Op de eerste vrijdag van juni wordt in de Verenigde Staten “Nationale Donutdag” gevierd, vandaar deze speciale string. U herkent Croon, Pixiose en Partay.

On the first friday of June, the United States have their National Donutday. Therefore Adele chose this special string. You ‘ll recognize Croon, Pixioze and Partay.

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    The combination of the patterns and the string was not easy. Your Donuts look very sculptural, sprinkled with a decoration of love beads in different shapes. I like your interpretation because it is not so overloaded!

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      Ria says:

      Indeed, this was not an easy string, so I’ve tried to make the best of it and let them look a bit like real donuts, I’m glad you like the result. Thank you for your kind comment dear Margarete.

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    Sra says:

    I loved the string and the tangles but really struggled to get the doughnut shading – I should have thought of a Zenbutton technique or maybe waited till I saw your blog! This is so elegant and imaginative. I did the opposite of what you did, regarding the tangles.

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      Ria says:

      I agree, shading is a difficult part and I have learned to do that better by exercising a lot and looking to the tutorials on the Internet and in books. There are many tutorials to learn how to draw a beautiful raindrop, a very nice example how you can bring magic only with a little bit of shadow. Thank you very much for your kind comment. (I worked long on the shadow and I’m glad you like it)

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