your feedback dear Margarete, thank you very much. Sometimes I’m not really satisfied about the result and by adding a little bit of colour, I like it more, that was so in this case.

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